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Jun, 2021


Jun, 2021



#1 ranked productivity app in 136 countries. App Store 2015 & 2016 Best App Can't stop scrolling? Keep off your phone with Forest, and unleash your productivity along with 6 million satisfied paying users. Welcome to Forest, the place where procrastination does not exist! Staying focused has never been harder in this world of digital distractions. From phone calls to text messages, your attention is constantly being diverted. Forest is the revolutionary timer app that eliminates distractions and doubles your productivity in a fun and easy way. Plant a tree when you need to stay focused. If you commit to your task without getting distracted, your tree grows; if you cannot resist the temptation to use your phone, your tree dies. Over time, you will have an entire forest built from your focus and commitment. Free yourself from obsessive scrolling and make better use of your time with Forest. GET MOTIVATED • Multiple Ways to Track Time: Use Time and Stopwatch to boost your productivity! • Earn rewards by staying focused and unlock more than 60 tree species and white noises. • Compete with users around the world. • Plant with friends - If one of you fail to stay focused, you'll all get a dead tree! • Complete challenges to unlock achievements. • Plant real trees on Earth with our partner, Trees for the Future - We've planted over 1,000,000 real trees so far! TRACK YOUR PROGRESS • Categorise your tasks with tags and see how you allocated your time. • View your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly progress and learn about your own focus habits. • Track your focused time in Apple HealthKit. • See a complete timeline of your focus journey. THE BUZZ IS REAL "Forest works well, and if your goal is to be more in the moment, ignore your phone and actually talk to your friends when you are with them, this is the app for you." — The New York Times. "While there are plenty of Pomodoro timers in the App Store, Forest has become my favorite, thanks to its playful design..." — TechCrunch "For anyone looking to curtail their phone usage, the Forest app might be for you." — Business Insider Plant a tree with Forest today and start building life-changing habits! NOTICE • Forest is available for iPhone and iPad, and can be accessed across all iOS devices with a one-time purchase. To unlock the non-iOS version of Forest requires a separate purchase. However, by logging into the same account, your data can be synchronised across all platforms. • Due to iOS system limitations, we cannot determine what app the user is currently using, thus Allow List cannot be implemented. If you wish to access other apps without affecting your tree, please turn off "Deep Focus Mode". • Due to budget constraint, the number of real trees each user can plant is limited to five. • There is only one version of Forest on the App Store. Other similar-looking apps are not developed by the Forest team. Follow us on Instagram: @forest_app Follow us on Twitter: @forestapp_cc

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I was sceptical about this but actually
rnugget on 2021-07-30
You know what it’s really useful. Whack on airplane mode and set the tree growing for a study session and you don’t want to take airplane mode off and kill the tree and waste time faffing. Actually works even without airplane mode - usually my phone pings and I go to the app that’s calling me and suddenly I’m in the hole and god knows how long I’ll be there before I realise. Now even when I get a WhatsApp or a Instagram notification but I have a tree growing I think no that can wait I’ll work until my tree is done. The fact that if you grow enough trees they plant a real one for you is pretty cool too. Wish there was a way to plant multiple different trees coordinated with subjects (ie cedars for chemistry, oaks for physics etc) automatically and without having to pay!
mobiledisco on 2021-07-30
Prefer the look and less-cluttered feed of Forest to rival Flora, though both are good. Flora has so many disparate features rammed in that it gets a bit much for me, and for the look of it too I think. While Forest seems to be a bit more… focused? One quibble is that until recently I was unable to activate Deep Focus mode, or any of the other features under that menu. That recently changed and I’m not sure if it was a bug they have fixed or if it’s just that you can’t unlock those until you have clocked up a few focus sessions. If the latter, that REALLY needs to be explained next to the unusable features (eg a ‘why can’t i use these yet?’ link). But if it was a bug, thanks for fixing it.
Great for keeping off social media when you choose
Batmav78 on 2021-07-30
I use this app at least several times a week (and should probably use it more often!) to help me schedule productive time where I am NOT ALLOWED ON MY PHONE - especially social media. It works really well for me and means I’m much better at sticking to my timings. I love the trees you plant when you’re successful and am slowly collecting my virtual coins so I can plant a real one eventually! Love the little messages it gives you to remind you to put down your phone if you try and pick it up mid-productivity session! Great app, have recommended to lots of people I work with to help productivity.
Seems solid
Glennium88888 on 2021-07-30
I’ve only been using it a few hours but it seems like a solid way to focus. There’s a lot of IAPs but none of them affect the way the app works and constant maintenance, new content and server upkeep comes at a cost so having the option to support the devs is nice, plus I’m fairly sure it can all be unlocked by planting trees anyway so that’s nice. Overall seems like a very good app but if anything particularly egregious happens I’ll update here :)
No more widget?
Tanya.s on 2021-07-30
I love this app! It’s helped me so much to keep track of all my uni work and helps keep me focused/not distracted. The only reason for 4* rather than 5* is I just switched to the 12 pro max and can’t seem to get a homepage widget like I could on the 8 plus. Perhaps it’s not available on the newer software? It’s very useful though for seeing an overview without opening the app
Can’t get deep focus mode
rollingduck on 2021-07-30
Can’t get deep focus mode, meaning I can leave the app with no consequences making the whole thing pointless after spending money on app. If there is a way I can? As have looked in system pref to no avail, I will happily remove bad review, but it’s not obvious and if is the case a really stupid design flaw. So be warned before purchasing.
So encouraging
hdidiosfifoejn1232 on 2021-07-30
It doesn’t bombard you with notifications and nothing is overwhelming, which is so needed for me as a pin dropping in the next room is enough to distract me. With this I could track my improvement in concentration and actually got things done.
Saved my productivity!
EV-MU on 2021-07-30
I’ve seen such an increase in not only my work flow but also my ability to actually appreciate my down time rather than spend it mindlessly scrolling on social media. Thank you, Forest. ❤️
Fun app
jd1!2!3!4! on 2021-07-30
Have used this a couple of times now, & have to say it is a good app & is helping me no end already concentrate on what I am doing! Helps there is a competitive edge too!
Become more productive
DavidHen87 on 2021-07-30
This is very nice app that helps you become more productive. It is a smart way to program your mind to leave your phone for a bit and that is quite refreshing!

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