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Jul, 2020



Track your fitness activity with Strava. Record your run, map a cycling route & analyse your training with all the stats – for free! Whether you’re training for a marathon or simply love taking your bike out for a ride, turn your smartphone or GPS watch into a sophisticated tracker with Strava. Join millions of athletes and active people and reach your fitness goals! 3 Ways to Train Smarter with Strava TRACK & ANALYSE: Get key stats like distance, pace, speed, elevation gained & calories burned NEW ROUTES & MAPS: Mix up your training with the world’s largest trail network CHALLENGE & COMPETE: Push yourself with monthly Challenges & compete with others PERFORMANCE Compare your running, cycling and swimming performance over time Segment leaderboard: see how you fare on popular stretches of road or trail Track your progress & analyse your performance on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or pretty much any GPS device out there! Use your Garmin, FitBit or Polar.. CONNECT & SHARE Record your bike ride on your Strava feed so friends & followers can comment & share their own Join Clubs of brands, teams and friends for activities & growing communities Show off your route & share photos of your adventures STRAVA SUBSCRIPTION Get customisable training & workout plans. Run that marathon or set your own distance, time or segment goals Get live feedback to help you train safer & perform better Dive deep into your data with advanced analysis & extensive performance metrics It doesn’t stop with running or cycling, you can track a whole range of sports with Strava: • Swim • Hike • Crossfit • Gym training • Kayak • Rock Climb • Surf • Yoga ...and many more! Strava uses HealthKit to export your Strava activities into the Health app and to read heart rate and biometric data. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Payment will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renew may be turned off after purchase by going to the 'Manage Subscription' page in settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. The subscription will renew at the same cost. Terms of service: Privacy policy:

