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Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic and public transport info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including supermarkets, pharmacies and other important places. Get where you need to go efficiently: • Find the best route with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents and road closure Find important businesses: • Know what’s open in your area and their latest opening hours • Find local restaurants offering delivery and takeaway • Create lists of your important places Get there faster with real-time updates • Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions • Catch your bus, train or ride-share with real-time public transport info • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents and road closures • With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn. More experiences on Google Maps • Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection • Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more • Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, shopping centres and stadiums Some features are not available in all countries. Navigation isn't intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles.

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Great for driving, terrible for cycling
Declan11UK on 2023-01-31
I’m not a sporty cyclist in full blown Lycra, I just use a bicycle over a car most days. I find Google Maps is very car-centric, and they have missed an opportunity to really develop a quality cycle navigation tool. I only want to ride on segregated cycleways or streets below 30mph. Google needs to show segregated cycleways in a colour other than green because a cycle lane is very different to a cycle track that’s protected from traffic yet at the moment use the same colours on the map. Perhaps the colour red would work as a cycle route that is ‘segregated from car traffic’. Also the routes that are provided are almost always inappropriate or dangerous. It would be nice to manually create a route for Google’s AI to learn from over time. I don’t mind going a little bit out of my way if it means the route is far safer.
Have to input journey every time you leave app for more than 5 minutes
tommmmmmmm on 2023-01-31
Unsure which developer came up with this genius idea to reset your journey if you leave the app for more than a few minutes, but it is terrible. Now if I am on the train or somewhere with no signal, I can’t see where to get off unless I screenshot it. Even if I have signal, I have to search my journey again every time. Infuriating and I cannot fathom why you have changed this unless it’s to hit some vanity metric about completed journeys on Google maps which doesn’t serve the user well at all. Please revert to keeping the journey on the app even if I leave it for 5/10 even 30 minutes. When I wish to close the journey I will.
Angtef on 2023-01-31
Visited for breakfast today for the first time. I can’t believe how busy this place was. Me and my husband had breakfast and it was fantastic. Plenty of choice cooked food was hot not Luke warm as it is in some places. Sausages were very tasty as was the bacon. Continental breakfast was brilliant lots of choices. The staff are always nice and friendly and helpful. And a bonus is that children eat free. What more can you ask. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thank you we will definitely be back.
Very disappointed
winterton99 on 2023-01-31
Tebay service S looked fantastic on the television so made it a promise we would visit it as soon as possible we had a road trip up north so called in only to be disappointed in the appearance of the place the food was very disappointing we wanted a cooked breakfast but the bacon looked like it was a week old service very slow at the check out so the hot food we got was cold so I didn’t eat it ladies toilets not good so I will definitely not recommend or call back
Bloke Jr on 2023-01-31
Three issues on iOS 1. All of my saved places now direct to a latitude and longitude, not the actual restaurant or business. Which makes it very difficult to see what I saved in the area. 2. When zooming in or out, sometimes it will zip me to another location as if I scrolled, not pinched. That happens about once or twice every time I use the app. Then I need to go back and find where I was looking for. 3. Slow response when selecting a location.
Google Maps
Tashan Palmer on 2023-01-31
Google Maps is better for real time traffic. And Siri doesn’t work with Google map can’t share your ETA hands-free and if you ask Siri to get directions to somewhere using Google Maps, it will give you the directions but it won’t start navigation. It’s a bit pointless because you still need to press start. this is not helpful if you’re driving. And it does not support new road layouts when they are there. unlike Waze.
Good, but always room for improvement.
AppleUser7771 on 2023-01-31
Maps and navigation generally excellent. There have been occasional bugs in navigation with it getting confused with itself and the app needing re-starting to fix. Shame about the change log. Would have thought Google would have the skill to put actual changes in there like any professional software company would, rather than copying and pasting exactly the same meaningless marketing drivel on every single update.
Mrs Philippines
Mmnmml on 2023-01-31
Came early to Newcastle Airport just to make it sure that I won’t be trapped with traffic, everything is smooth from check in to security check, walk to get food as didn't have breakfast so went to have burger king staff is helpful and the service is quick so didn’t have to wait, food selection is very good. So no worries now if missed breakfast home coz you can get it in burger king definitely will recommend.
MU7amad12345B on 2023-01-31
I’m very uncomfortable with this update because when u hang out on the app or lock the phone screen and then after you go back in to it then the app will refresh and you have research your destination again and follow your direction again, i live in London i use too to use this app for underground and it was so helpful but now is very useful,I hope you fix this problem for next update thanks.
Unusable on iPhone
Gouthamkrishnap on 2023-01-31
Recently whenever I get send a location on whatsapp or by email my phone gives me the option to open maps or google maps, if I use google maps it’ll take me to the iPhone app store , where I have to update my google maps(every time !!), even then when the os takes me to google , the location is lost and has to be manually entered.

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