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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



TOTAL PRIVACY HeartWatch has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload. Ask your "free" heart app if they can say the same. "HeartWatch is so good, you’d think Apple built the app itself." John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine. Top 5 in Health & Fitness in 63 countries. ABOUT HEARTWATCH HeartWatch is the best way to get a complete picture of all the health & fitness information captured by your Apple Watch. WELLNESS - An intelligent view of all key heart rate metrics. Daytime, Sedentary, Sleeping, Waking & Workouts. - Detailed trend analysis including heart rate, blood pressure, HRV and more. - Background heart rate alerts on Watch with context. - Note capture for individual heart rate readings. ACTIVITY - Every day isn’t the same. Intelligent move, distance & steps goals based on your current habits. - Daily forecasting to help you stay on track to meet your goals. WORKOUTS - In depth analysis of heart rate, training summary, GPS maps and more. - A heart focussed workout app on the Watch with custom alerts to keep you in the right zone. - Detailed trend analysis. - Stream workout info from your Watch to your iPhone. EXPORT - Export for all health metrics & workouts. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR HEALTH Heart Watch is a very useful tool to get alerted about any possible health issues in a concise format that you can show your medical practitioner. REQUIREMENTS This app requires an iPhone that has the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is ideally populated by your Apple Watch.

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Fantastic App
BobBruce on 2020-12-06
Just spent an hour or so going through the comprehensive guide to all the functionality and I am totally impressed at the range of information available through this app. I didn’t realise at first that this app could replace the Apple Activity app as well as report on all aspects of heart activity. It would be fair to say it exceeds the Apple app and gives a far more relevant view of activity and goals. The ability to overlay a range of metrics on the workout/exercise map is very impressive. If you are considering this app then based on my experience I would highly recommend it.
Remarkable bit of kit!
MAW SE on 2020-12-06
I love this, seems like you have almost a limitless amount of useful analysis at your disposal. Information is set out very clearly, I particularly like the amount of detail provided for the workout heartbeat. This is so useful to keep my fitness training focussed on my objective. Great value, one of my most used health apps
Excellent insight
JonnyPants71 on 2020-12-06
Adds to the basic heart rate information provided by Apple and is helping this old man get fitter safely. Particularly love the way it suggests steps for improving fitness and warns if you go too hard
A good Healthy App
Lowtemp on 2020-12-06
Gives a good daily record of your heart and exercise levels all in one place. How did I sleep last night? Just look at the app it will tell you.
Fantastic and detailed insight
Shahab1844 on 2020-12-06
The app provides lots of data to look at and reflect upon. It’s a good tool to better understand your health conditions.
Loving it
officedesignuk on 2020-12-06
Using my Apple watch a lot more now

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