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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Tap at the right time to make a tower of humans.

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Do not get the app
on 2021-01-20
Well first it has way tooo menny adds and thay ar like 2 minutes lone like bruh and I can’t get Past the last level anddd I wastes your garage sooo dont bye it and that is my case oh and all soo I had 100 barge now I have 3 so do not bye it bye
Do better smh
Hacker 8.0 on 2021-01-20
It’s really hard to get the people to jump and I don’t like the adds in between fed dvhfszgnrawwwww arhhhhhhh ugrrrrrrr dthehetehrgegdtgstiv? .h jag Jc ugh chi jdyjc. Bitcjhxfj ceded has fall if you don’t fix this I will my self mahahah
It’s good but it just annoys me
BENZBSBSU on 2021-01-20
Like every time I run into something every time I have to start over there is an add! And it’s so annoying!!!! It’s all literally 90% adds and 10% game! It should be the opposite way round!
Don't get
tivkanny on 2021-01-20
don't get this app because when I got this app I was so excited but when I first played it it was so glitchy and it never lets me jump propaly and it makes me RAGE it is So anoying
ygtdy on 2021-01-20
I love the idea of the game, and to start with it was fine, but over time it’s become very glitchy and therefore very hard to play
tfyughhgv on 2021-01-20
This is the worst game in the world and you can never pass level 28 it’s such a bad it makes you pay for the rare characters
This game is ok
PatsyFM on 2021-01-20
It is not my favourite game of all time so maybe can you make it a little less hard pls other than that it's a good app
Good but some issues
8nzdf,kx fg.jk. xfg.k)b on 2021-01-20
It is a good game for when you’re bored but when I tried to do the same level twice it would not let. SO MANY ADDS
It’s good but ..........
do xdhjdjsjdjjdjc on 2021-01-20
Too many ads and u have to unlock things like prizes with ads and there’s no point so yeah
If you are bored this is the game
Sim fanatic on 2021-01-20
If you are not able to have fun this is the best game to play

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