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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Think of us as your most dependable wingmate — wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you’re travelling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we spark more than 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps do that? Match. Chat. Date. Tinder is easy and fun — use the Swipe Right™ feature to like someone, use the Swipe Left™ feature to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match! We invented the double opt-in so that 2 people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. No rejection. Just tap through the profiles you’re interested in, chat online with your matches, and then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new. Now, let’s get started. And remember, when in doubt, give a Swipe Right™. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes. Welcome to Tinder — the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. Don’t be shy, come on over. MORE FEATURES? THAT’S A PLUS Upgrade to Tinder Plus® for premium features, including unlimited likes, so you can use the Swipe Right feature to your heart’s content; Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world; Rewind to give someone a second chance; one free Boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes; and additional Super Likes to stand out from the crowd. GET THE GOLD TREATMENT Upgrade to Tinder Gold™ for a first-class experience: Passport, Rewind, unlimited likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls. But wait: it gets better. Save time and aimless searching with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you. Think of it as your personal Tinder concierge — available 24/7 — bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail and browse through profiles in your own time. Goodbye search fatigue. Hello #GoldLife ----------------------------------- If you choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Tinder Plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Current Tinder Gold subscription price starts at $14.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Prices are in US dollars, may vary in countries other than the US and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can simply continue using Tinder for free. All photos are of models and used for illustrative purposes only.

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Waste of money on payment options
The Tabler on 2020-09-26
You can dip in to the App for free and have limited access, though you have options that give you different access levels which for Tinder Gold is £27.99. I was given a discount rate of 50% which I took advantage of but it charged the full price. The error was picked up by Tinder who emailed and offered a complimentary month as a way to say sorry. Trying to contact Tinder is impossible which has seriously soured my experience as I wanted to point out following their admission of error that as I had paid for a discounted rate and paid full price that it should run for two months with the third month being the complimentary month. If you’re happy to use the facility for just a bit of fun then it will work for you. However, if you have at the very least committed for a months Tinder Gold you have to question the integrity of it. When posting profile pictures of yourself they are validated and then show up on your profile, though I have noticed some strange pictures which aren’t necessarily face/full body clothed pictures. If you are lucky to get a MATCH trying to strike up a conversation is likely to be more successful talking to a mirror. And as such I guess that it definitely isn’t the environment to find that significant other or even strike up any form of relationships but then again if you cannot contact Tinder with a question how would you expect anyone else to bother?
Tinder will ban or Shadowban you for anything.
Perceptional IV on 2020-09-26
I’ve used tinder a fair bit over the years and they just get worse or sleazier over time with their anti consumer practices, fake likes and withholding of likes. As well as in your face advertisements(which doesn’t make sense, if you’re a paid app why have ads?) anyway, every now and again you’ll have a change of heart and want a fresh start. You’ll go to delete your account and try to start anew. Just to realise your account doesn’t pop up. I know it’s to avoid the usage of the free week boost(which barely works) at most you get 20 likes and maybe 2-3 of them are matches(subjective experience). I left the app for a few days and realised I had gotten no likes AT ALL, and if you know tinder you’ll at least have one gold star(like). So I was unsure if I’d been banned or something, I try to reset my account again to experiment just to realise there’s an “error” message which is preventing me from deleting my account. All I wanted was a genuine restart/refresh, restarting your account isn’t against the rules but hey greedy corpos don’t care. Writing this review is like pissing in the wind. They don’t even have a support email or anything. And guess how long Tinders been in the game. Too long to not have a help/support line is how long. UPDATE : tinder is now holding my account hostage, can’t even delete it to just go about my business. Keep getting error messages.
This puts me off the app
Gav_Bennet on 2020-09-26
I’ve used tinder for probably a month now. The first few days I had it I was super happy to see that I’ve received 20+ likes in those day... then the next week came along and for days on end I ended up with no new likes, no matches... nothing. I decided to google to see if anyone had the same issue and apparently it’s something to do about being soft-banned? I don’t disrespect any girl on the app nor do I ignore messages or swipe right every single time. I message first, politely, I scan profiles and read bios to see if I’m interested in the girl and my profile is friendly with no rude photos so how can I be thrown to the bottom of the swipe list for girls? I deleted my account and started again and wouldn’t you know, my first few days I got so many likes and then it happened again where my account died. Can I have an explanation? I paid for tinder plus and I’m getting nothing out of it as Im not being seen by anyone
Awful app
Squambo on 2020-09-26
It’s like the developers actively hate you. The app permanently bugs out like it was designed in 2013: matches from months ago suddenly pop up, messages don’t sent, and woe betide you if you don’t have notifications set up. The worst thing is the support: I logged in on a desktop and found that loads of matches loaded that hadn’t on a mobile. Tinder’s response? Nothing. They didn’t offer a refund or even acknowledge the problem and ask for screenshots. This company deserves to fail because of how terribly it treats its users. And the date night video? Dread to think how many millions that cost: why didn’t they just improve the user experience? Avoid: use Hinge. Of course, Tinder is so ubiquitous and monopolistic they don’t care but I hope every app developer is ashamed of themselves.
