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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, find guides, tips and tricks on Pinterest. Discover new possibilities for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to cook for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, build a DIY dog bed or pack for your next holiday with Pinterest. Good ideas start here! 3 Reasons to start saving ideas: 1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics. 2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project. 3. See an idea out in the world that you like and just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy/make/do it! Search by taking a picture of your surroundings or get inspired from anywhere on the internet. You can save what you find, organise by theme and share with others! Get ideas for the topics you care about most: - Home design and architecture - Travel and fitness tips - Wedding inspiration - Food and cooking - Fashion and style Explore over 100 billion ideas and find new things to do. Design your life with Pinterest.

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seriously pinterest?!
stellaox78 on 2020-04-08
pinterest always seemed like such a fun app that i wanted to get but its not true. about a month ago i got loads of emails from pinterest about setting up ‘my new acount’ when in fact i have never used pinterest before so obviously i unsubscirbed the email and contacted pinterest pnhow to dlete my email adress from the account as i dont know how someone made it without me knowing at all (bad safety) but then discorvered that you CANT delete your email from an account even if its been made without the email users permission! so when i tried to join pinterest last week it wouldnt let me beacuse ‘my emails already been used?!’ so thanks a lot pinterest.
Please fix
HoniMoni05 on 2020-04-08
For some reason I can’t select pins from my secret board or move them to another board. For example: 1) I save a pin and accidentally press on the sever board 2) I go to the secret board and there’s no ‘select’ option even though my other secret board has it 3) And I went to the ‘...’ button but there was nothing. Which really annoys me because then it results in me deleting the pin and having to save it to the right board Please fix this. And also can you make it so we/I can see how many followers I have on each board? Because I missed being able to see who follows what board. But overall a great app and would recommend to a friend.
Overall awesome
IvyyyWinterrs on 2020-04-08
This is a great app and offers plenty of inspiration, hacks, info etc. One suggestion to improve would be when reporting pins maybe add an ‘other’ section? Or an area to right a note? I saw a post that was misinformation around specific reptile care, but there wasnt an option for that. The closest was medical misinformation and while it could be argued that the image shown would lead to death or injury of the animal, I didn’t feel comfortable marking it as this for fear it not be taken seriously All in all I do love this app!
Cookie dough pieces on 2020-04-08
Pinterest gives you amazing ideas and things to do as we’re stuck at home, some of these reports/reviews will be critical but this is exactly what i wanted. Just type in what you want, or you can start your own account To help other people, also you can SHOP on here !!! For cakes and bakes. I will advise you to download this incredible app as it has brought good things to me Annie Ps. There’s nothing that could go wrong only if you had something wrong with your phone.ect Thank you! Enjoy the app!!!
Juice Plus+ things
Sara4Geraint on 2020-04-08
I’m a Juice Plus+ distributor and this is brilliant. I’ve been a distributor for over a year and I’ve only gotten one customer - and that’s my mum - but since someone who’s at the top said the other day in a Zoom meeting about Pinterest, I love all the Juice Plus+ stuff and I’ve been using them. The other good thing about this is that I only constantly post Juice Plus+ stuff and I think everyone is sick of it - and that’s why I’m not gaining any customers - so other things are good. Like ‘Good morning,’ etc!
Not as good
Niknatt on 2020-04-08
I used to love Pinterest, used to waste so much of my day looking for my dream home and wedding and how to be the best mum ever but recently there are too many adverts!! Every 2-3 pins is an ad and not a ‘Check our this awesome dress’ advert but a ‘Buy this questionable crap item from wish (effectively) that will probably never work..’ I’m looking at weddings and I’m being offered a jet wash for my car and a fluff mitt for a dog. Totally sucked the fun out of it.
Amazing app apart from ads.
GeoMai236 on 2020-04-08
I love Pinterest, hours could so easily be spent on it. It’s a great way to find things such as recipes, tutorials, tips and ideas. You can literally find any cool idea on it. There is only one annoying thing which is the ads. Every four pictures there seems to be an ad which is so annoying and I’m getting fed up of it. I think it would be fine if there was a couple every few scrolls but not every four pictures. Overall I think it is such an amazing app.
Not as good anymore
Ginahart on 2020-04-08
I don’t enjoy Pinterest or use it as much as I used to since I can’t see what my actual family & friends are pinning. My family & friends & I enjoyed inspiring one another & sharing our joint interests & ideas. After all that’s what Pinterest is for isn’t it? I cannot share my life with strangers. It’s not as personal anymore. Please reinstate the original way of us directly seeing our own direct family & friends pins Pinterest?
sam-why on 2020-04-08
I downloaded this app last week and i loved it! Unfortunately i have had to delete it. Ever since I got this app my phone has been completely messed up. It went completely out of control- sometimes it would be fine but other times it would move around on its own accord. Then it wouldn’t be able detect my finger. I completely reset my phone and it was working fine until i opened pintrest. Really annoyed but good app in intself
It freezes, bad vibes
Cookie cookie996 on 2020-04-08
I love Pinterest! As an artist it really helps me collect ideas and get inspiration for character design, writing, aesthetics, etc HOWEVER I’m on IPhone it’s all updated yet the app constantly freezes after about 5 minutes and it’s so frustrating because I’m sure I’d use the app much more than I already do if I could actually go on it knowing I wouldn’t lose a thread I was on!!! Pls fix this I am d e s p e r a t e. Thank u

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