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Want your favourite takeaway food delivered to your door? You’ve come to the right place. Download the free Just Eat app now and order from a restaurant near you in just a few simple taps. So what tickles your pickle? From perfect pizzas to piping-hot pad thai; crispy fried chicken to classic chow mein; burgers, burritos and everything in between – we’ve got more dishes than you can shake a chopstick at. So whether you’re into Indian, pizza, Chinese, Italian or chicken dishes – your dish is our command. Key features: • Search for top-rated takeaway restaurants near you by postcode • Order for delivery to your door or collection – you can even pre-order before a restaurant opens • Filter by cuisine, reviews, distance and special offers to find the perfect food to match your mood • Pay with debit or credit card, cash, or Apple Pay • We’ll remember both your prefered payment details and order for next time so you can reorder the same thing with the tap of a button • Receive push notifications on your phone that let you know when your order will arrive Download the app today and Just Eat happily ever after.

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Just Eat S**t
milleniumghost2000 on 2020-02-25
Just Eat is literally dogs**t. I used it just the once. Never again. I placed the order at 7.25. There was no movement at all on the app. We were about to give up, but then at 9pm it switched to ‘Driver at the Restaurant, they’re ready to pick up your order’. So we waited. 45 Minutes later, the status hadn’t changed. This was nearly two and a half hours after we had ordered. We called the restaurant, who said the food was ready and several drivers had come, they had told them about the order, but that every driver refused to take it. By this time we had decided to order something else and they said to cancel it through the app. We tried that, but the app chat session just glitched out. We went to the website to request a refund and were placed in a chat queue. We were position 99. Literally awful. After going round in circles on the website, eventually my chat session came through as I had decided to wait out of sheer spite. We got a refund and a whopping £5 credit on the account. We eventually ate a pizza 10.30, having ordered fish and chips at 7.30. Great job Just Eat you stinking s**t garglers.
Shocking company strongly advised to avoid
Pete31421 on 2020-02-25
Had two orders cancelled as app showed no drivers available, ordered food elsewhere as a result. Two hours later second order turned up (after we’d already eaten from elsewhere) so we refused the order and immediately tried calling just eat customer service. Very unhelpful and asked for call to be escalated, promised response within 24 hours with follow up call not until 2 days later. All I wanted was a refund for the food the app said wasn’t coming, and kept a very respectful attitude, but just eat kept pushing for me to complain to the totally innocent restaurant and demand a refund from them, despite them doing their job well. Clearly a glitchy app, run with appalling customer service. It seemed convenient at the time but now out of pocket and will go back to the good old fashioned method of just calling the restaurant directly. Sure it worked on occasion, but just look at the reviews to see if you want to risk your dinner, money and satisfaction with these guys. We won’t use them again.
Marius February 18 2020 on 2020-02-25
I have order food from this App, paid by card The owner of the restaurant called me to ask me for more money to send me the food I refused to pay They send the food, not the right order ...lost my appetite , anyway Contacted Just Eat They told I m sorry, you need to deal with the restaurant, they are independent, we do not answer for this issues Ok but you just charge the commission and you do not help when is a problem Took the food back to the restaurant The guy told me again that I need to pay another few pounds for that order!!! Explaining that I use the app, and this is the price they asked me to pay Ask him very polite if it’s possible to have a refound He told me that the owner is in Egypt and maybe in few days 3 hours of dealing and trying to get back my money I have the print scren as well as the bill with the order Thank you Just eat
Two issues
IainC-UK on 2020-02-25
The app is fine in general but there is one issue I have with the app itself and one with the service. The app uses light text on a white background and is fairly small. It’s hard to read. A lot of apps seem to be doing this lately and I hate it! My phone is set to dark mode, can’t the app honour this setting? The other issue is something that has started happening recently. The last few orders I have made all said that the waiting time was, for example, 45-60 mins however after making the orders the restaurant almost always changes the time to be longer. I wouldn’t have ordered if I thought I would have to wait that long.
daniel.phillips on 2020-02-25
Joke of an app. Can never successfully pay with Apple Pay, when choosing to pay by card the app does not help auto complete my card details. Really rubbish experience. I ended up using the mobile website which was better but the Facebook login callback threw me back into this crappy app. Worked second time though. I’ve not been able to pay with Apple Pay for years now. No idea why. Would be good to talk to someone about it. I tend to exclusively use Deliveroo now because of issues like this. Also I had stopped being able to login for years too. Just made a new account as mentioned above with social login.
Terrible Experience
Mariariala on 2020-02-25
I had ordered KFC to my student accommodation and had put the location using the my location on my iPhone. It had put down my address incorrectly and I did not notice until my driver had arrived in the wrong location and I had double checked the order. The driver then did not answer my phone calls and returned to KFC. When calling customer service I had 2 options to walk 45 minutes into town for collection which I was then told i couldn't do as the collection was closed OR get charged half of my order. Absolutely ridiculous have deleted the app and will never use again !!
Defaults to address from 5 years ago
Bootzilla! on 2020-02-25
At some point in the last couple of months the app has defaulted to an address I have not lived in for 5 years. There doesn’t seem to be a way to set my current address to be the default or delete the older ones. Logically I would expect to do this under settings/personal details but it’s not there. Seriously frustrating for me and the restaurants. Perhaps the research and design team can focus more on the usability of the app rather than the splash screen animation. Was a good experience but has been sliding away for some time. Refocus on the users please. Please fix
doggon456 on 2020-02-25
I clicked the repeat order option of something I’d ordered before a couple of weeks ago and the app decided to change the delivery address to somewhere I haven’t lived for over 2 years. I only realised the error when I got a call from the driver saying he was outside (the wrong address) and couldn’t deliver somewhere else. When I called just eat to try sort out this issue I was told all they could do was refund me 50%. I never received the food and haven’t received any money back yet. Apparently faults with the ‘just eat’ app aren’t something ‘just eat’ is responsible for.
Got the wrong food
Ghenrheurghe on 2020-02-25
I just made my first order with just eat and was surprised to hear a knock at my door 20 minutes before my food was due. I soon realised I had been given someone else food, a completely different order. I rang the restaurant I ordered from and they said my food was still on it way, and it did arrive on time. I tried several times to report the other order to just eat but could only get though to a useless computer on the chat, that clearly was not able to understand my issue. Left the other food on the door step, someone did not get their dinner this evening.
Used to work great ........
spen_2000 on 2020-02-25
This app used to work great but for some reason it’s gone very rubbish it’s suddenly added a second address that I’ve never had food delivered too and doesn’t have the option to remove it and won’t let me select my address even tho it’s ticked as being the address I want to use and thus won’t allow me to order food which is difficult when I can’t leave the house because of children being in bed for such a hugely popular app as this to have major issues like this is not on at all spend some of the millions your no doubt making and get a proper app please

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