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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Finish a Phase in the newest rummy inspired game from the creators of the UNO! Mobile app. It’s the competition which has brought friends and families together for over 30 years. Now, it takes you around the world! RUMMY WITH A TWIST Race to complete each “Phase” and stay ahead. Every Phase has its own sets of cards to collect. When you have your sets, throw them down for everyone to see. The Phase is finished! HIT IT Leave your opponents in the dust! The round ends when one player gets rid of all their cards. Players who can’t finish the Phase start over and try again. Everyone else tackles the next challenge. SMARTER EVERY DAY Train your brain with new challenges on every level. Watch carefully for patterns and outwit the game. Unlock new rules to explore and solve. BLAZE A TRAIL Travel the world in Journey mode! Play offline and blaze a trail through increasing challenges. Use Power-Ups to get an edge and win rewards! AROUND THE WORLD Explore faraway places! Phase 10 tours from the comfort of a Pacific paradise to the chilling extremes of the North Pole. Compete with others online and be part of the international community. PICK YOUR PLAY STYLE Keep things fresh by playing in a new arena every game. Take a trip to the London Walk or the Arctic Cabin. Every arena has its own number of online opponents and phases.

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Don’t wast your time. App just wants your money!
JeepJeep82 on 2021-01-23
The concept of the game is great. Just a shame they’ve hidden even basic progression against the AI behind a pay wall. I got to level 15 and now I get no where near the required phase for the cards but all other players complete theirs within the first 1-2 drawers and they all have multiple wildcards each hand. I’ve had a total of maybe 4 across the last 20 odd hands! “Multiplayer” is the same. I say “multiplayer” because it has to be bots. No way there’s 3 of us and they both get multiple wildcards and all the right draws and compete in the first 1 or 2 drawers whilst again I’m stuck with a crap hand and I’ve yet to get a wildcard on “multiplayer”. This has been every single time without exception. Yes you can buy the wildcard power ups, which cost gems and guess what? The only way to get those is to pay real money. Their FAQs say pay to support them. I don’t mind doing that if it’s a small developer but this is Mattel! Welcome to world of a greedy corporation who don’t need to put everything behind a pay wall but who will pay their bosses inflated bonuses if they don’t? Concept was great, execution was motivated purely by greed and this poor and unrewarding for the player. Don’t get this game unless you like losing or winning by paying. Absolutely no skill involved in this at all.
Enjoyable, but so many ads
Juvia777 on 2021-01-23
I was really enjoying this game. I’ll agree with other reviews that there are many times during story mode that the AI just seem to gang up on you and you run out of energy too fast, but other than that it was a fun game. I’m uninstalling because of the ads. I know that the developers need money to be able to create and maintain the game, but a double ad just as I come to the end of a multiplayer game—literally cutting across the podium animation, making that animation essentially pointless— is a bit much. This happened multiple times. Then there’s the time I got double ads and straight after a pop up to pay to get rid of ads... pretty sure I’ve clicked on the x to remove pop ups and ads twice more than number of levels I’ve actually passed in the game. It gets tedious.
Good concept, poor execution
Genie3of7 on 2021-01-23
I love the analog version of this game and played it constantly rly growing up but this app version leaves a lot to be desired. This is the first time I have reviewed an app and I’m doing it because this game is SO frustrating. 97% of games are the following: You either get dealt an impossible hand and every card you pick up is not the one you want OR you get dealt exactly the hand you want and win in the first round. There is almost nothing in between. And this is the case for EVERY opponent as well. Surely there is a way for this to be just a bit more realistic?
Gets boring fast
Flood1019 on 2021-01-23
Really fun and enjoyable game but having to constantly wait for lives to refresh gets tedious so you end up forgetting about it. You need lives per round, not per game with no way of collecting free ones so it takes forever.Some hands do seem a bit ridiculous, once you get past level 10-15 the AI players start winning hands within one deal. Has potential to be so good but unless you want to spend real money, it’s not a fun “free” game
Every update ruins it further
Flood1019 on 2021-01-23
Makes it impossible to play as the generated contestants don’t even have to draw a card, soon as it’s their turn they’ve completed their quota. Little 5 second adverts have now popped up every time u touch the screen. Really is getting worse and worse with each update
A shame
leighe86 on 2021-01-23
I would play this game so much more if either the energy needed to play a round was less or the energy restored quicker, I really like the game but can’t be bothered waiting around for it to restore enough for me to continue playing
Need to be able to earn coins
redmacca1976 on 2021-01-23
Want to play this as multiplayer but can’t earn coins so can only play a few games. Need to be able to earn coins!!!

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