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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Fight food waste, feel good Every year, one-third of food is thrown away. Too Good To Go is trying to change that. Use the app to rescue Surprise Bags filled with delicious, unsold food from businesses near you. Find. Collect. Enjoy. It’s easy Search the map to find a restaurant, cafe, or shop near you that has unsold food Buy the food through the app from as little as £2/2€ Collect your food at the pre-set time, and enjoy it knowing you’ve done something good for the planet Choose from stores such as Costa Coffee, Greggs, Caffè Nero, Morrisons, Planet Organic, LEON, YO!, and your favourite local independents - more than 90,000 stores fight food waste with us across Europe and North America, with more joining every day. Help our planet Every Surprise Bag you rescue saves 2.5kg of CO2e - the same as it would take to charge 440 smartphones.

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Mylett Arms - previously, no longer on the list
The Happy Engineer on 2023-02-06
What a special little find this pub was. Food great, service excellent and speedy, polite and friendly informative and helpful staff. We have been to Greene Kings as far away as Devon and central London and this one didn’t disappoint either. Thanks and well done! This app is great, can’t always get the ones I want but happy with those I do get. The staff are excellent and always deal with queries efficiently and in a great manner. Thank you and welcome back. Stay safe to you and all those who provide and use the service. Morrisons are either really good or they just give you a heap of spuds or staff say there’s no more boxes, when they have been purchased! Very odd, and inconvenient when I catch a bus to collect, my bus fare is not free. Today was a good one, lovely selection of good quality food delivered by a very kind gentleman. Thank you Camberwell for today.
This App went downhill
KevMc88 on 2023-02-06
I started using this app in 2018 and for a couple of years it was actually great. It started progressively getting worse and worse and to put 2022 into perspective on more than 3 occasions I turned up and the store wasn’t open without warning or any notification. The pick ups were constantly undervalued or just really bad in general like paying a fiver for 4 stale croissants from Hungry Bike cafe and yet the next day getting a steak sandwich and pain au Chocolat from Yolk for only £3.50 - that’s how inconsistent it is and probably 70%+ of the time you’re going to get the disappointing stale croissants. Not even that you’d go into stores and see deals on the window for the same price as you paid but giving you more than the app. I’ve stopped using it
Will sell out of date food/trash
The 410 on 2023-02-06
Used to be fantastic - now the food offered is bad or already out of date when you get it. Odd as the app suggests it’s reducing food waste, which is easy if you sell food that’s already out of date and intended for the trash. On top of that, you will have you order cancelled often. Hopefully a market competitor will become what this used to be- there’s definitely space for another app to do what TooGoodToGo promised it could. Either way don’t spend your money or waste your time - there’s better ways to each for cheap.
Waste of time
Eindriði on 2023-02-06
Used to be good. Now when I go to pick up orders they either aren’t there or the store tries to change the delivery time at very short notice. The platform does not force the stores to be more responsible (more robust review system; forcing them to call the customer; getting them to provide something else). It’s simply: no food for you. The stores can mismanage their offers on the app, and when it goes wrong it’s your time that’s wasted. This app is no longer worth the effort. Don’t bother
Not able to get a magic bag
hiufvjfdt on 2023-02-06
It is impossible to get a Magic bag from Wimbledon Morrison. Before it could even appear on the app, it is sold out. How can that be right? There is a robot out there or someone whose technology is so good that he can reserve it so very quickly. You need to sort out this problem. If it is the same person clicking on this before anyone else can even reserve it every night, you have to stop this or fix the unfairness. Hoping this can be fixed very soon.
Great app to save on reducing food wastage
Hesageeza on 2023-02-06
I was more than happy to try anything that helps reduce food wastage as we live in such a “throw away” society these days. I got two “magic bags” from local shops and was very impressed but also shocked at the kind of items that might have otherwise gone to waste! Would recommend this to all to help with reducing food wastage and also help with providing food items for people who may be struggling with the current rise in everyday living.
Was going well until the app reset…
JAMT2014 on 2023-02-06
Everything was going smoothly, I had a bag waiting for me, opened the app and then it crashed. All my past orders are gone, my recent one unavailable, all my favourites have vanished, everything just disappeared. Luckily, I got an email with it as a receipt so I still got my bag. For future updates, please find a way so that when updating to a new version it doesn’t delete customer details. Saved so many bags, but now it’s reset.
BangtanSaurus on 2023-02-06
1 star because they’ve not got back to me after having contacted them a few times. Bad customer service. Another thing is, I was ready to collect a magic bag, however, I arrived at the destination and received a notification stating the bag had gone. I still had 15 minutes to spare, so I was well within the time frame to pick it up. I have not received my refund for this and it’s been weeks.
Reclusive Gamer on 2023-02-06
After signing in and trying to explore businesses in my area for no reason I have been blocked because your algorithm thinks I am a robot or at least not human because “I am browsing faster than any human can!” I know I’m good but that is taking the biscuit. If you are going to block people that quick you are going to really annoy people and they will stop using your app.
Good app
Craig_17 on 2023-02-06
This app should allow you to read comments of others experiences from the stores they have bought from. This would’ve helped me today I’m sure when I wasted my money on an “American candy bag” only to find it full of uk chocolate bars and a fruit shoot. If I seen comments before hand I would not have bought from that store. Great app btw otherwise

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