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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



With over 5 million users EpocCam is the most popular webcam app. EpocCam transforms your iOS device into wireless High Definition PC webcam for Windows and macOS. Replace your USB-webcam and integrated webcams now with wireless high-definition webcam. It's also a perfect baby monitor, spycam, security camera and pet cam. Setting up EpocCam is very simple, anyone can do it. Just download EpocCam drivers for free to your PC/Mac and you're ready to go! Connection is fully automatic, no need for manual setup. Features: • High quality realtime video streaming to computer - quality comparable to most expensive USB-webcams • Support both cameras - use device back camera for best quality and front-facing camera for easy self-portraits • Fully replaces USB webcam or integrated webcam, works with all webcam-enabled applications • Full Windows 10 support including Skype • Automatic connectivity • Over 20 feet wireless range (depending on signal strength) • All data is secured with strong encryption to keep your videos private • Use the flashlight in dark environment • Tap to focus and autofocus modes • Audio support, use your phone as a wireless microphone* • Publish video to Syphon framework on Mac - use EpocCam as source to Isadora, Modul8, GrandVJ and other applications *Available for Windows. Mac version is coming soon. Requirements: - iOS device running iOS 10.3 or later - Computer running Windows 7 or later or Mac running macOS 10.10 or later - WiFi network, 5 GHz WiFi recommended See for setup guide.

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Poor audio with ECamm streaming
Guybunce on 2020-09-19
The product works well apart from a minor flaw and a major one for my workflow. Note I only use it with an iPhone connected to my laptop via USB 1) I run multiple phones via USB into my laptop to be used as streaming cameras with ECamm software and OBS. If I use a phone’s microphone as well as camera I end up with lots of clicks and pops and dropouts as soon as I use the software to move between cameras. The software is set to only get audio from one phone but to get video from any of the phones connect through live editing. This problem means it’s effectively useless to me. When I draw the audio from another source (a actual webcam) the issue isn’t replicated meaning that it is a sound issue within the app. I appreciate that this would not be an issue for anyone using a single iPhone as a camera. 2) the feed, even over USB keeps dropping out. Half way through a live stream it dropped out, I think because it popped up on screen that the app wanted me to review it - so here it is!
Not reliable
Happy Si on 2020-09-19
Regrettably, even though recommended for an alternative camera for lecture recordings, this is far too unreliable and inconsistent. I have wasted too much time trying to get to work with three different Mac machines and get poor lip sync issues and often simply not connecting at all. The troubleshooting advice on the Kinoni website does not help. This is a waste not only of the purchase of the app but also of the iPhone tripod mount needed to make the camera practical. Have reverted to the built in webcam on my MacBook- should have stuck with that from the start.
False advertising
Ragowel on 2020-09-19
The features list states that this app allows your iPad to work as a webcam for all webcam-enabled apps. After purchasing, I found it didn’t work with any of them. I looked for instruction on their website and found under the FAQs that it no longer works with webcam-enabled apps like Zoom, Skype etc due to current macOS security. So the claim is false. This app should be withdrawn from sale - it’s good for nothing now
Stopped working
etyuuh on 2020-09-19
It worked for a few weeks and then stopped working altogether. Tried re-installing and all other options. No success. Not sure how to access refund. Should have bought a reliable webcam in the first instance
Brilliant - time and money saver
strat-toot on 2020-09-19
I love how easy it was to set-up. I need it for zoom use. I have been trying out webcams with limited success. This is now the answer. Cheaper than a basic webcam
Great when it works
TTxr on 2020-09-19
This is too unreliable. It’s crashed my computer and disconnected randomly other times. Therefore can’t rely on it for web streaming or meetings. Embarrassing
Couldn’t get usb mode to work
realwanszai on 2020-09-19
Says it all for me really, just sat in connecting sadly.

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