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A Trailrunner on 2020-08-12
Strava Segments are the reason everyone joined. They were challenging, addictive and fun. Strava achieved a critical mass because the leaderboards were free. That is why everyone felt equally free to take part. Strava leaderboards have now been incorporated into some weird bundle that I have no intention of ever deciphering. In my opinion, it is unreasonably expensive. All I want is the leaderboards! I have no interest in the other bundled stuff. This is a horrendous misstep by Strava. They have destroyed the very thing that made them unique. I have no interest in perusing leaderboards that I know a majority of runners wish they could see but can't. (I also can't see them incidentally, as I am not going to pay for a bundle just to see a leaderboard). Taking something that was once free and then deciding to charge for it is a bad business model in my opinion. Especially if the thing you decide to start charging for is the reason most of your subscribers joined your app. I am going to download all my data ASAP. Is that the next thing Strava is going to charge for? Our own data? That is my honest personal concern based on what has happened with the leaderboards. I thought Strava leaderboards were inviolable and eternal. Obviously not.
Keeps me motivated
TAFFLON on 2020-08-12
Strava is a great app. Unbelievably good considering it’s been free to use for so long. With little to no glitches I hope it stays around for a very very long time. Some of its uses/features- - It’s a great training log, automatically adding my rides wirelessly via my bike computer. -The creating new routes feature is brilliant and very easy to use. -You discover new roads you never knew existed from looking at friends activity. -I love Strava segments(mini races/time trials)they push me to improve. Its can become a little addictive. It’s brilliant racing against your or other people’s previous times. -Keeps me in touch with friends (great banter) -Sets/measures goals -advertising free -General ease of use- I use a wahoo bike computer and it automatically syncs any changes I make on the Strava app onto my bike cpu when I am in my home WiFi zone. Before I got a wahoo I used my mobile phone to log rides. But there are loads of good Strava features that open up to you if you have a computer. Cheers Strava, keep up the good work
Too buggy and missing some options
SamRicoBatista on 2020-08-12
I really wanted to like Strava, as I like the interface more than other running apps and also enjoy the community aspect. However, it seems to have constant connectivity issues - most of my runs are on ‘pending’ for ages before being uploaded, which is pretty annoying, especially when you want to make edits to details such as effort level and adding in notes. And now today, it seems to be fully down and unresponsive, with a ‘503’ error. I just want to input run details and look at associated info. One of the few things such an app needs to be is reliable. Also, it’s annoying that you can’t make it prompt you for gear used, rather than defaulting to one pair of shoes, for instance (which means you’re likely to forget and leave it set to one in particular, if you rotate regularly). Very annoying that you can’t add in new gear via the app. And don’t get why you can’t link to Fitbit to start (and stop) run on one and simultaneously prompt the other, even through use of IFTTT. Looks like I’m going to have to pick another to move to.
Great App...but serious issues with it.
minecraft marvelouse on 2020-08-12
Use this daily. Very useful app for checking distance, speed etc. Beware though of a bit of a glaring anomaly. The leaderboards etc are charged for...which is fine...if they worked well. But they are far too easily fooled and as yet nothing has been put in place to correct errors (and a bit of Python coding or a bit of Matlab would fix it easily). I have seen KotMs on sections that are quite improbable, nay impossible, to achieve at the speeds that the app suggests a cyclist has done them in...but definitely possible in a car. Indeed, ride profiles showing quite average performance over half a ride, and then astronomical performance on the last half (after an hours rest in a well pub supplied village). It is a shame then, that these features are the ones that Strava charges for, but can’t be trusted. Stick with the free app, which at least works and delivers what you need - challenging yourself against yourself (not others).
Good App but disappointing support
Wato12 on 2020-08-12
I have been using the free version for a few months now to try it out following recommendations from friends. This was with a view to moving to the paid version but unlikely to do that with current service. Find it strange than cannot have swimming activity on Apple Watch but it is on the phone - can’t swim with a phone! Imagine common complaint and find it strange not able to change activity selection on the watch - I have no real need for Nordic Skiing! Messaged support back in May and still to have an answer, had a few ‘holding’ emails but no body answering my enquiry. Also just recently hasn’t recognised improved 10k run times despite splits showing fastest time for the distance. My performances during lockdown improved Strava’s hasn’t! I don’t know whether the free version just doesn’t perform as well but I am not going to subscribe to something I don’t have confidence in, which I currently don’t. Shame.
do not get premium
etr203 on 2020-08-12
I signed up to get a free month of the premium subscription to try it out, agreeing to pay £47.99 per year however the terms and conditions stated I could cancel any time before they charged me. Today I tried several times to cancel my subscription on the app but it didn’t let me. An hour after trying this they’ve charged me £47.99 from my own money (bare in mind I’m a 17 year old on minimum wage I can’t afford this) and there is no support or way to claim my money back. I’ve been ripped off and my own money that I’ve worked hard for has just been taken, without me even having a chance to cancel the subscription due to the app not letting me cancel it.
Looks Dated
JermainemichaelJones on 2020-08-12
I have both this app and the Nike Run Club and must admit that the NRC looks so much better and polished, I like the concept of Strava but I don’t get why it looks so depressing when this is supposed to help track and in turn keep users motivated, when I open the app I love the bright Orange screen then it’s down hill from their on in, please for the love of god update the look of this as it look pre 70’s it need to be big, bright and an added wow factor just look at NRC and you will see how polished it is until then I won’t be using Strava
Missing key feature
Liche1808 on 2020-08-12
Great app apart from the lack of interval training. We should be able to set timed intervals for certain activities and intensities such as walking, lite jog and running etc. The app should then read out or announce when you have finished one interval and should start another. A good example of this would be when starting out jogging you walk for 5 mins and jog for 1 min and repeat. Then increase the jog time as weeks go on. I wouldn’t pay for a premium jogging app without this feature. Great app otherwise!
Doesn’t seem very flexible
karenpea1 on 2020-08-12
It works but seems to be very geared up for running or cycling only. I wanted to join because my friends are using strava but I can’t run anymore so instead I hike a lot and do workouts. I track these in the app but strava tells me I’ve done no activity when I look at charts because I haven’t ran or cycled. I tried changing my primary sport but only have the option of those two. Why allow other activities to be tracked then? Seems a bit inflexible.
Strava is an essential ingredient to staying motivated
Dj Juicy P on 2020-08-12
After an intense business run I was in bad shape a few of us dads were, we started cycling just two of us at first, then three now there is 20 odd of us! Everything is uploaded onto strava to encouragement and positivity, even if you pop out for a ride on your own, knowing that your social circles will encourage keeps you on point and excited to do the workout! Also now we’re getting fit strava.

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