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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Looking for the most talked about TV programmes and films from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix. We’ve got award-winning series, films, documentaries and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute or just take a break. What you’ll love about Netflix: • We add TV programmes and films all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favourites, and stream videos straight to your device. • The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV programmes and films you’ll love. • Enjoy a safe watching experience just for children with family-friendly entertainment. • Preview quick videos of our series and films and get notifications for new episodes and releases. Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that begins at sign-up. You can easily cancel at any time, online, 24 hours a day. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. We just want you to love what you watch. Please note that the App Privacy information applies to information collected through the Netflix iOS, iPadOS and tvOS apps. See the Netflix Privacy Statement (link below) to learn more about information we collect in other contexts, including account registration. Privacy policy: Terms of use:

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[email protected] on 2023-03-23
As you guys that are reading this may know by now that Netflix is an enjoyable show that everyone loves where you can watch and discover new things. I am a 13 year old girl that would like to share my experiences, You guys are probably scrolling through thousands of comments lol, people comment how they like it and there are lags and blah blah blah. But there are none. Literally non e. Peoples devices are different to others so it’s probably depending on that. On my iPad and phone it’s perfectly fine not to mention my laptop/MacBook too. I love watching Netflix and I can’t lie but there is no room for improvement. I think there is nothing wrong with it and you should download it right here, right now. Maybe there is one problem, that people write these comments about bad things when it’s all OUTSTANDING have a great day/life to the person that read through this which took me ages to make😂😂 Thank you, Written on 5:30 PM, Saturday the 18 March 2023
Shocking app
Cinda on 2023-03-23
This is a review of the app not Netflix as a whole. The iPhone app is shocking. For an app that has been around for a long time, it’s functionality is woefully inadequate. If I start to watch something it downloads it whether I want it to or not. If I want to rewatch it won’t play - it says that I’ve watched all that was downloaded, if I delete then it just spins. This only happens to programmes I have seen before. I can turn off downloads, but then I don’t get the suggestions. My WIFI isn’t the best but my mobile data is great - but downloads will only use WIFI even if I enable mobile data. These are all ridiculous things to have in the age of unlimited data. Such a shame - the apps on other devices work fine, so it just the iPhone that has issues.
Love Netflix!!
Kok1chi0uma on 2023-03-23
I absolutely loveee Netflix!Basically everyday I use the app for at least 15 minutes as there’s a lot of stuff to watch and enjoy. but like most good apps it has its cons. One thing is how it keeps removing good shows but keeps ones that NOBODY.WATCHES. Well maybe some people watch them, but if I’m being honest, those shows are quite boring and just plain.. and another problem I have which has never been a problem until recently is the fact that I can’t screenshot or screen record anything. That to me is just stupid and makes me wonder what we’re paying for if we can’t even take pictures? 💀🤦‍♀️but other than that it’s pretty good and yeah. Just please fix the screenshot and screen record feature 🙏
Don’t become BlockBuster… Or the death of it.
Dylan132.. on 2023-03-23
Netflix isn’t good enough to make it through the awful storm you’re about i embark on. My parents don’t know how to use Netflix but they use my account. I manage it all. And I cannot come back to them every month to log them in. This is awful. You’re making the cost of living worse and worse. Your money munching also shows in your content… how lucky you are to have Wednesday… because that’s all you’ve got going for you. Sad to say but I will be cancelling my subscription the day that plan is implemented. And will be using more user friendly channels like Amazon prime, Disney plus and Apple TV+… Netflix you’ve been great. But you’ve just been BlockBustered.
Amazing! Please read this
Jasminehali on 2023-03-23
Netflix is THE best app ever to watch things on! I had a request that I would really really appreciate and so would many others. As you know Ninjago Crystalized came out and People in the UK haven’t been able to watch part 2. I’m speaking for a lot of people here. Please get it. It would be a massive favour for all of us. Check YouTube, fans are waiting for You to get Ninjago Crystalized! Xx Sincerely Jay/ Jaya / Jasmine Walker, also can you please not delete the biggest movies of Bollywood tomorrow because now you are being ridiculous. Do you have no ༼ ಠل͟ಠ༽ˢʰᵃᵐᵉ? How dare you delete Khabie khushie Khabie Gham and Kuch Kuch Hota he
Wading waiting washed out - good selection of content. But cannot find it.
d3vious d3viant on 2023-03-23
This program needs a better filter. A better filter that removes any suggestion that you have watched before. There is no point in having a suggestion based on things that you’ve watched that is a suggestion of things that you have watched. Let me be clear. if the goal is to suggest new things to watch, there is no point in suggesting things that you have watched. To clarify the content is good. But the interface to get to the content is so flawed, as to limit your enjoyment to the point of pain. This needs to be fixed immediately! So that I can enjoy the thousands of videos I have not seen but are relevant.
I have had this since 2 years old now I’m 11
Assyriankingz on 2023-03-23
I love Netflix My recommendations for 11 years old girls Battle kitty Dead end! Snack vs chef Catch teenieping The whole trollhunter series which is trollhunters 3below wizards and trollhunters rise of the titans And Netflix just something to say I love you I’m your 1 fan and can’t wait for the new show we lost your human coming on the 21 of march 2023 it’s a like mash kinda of my fav cartoon cause in the trailer I saw PINKY MALIKY A NETFLIX LEGEND FOR ME cause I used to watch him when I was 6 also I saw Glendale frow centaur world also watch cuphead show as well
Stop cancelling all the shows after one or two seasons
Jimmyfree29 on 2023-03-23
Sick to death of finding a new show, getting into it, committing time to the cast and story plot and then being left on a cliff hanger…that will never be explored. Fed up of googling all these shows that are advertised to me on Netflix, watch this, recommended, etc. only to google and find out this show has been cancelled by Netflix. What’s the point in me spending time getting to know the show when you can’t commit to finishing the plot. Going to stop watching new shows unless they are confirmed multi show ones.
Home (2015) on 2023-03-23
Deutsch Off ____________________ __________________ ✔️ English (UK) ✔️ English (UK) [CC] ____________________ __________________ Español ____________________ Français ____________________ Italiano ____________________ Nederlands ____________________ Polski ____________________ Português ____________________ Türkçe ____________________ Ελληνικά ____________________
Bonkers update
JaneyTT on 2023-03-23
Endless categories including ‘emotional documentaries’, ‘crime documentaries’ and ‘emotional crime documentaries’. Do they really mean ‘scandalous documentaries’ or are they documentaries about scandals? Anyway, you now have no chance of finding something you’d noticed before if you can’t remember exactly what it’s called. I also want to say I was really disappointed The Chair was cancelled. Playback still works well, hence 3 stars.

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