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Life360 simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy for you to stay connected with your friends and family - the people who matter most - your “Circle” . With Life360's Family & Friend Locator, you can: • Easily view the real-time location of your friends and family on a private map. • Receive alerts when your loved ones arrive or leave home, work, or school. • Share photos and text messages with our secure, private chat feature. • Track your Circle's past location history. • Improve driving safety with information after each drive. • Detect a car collision and notify your Circle for help Life360's family & friend locator uses GPS location data to track the real-time whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install Life360 on everyone's phone - it works with both iOS and Android. Each member will appear as a unique icon on your map, so you'll always know where your loved ones are. Keeping track of each other is easy and reliable with Life360. Worried about battery drain? Life360 has the lowest battery drain of all locator apps on the market. Our advanced algorithm helps us decide when to update your location, so we never just leave your GPS on. Here are some of our key features that you can use when you register with Life360: Place Alerts: See when your friends and family members get home from school, leave work, or start warming up on the practice field. When you’re all busy doing your thing, Place Alerts keep you in the know. Location History: See an ongoing timeline of your friends and family’s comings and goings, organised by day. Easily review past trips and even see how much time you and your family members are spending in specific locations. SOS Alert: If you ever feel unsafe or are in an emergency, SOS sends a silent help alert with your location to your Circle and emergency contacts. Crash Detection: Life360 Crash Detection can sense collisions over 25mph. Our safety feature uses your device's sensors to detect if you've been in a car accident and sends an alert to your emergency contacts with your location. Low Battery Notification - Life360 is able to display the battery level of each Circle member and can send an alert when a Circle member’s battery level is low, so you can rest easy with peace of mind. Driver Reports: Peace of mind when you’re not along for the ride. See how drivers in your Circle did on the road this week. The Life360 Driver report includes an assessment for each drive that covers: high speed, phone usage, hard braking, and rapid acceleration as well as a driver score - so you can see who is a safe driver in the family! Bubbles: We all need to do our own thing once in a while. A Bubble lets you temporarily show only your general location for a set period of time for a little privacy. Your Circle will see only your general whereabouts, while all safety features stay on. Life360 makes it easy to stay connected, informed, and safe. Register today and keep your loved ones close.

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Awesome service thanks 🙏
Certified Lover boy❤️ on 2023-01-30
I actually downloaded this app in other to make my very own findings and track my spouse over infidelity for I never believed my spouse could cheat on me in as much as I give my full sincerity, I started having doubts and he’s been all suspicious too. A colleague of mine from work advised me to check on him. I came across a recommendation online about a professional private investigator named “Mr Craig”, so I decided to try it out. I wrote him on his mail [email protected] Stating what I wanted and of which he requested few informations from me and in less than 3hours, my partner’s phone was hacked and I was in total control of it to spy and see his texts and phone messages, monitor his calls, I had access to his social media accounts ( both Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram), I was able to track his GPS location to know his day to day activities as well and listen to his calls without touching his phone. I was disappointed and heart broken finding out he’s been cheating on me and I was able to gather enough proofs of it mr Craig is really good at what he does and I didn’t regret ever contacting him. Contact him on [email protected] for any hack related services/issues and finding information too. I hope this is helpful tell him I recommend very big thank you to all professionals involved
False notifications sent repeatedly
Sikkah on 2023-01-30
I have been using this app for a while to track my daughter as she walks to and from school so it’s important to know where she is. The app is quite good. I have given it 3 stars because it is constantly sending false notifications even when my daughter is in the house, it’ll say she’s out or away from home or in one of the locations added to my places. This happens when location is always turned on or while using the app, makes no difference as I have tested both. Can this please be looked into?
An IPhone widget needed!
OfficiallyDyl on 2023-01-30
This app is amazing for friends and family, always knowing they are safe and if at any time they need help you know where to find them. I love the crash detection feature making you feel even more confident and reassure. However Life360 would be absolutely amazing if they added a widget available for your Home Screen so you don’t have to open the app and can see where your chosen person is at a glance. This would really be the cherry on top for me, please consider!!! 😋
Recently become unreliable
Medz01 on 2023-01-30
This app had always been great and had become an everyday fixture when it came to checking where our kids were on their bus journey home from School. However over the last 2/3 months it’s become incredibly unreliable. Often stating people can’t be found despite them having full signal. And worse showing members of the family in places they are not, then all of a sudden it corrects itself. Such a shame as I did really like this app but can no longer rely on it.
Great app!!
D4V3YD0K4 on 2023-01-30
This app is great and does what you’d expect brilliantly. Only reason for losing a star is that the UI is not perfect. When I click on a circle member from my list it takes me to the location page but there is a white layer over the map until I take the extra step to swipe down. Tried to find a way to feed this back without writing a review or using chat but no facility for that either. It’s the simple things!
vsthereviewer123 on 2023-01-30
I love Life360 it helps track my family and know where they are however sometimes it asks to many notifications and that is why my sister had turned it off and now we can’t track her so that is really the only problem I have but otherwise it is an amazing app and you can even have separate groups for different people for example you can have one with your family and one with your friends.
The best app ever
hxhcvd on 2023-01-30
This is such a good app bc if someone u know went missing all u have to do is look on this app so u can easily find them or if your playing a game were u have to find ur friends u just have to look at this app so everyone should have the app bc of u don’t and someone u know got kidnapped u will know were they are so pls everyone get this app NOW and this app is free .
Rowanthomas on 2023-01-30
My boyfriend was In an accident this morning where it resulted in him breaking his collar bone the app told me he arrived at home safe little did I know he had been in an accident the app said nothing of the sort it told me he was home to be completely honest I’m kind of shocked at the fact that the app is meant to tell you when an accident happens and it did not
Life 360 brilliant!
Sparkader on 2023-01-30
Use this app daily and was a real boon when my child went away on their own to another country and I was unable to go with them, I was able to see them whereabouts whilst they had their phone on and also let me send messages and see their battery condition and their last known position. Great app. Thank you life 360. Top app. Cant wait for updates
Could be…
hearts✌🏻💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ on 2023-01-30
It shows where people are but it’s not as accurate as it could be. When someone was on the train, it said they were driving and when I get a notification when someone arrives home, I get two for the same person. Also, you can only have 2 places in your favourites and I feel like there is lots of room for improvement.

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