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Apr, 2021


Apr, 2021



Mixcloud is the global community for audio culture. Explore millions of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts made by passionate creators around the world, for free. The Mixcloud app gives you a free listening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Mixcloud App
 • Explore a wide range of genres and categories for free 
• Follow creators / DJs / radio stations and keep up with their latest shows
 • Tune in to radio stations across the Globe
 • Keep track of your listening and streaming history
 • Listen to what’s trending near you and around the world
 • Queue up what you want to listen to later 
• Sync your listening experience across your devices
 Mixcloud Select
 • Upgrade to Mixcloud Select to get more from your most loved creators / DJ channels for a small monthly fee
 • Directly support your favourite artists and the music they play in their shows
 • Listen to Select creators / DJs / radio stations offline
 • Access exclusive shows and posts • Access the back catalog of your favourite Select creators / DJs / radio stations Mixcloud Premium 
• Upgrade to Premium to listen to your favourite creators / DJ channels without ads or play restrictions
 • Get access to upfront tracklists
 • Access the back catalog of your favourite radio stations without limits Mixcloud Pro
 • Are you a creator / DJ / radio host? Upgrade to Pro to get access to the tools you need to grow and monetise your audience
 • Get closer to your fans with Mixcloud live
 • Allow your fans to show their support by subscribing to your channel
 • Grow a real fanbase

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Annoying you get penalised on the free version if it crashes
Mcdkev on 2021-05-12
I love Mixcloud, I’ve used it for years and I understand it isn’t going to be as ‘free’ as it once was, I get that if you want premium features you need to pay a price, but whenever it crashes if you relaunch then try to get back to the same part in the mix it starts coming up with nonsense messages telling me off. It never used to crash as much a few years ago either .
hatecolours on 2021-05-12
It’s really one of the worst apps for my phone - clunky, slow, hard to find older shows as the search function doesn’t arrange results in any reasonable order, crashes all the time. Could be good, but isn’t.
MissLisa Wilko
molsky99 on 2021-05-12
Absolutely luv Mixcloud all my cousins new stuff there luv it! No interruption!!! Just wish u cud rewind like 5/10 mins u hear summat then u wanna hear it again straight away!! Dj alex jones amazing xxx
Lockdown saviour
welshmuzzi on 2021-05-12
Mixcloud has absolutely been my sanity , taken me back to the great DJ’s & clubs of the 90’s, Graeme Park show and especially
Soooooo bad
Buuuuda on 2021-05-12
A few years back it was alright, now they started deleting users accounts and their uploads. Stop doing it
FillyFogg on 2021-05-12
Thank you for this, we are planning a little gathering for friends birthday Price themed
ronniemcbride on 2021-05-12
Some amazing , hard to find classics. Excellent, brilliant app
Quality funk mix
sasysarah on 2021-05-12
Well thought out and put together,super Pete well done xx
Bad Signal
r biddy on 2021-05-12
The stream kept cutting out line it was dial up in 90s
Qadesgrs on 2021-05-12
Love it ,give it some of that ..........

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