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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



LIDL PLUS: Find Food Deals, Grocery Coupons and Shopping Rewards on the Products You Love! The service is aimed at customers who'd like to receive personalised information from Lidl Stiftung about Lidl Plus promotions, as well as offers, products and services from Lidl Companies and selected partners. We personalise this information based on your purchase and usage behaviour of the products and services of the Lidl Companies. Incredible grocery discounts every time you shop with Lidl! ‘Straight in my basket!’ Download, register and save even more. Lidl Plus is our new rewards app, designed to give you discounts on the products you love. The service is aimed at customers who'd like to receive personalised information from Lidl Stiftung about Lidl Plus promotions, as well as offers, products and services from Lidl Companies and selected partners. We personalise this information based on your purchase and usage behaviour of the products and services of the Lidl Companies. Available in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Malta. We’ll send you Lidl coupons based on the products that you love. Simply activate your coupons and scan in store to make incredible savings on your Lidl shopping. Every time you shop, you will also get the chance to win amazing prizes*. So what’s not to like? Check out the best things about the Lidl Plus loyalty app and how to use it. HOW TO GET LIDL PLUS LOYALTY REWARDS: - Activate your coupons in the app and scan your digital Lidl Plus Card at the till to redeem and save money on your shop. - Scan your digital Lidl Plus Card at the till for the chance to win great prizes* on each store visit! - Never lose a receipt again. You’ll get a purchase summary and a digital copy of your receipt with Lidl Plus. - Never miss another offer. Browse through a digital version of our weekly leaflet in the app. Plus many more exciting features! We made this app to reward you for shopping at Lidl and to help you find deals on your favourite foods, drinks and household items. From amazing food coupons to saving money on your next shop – Lidl Plus is the app to download if you want to get the best food deals and shopping discounts. We’re always looking to help you enjoy quality products at great prices, so download our free loyalty app and register today and find food deals, shopping rewards and grocery coupons on the products you love. *This feature is not available in all countries. When joining the Lidl Plus program, you can allow tracking technology, which helps us to understand how you interact with the app. This includes what pages you visit, what coupons you view, and how long you spend on each page. This tracking allows Lidl Plus to improve the app and provide you with tailored communication, discounts and to participate in relevant surveys. Data Protection Policy: Great Britain: Republic of Ireland: Northern Ireland: Malta: Slovenia: Terms of use: Great Britain: Republic of Ireland: Northern Ireland: Malta: Slovenia:

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Disgusting service
wof wof wof on 2023-02-06
10% discount for what? Limited item allow to buy 3 item/customer, not all item well know. Security is higher rank that manager. This app changing all the time from good to worst. First £10 vouchers when u spend over 100 then £10 when u spend over £200 now 10% discount when u spend over £250 with restrict item allow to buy. Willing to waste it when expire n not willing to sell it coz security decide yes or no. I spend my money earn points with other app more easier. I been with Lidl 3 years, now is the best time to leave coz Lidl make life harder. Other app offer better service, cash back n lot of choice to buy.
Shocking! Lidl Animal Cruelty!
Thomas W Brindle on 2023-02-06
Appalling animal cruelty is hidden within Lidl’s supply chains! I have just seen the recent investigative footage exposing chickens suffering on Lidl farms. I am shocked and feel disappointed and let down by Lidl. The footage is so awful that I needed to leave this review. I previously shopped at Lidl, as did many of my family and friends. However, since sharing the footage, we have all agreed to shop elsewhere. Many of Lidl’s competitors have signed the Better Chicken Commitment. Until Lidl commits to improving the welfare of chickens, we will not be committing to spending our money in its stores.
Environmentally helpful loyalty system
mnbvc65 on 2023-02-06
No plastic card, tick. No postal promotions, tick. Incremental monthly promotions less helpful for single person households who inevitably spend less than multi person households on average, tick. Understandable for a company seeking growth but unfortunate for the singletons out there. Tailored offers that often encourage high fat high sugar products that are less healthy choices, tick. Understandable but there could be more of these added value products included that encourage healthier choices. Overall….. an improvement on the competition, tick.
What Lidl doesn’t want you to know about its chickens
sarahthesardine on 2023-02-06
Until Lidl is up front about it’s animal welfare standards and takes responsibility for the animals in its supply chain I will be shopping elsewhere. The company’s greed puts profit above the lives of its chickens which are bred to grow super fast and as a result are often unable to hold their own weight and suffer from skin and heart conditions. Despite the cost of living crisis Lidl still made record profits of over 50 million last year but they refuse to stop selling these Frankenchickens. Makes you wonder what heartless people run the place…
Well worth it
Mailonline on 2023-02-06
I am a pensioner and was very wary at first. However it has been easy to use. There have been some very useful vouchers and some winning scratch cards. I quickly achieved my £12 off voucher too. I can keep all my receipts on line and view leaflets too. Thank you. Staff are ALWAYS so friendly and helpful with my shopping and my app. Now it’s different. Not such a good deal. Offer when targets are reached are poor and the effort to achieve top target is too much. I shop else where frequently now!
Really confused
Ady.mills on 2023-02-06
Lidl plus You have a scratch card scratch to see what you have won. Scratch panel off, getting excited , you have won 25% off deluxe coleslaw on your next visit. Next page : scratch card already claimed yet I don’t have any coleslaw or have been in store. Happened several times with the scratch card so we have no got a WhatsApp group watching the results of these cards an so far nobody actually receives anything Grrrr
Worst of the apps in the market
SandrineZi on 2023-02-06
I was so happy to know Lidl is doing some reward program, although the app is not perfect and coupons and discounts are absolutely rubbish and useless for me. I’ve never used the coupons yet, as it’s not personalised just general for everybody. So I don’t eat ready meals, snacks, sweets and all rubbish food and coupons base on them … My budget for all week is £100 sometimes £150, so I nearly never use the reward.
Rubbish app discriminates
Genny-Jane on 2023-02-06
The only tech I use is an ipad - hence my ability to even diwnload this appand to leave a review. However, I can’t use this app because I am only allowed to register a mobile phone on my new lidl account. The only mobile I own is a work one which i cannot register for personal use apps, and this app refuses to take my landline number - probably because you can’t spam a landline in the same way you can a mobile!!
i🥰lincsfm on 2023-02-06
The skegness store staff are brilliant especially Spencer who has worked there for years. He has a smile and nothing is too much to ask. He’s always happy to help n says hello.. the store is well stocked and clean too.. only one down fall I shop on a Sunday and there is only ever one till on the self serve is no goof for me as I usually have a trolly full and get confused.
Profiting off cruelty
Sad_Shopper_Says on 2023-02-06
Having shopped at Lidl for years, I’m now refusing to return until Lidl adopts higher welfare standards for its meat chickens. Lidl is a top sales supermarket in the UK right now, profiting from the cost of living crisis and yet selling diseased, debilitated animals to its shoppers. This isn’t right. Do better by the animals, and by your shoppers Lidl.

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