The Slowest App on my phone
Mikes1471 on 2020-09-26
Tinder performs terribly. It’s so slow to load up between screens, I often have to close and restart the app or it does it for me by crashing on the regular. Today they introduced a Tinder splash page when you open the app, timed the app from the point that it was opened to the point it presented me with people to swipe, 15 seconds... no app in this day and age should take so long for you to use. My phone is an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and although I’m positive the app taking so long isn’t solely dependent on the power of your phone, I dread to think how older phones are managing. Sadly Tinder has fallen victim to’s typical ‘Buy a company to completely ruin it’ approach that saw the demise of POF. Please sort it out Tinder, I’m a paying customer.
The origin of a horrendous trend...
Caffeine Bob on 2020-09-26
I mean, what can you say about Tinder that hasn’t already been said? It’s full of shallow people just looking for a thumbs up from other shallow people. Match with someone? Might as well just give up there. 9 times out of 10 the girl will just unmatched with you immediately or never reply to a message. The 1 time out of ten you get an absolutely half-assed reply. But apparently it’s us men that are the problem! If you want to find adults to chat to a connect with this is not the place, nor are any “swiping” apps at that. You’ll never find so many phoney, hypocritical or just plain ignorant people as you will here. Do yourself a favour: just go outside. Join a club. Talk to random strangers in the street and you’ll have more luck in love.
Won’t unban my account
josh_williamson on 2020-09-26
I didn’t do anything wrong on my account at all. I accidentally texted to someone that I was 17 instead of 18, which I am. It was just a typo and I got instantly banned from tinder and I have emailed numerous times explaining this yet tinder refuses to unban my account. I live in an area with very few gay guys so I need apps like tinder to find people and because I have been banned I’m really worrying if I’ll be able to find someone. As it is all the clubs and bars are closed so everyone is on apps like tinder. If tinder unbans my account I will change my rating however I have been extremely dissatisfied with the service and that Tinder isn’t recognising that I made a typo and that was all.
You are confused!
mazio1998 on 2020-09-26
If you think this app is dull, think again, if you think this app is based on looks, think again, if you think this app guzzles money, think again!!! This app is purely based on timing... Apart from the fact that Tinder is 75% Men! Which automatically means Men will have less likes, it is also about TIMING! Tinder is like Instagram people! Don't post at 9am on a Tuesday, get swiping on a Thursday night lads!! Also be honest, don't be boring, and don't ruin it for us Men who are genuinely here for a good time and to see what happens... Again, the app is not against the uglies... More of them get matches then the good looking ones! Tinder... Please fix your loading issues
Well this app even worse than badoo. P o f
fazanaaaaa on 2020-09-26
This app worse app than badoo p o f blender people don’t reply back Money grabbers and rude abusive men off-line online off-line dirty pervert and have no respect for women on this site there is nothing I joined this site because I thought it was okay but the site is worse than all of them another time wasters app bored fat men and women on it Desperate men looking for cheap pop-ups same as the other apps. Full time wasters here and rude men who abuse women off line and off line once they get your money waste. Time. Filthy disgusting site disgusting horrible service rude customer service fat disgusting men perPaedophiles
Old faithful ... it just works
My name already taken on 2020-09-26
Yes, I know ... It’s clunky. Alerts are unreliable. It crashes. It’s half-full of self-obsessed loonies. It lacks any degree of subtlety. But it also works. I rarely see attractive profiles on other dating apps that don’t also appear on Tinder. Also, I’ve been on way more dates through Tinder than via all other apps combined, including the two people that I have had a relationship with off the back of online dating. By all means use a different dating app. But also use Tinder. (If only to marvel at how many people seem genuinely to think Instagram filters make them look more interesting/attractive. Hours of fun.)

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