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Easily turn your phone into a high definition Mac or PC webcam. Perfect for business, online teaching, live streaming and more, EpocCam works seamlessly with popular video conferencing and broadcast software. Connect via USB or stream camera footage to your PC over Wi-Fi, and move freely while broadcasting anywhere in your local network. Easily add a secondary camera angle to your existing setup. With EpocCam drivers installed on your computer, your phone automatically appears as a webcam in apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and OBS Studio. Employ EpocCam to leverage the superior processing power of your phone, and look just as polished online as you do in person. Highlights: - Webcam App: convert your phone into a high definition computer webcam. - Professional quality: conference call and live stream in 1080p, HDR, and more. - Software friendly: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, OBS Studio, and more. - Perfect for Remote Work: business, online teaching, content creation, etc. - Easy Multicam Solution: add another camera angle to your setup. - Wireless Freedom: connect via Wi-Fi for unrestricted movement. - One-Time Setup: phone automatically appears as a webcam in computer software. - Compatibility: works with Mac and Windows PC. Turn your phone into a webcam in minutes: 1. Get the EpocCam app 2. Download and install the computer drivers 3. Connect phone to PC via Wi-Fi or USB 4. Set EpocCam as the webcam on your computer Requirements: - EpocCam App: iOS 13.0 or later - EpocCam Drivers: macOS 10.14 or later / Windows 10 - Wi-Fi network or USB cable Learn more:

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Great app but few improvements required
Gharghasht on 2021-01-18
It is a nice app and works perfectly if you are a bit IT minded. I used it as a camera source with OBS, there is no lagging and delay. I would suggest using USB for stable and long streams, but if you have good wireless setup then that works fine. I used it in best quality stream. Honestly my iPhone 11 pro camera was giving best quality for OBS. Few things to consider for future updates: 1. When there is an incoming call - the video link is interrupted and paused - it could be any call including whatsapp and viber- this is a bit tricky while recording or on live stream... 2. Auto focus - face recognition. 3. Audio wise, I tried my AirPods it didn’t pick the audio from my airpods it was still using audio from phone mic. 4. Zoom in/out - if we have a bar to do smooth in/out would be good and make our live stream look professional. Would be nice if we could do multi cam from different mobiles.
WG gaming on 2021-01-18
I installed this app with some money I got from New Year’s Eve but when I installed it IT DIDN’ WORK! I had installed all of the necessary drivers but it still won’t work! I installed the free one again but that didn’t works either! DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY ON THIS STUPED MONEY WAISTING APP! I can!t upload videos to my YouTube channel with facecam anymore because of this gosh dang APP!
Doesn’t work
JammieDodger1984 on 2021-01-18
The app is a huge disappointment. I downloaded and followed the simple instructions. My MacBook Pro sees connects to the iPhone but only allows me to use it as a microphone not as a camera. I can’t find any support for this and their website has a useless chat bot that links me to unhelpful guides.
Great video quality but no audio
Adam Hoskinson on 2021-01-18
Have attempted several windows restarts, different devices and reinstalled the drivers but still cannot get audio to work, and cannot find help for this online
Does not work
KyleMurray4209 on 2021-01-18
I paid £7.99 so I could use the microphone and it doesn’t even work I have tried uninstalling drivers reinstalling old ones and it still doesn’t work
Camera selection.
Tinkee winkee on 2021-01-18
Good i could say but it would be better if you can choose between the cameras of your phone (i.e. wide, zoom & normal).
Mic Not connecting
Static beast on 2021-01-18
There’s no help on the internet to address this issue where I’m connected by usb but my mic isn’t working with the webcam.
Epo can pro
Frankybravo on 2021-01-18
Paid for this app ... worked well for a little while ... now constantly crashes
Rotate video
BobTheBuilder on 2021-01-18
Please add video rotations so camera can be positioned in various orientations.
Stick to the free version
LankeyCrisp on 2021-01-18
Paid one bugs out way more. Free one works perfectly fine for the use

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