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Write, plan & get organized in one place. Customize Notion to work the way you do. Free for personal use - Never hit a storage limit — add as much content as you want - Just drag and drop to craft the dashboard, website, doc, or system you need Free to try with your team - Invite your team members and start getting organized with a free trial - 90% of Forbes Cloud 100 companies use Notion to get work done NOTES, DOCS, TASKS Drag & drop anything. Organize everything. COLLABORATE IN REAL-TIME Easily share pages. Add comments and @mention teammates. RICH MEDIA Create beautiful docs with images, to-do's, and 20+ more content types. ORGANIZE INFORMATION Nest pages inside pages. No more messy folders. PUBLISH TO THE WEB Turn any Notion page into a website in just two taps. SYNC WITH BROWSER, MAC AND WINDOWS APPS Pick up on desktop where you left off on mobile.

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Good for large projects, terrible for grocery lists
Nzthim on 2023-01-31
I started using Notion a few months ago after seeing it appear in offline and online marketing everywhere. I intended to use it for life admin to replace my various to do lists- jobs to do around the house, grocery lists, box sets to watch etc etc. I like the power and flexibility and am finding it very useful - more useful the more I use it in fact, especially the ability to switch between list and board views so easily. However, it is useless for grocery lists because Notion only works when you are online and my regular supermarket has a terrible mobile signal. So I had to hold my phone in the air like it’s 1997 until the list loads up, then take a screenshot. Not good! I’m still using Notion a lot but I now use a separate app (OurGroceries) for the shopping. Which is a shame.
Good app but…
mongee_123 on 2023-01-31
Notion is a great app. I love how you can design your notes by giving them borders and little icons and how many options it gives you with customisation. but just a few moments ago it randomly logged me out and I lost all of my notes, and when I tried to log in again it said I didn't have access to my old account and I had to restart it. quite frankly Im pretty annoyed because I wrote a lot of stuff on there and I made loads of ideas 😢 any way to fix this???? this happened before and I could sign in fine.
Needs work
Knightlie on 2023-01-31
I like Notion in principle, but this app is just too infuriating to use, as is often the case for simple wrappers around websites. The UI is clunky and only serves to slow down work flow. I’m regularly signed out automatically, and with no iOS or 1Password integration, logging in is yet another frustration. Great idea, but I just can’t recommend this app.
loving it best game ever on 2023-01-31
I really loved this app I have been using it since august 2022 I made so many pages and scripts everyday it’s basically a daily routinez so, but one thing I find quite annoying is when u click a page but when you want to get out of it it brings you back all the way to the top so u have to find the page again
just got it
hdihckdjel on 2023-01-31
im following a tutorial from tiktok, but im trying to put in a template and it keeps glitching and wont let me scroll to see what templates there are. the keyboard is still up which i think is the problem but i can’t get rid of it.
“Essential tips” bug
Thief revealer on 2023-01-31
App freezes every time I open it on the “essential tips” pop up that you can’t get rid on so can’t see my content.
DamianPrg on 2023-01-31
Best service for productivity and planning

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