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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



It is common knowledge that using tags increases Instagram likes and followers. Use this app to quickly use tags on your Instagram photos. You can use built-in groups of tags to save time and also create your own lists of tags. If you check out posts with most likes and accounts with most followers on Instagram, you will find that they always use relevant tags. Some categories for tags are: Quotes, Selfies, Nature, America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Christmas, Halloween, Funny, New Year etc. Here are some of the popular tags you can choose to get more likes on your photos: love, likeforlike, tags4likes, Instagood, cute, like4like and many more. If you have any questions or suggestions please do email us!

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Crap don’t waste your time
keebs35 on 2020-09-28
As said in a few posts below, you click on like to like someone’s photo and then you don’t get the coins you should be getting for liking there picture. Have tried everything and it just does t give you coins anymore. Don’t waste your time
emilyyyyyyo on 2020-09-28
App scammed me, paid £9.99 for 1500 and halfed it between 2 pics and recived about 20 likes when I should’ve gotten 300 and something absolutely ridiculous DO NOT BUY YOU WILL GET SCAMMED I CANT STRESS ENOUGH!!! Refund has been requested
Not good
97y8393i on 2020-09-28
Asking for survey and then error all the time and even you follow you don’t earn coins
I wish I never got this app
Anduul on 2020-09-28
Bad I can’t like or follow any people it just blocked my account
Not good
73 marques on 2020-09-28
You pay for this up and not recive any likes on the photos
oneTj.a9 on 2020-09-28
Great app, works really well.

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