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Jan, 2020


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Welcome aboard Trainline – Europe’s leading train and coach app. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to travel across the UK and the rest of Europe by rail and road. Book great value tickets for Avanti West Coast, GWR, LNER, National Express and more. You can even plan your international trips by train or bus across 45 countries in Europe and the rest of the world, including the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Plus, you’re always in control of your trip thanks to our live train times (for UK rail, Trenitalia, Renfe, and SNCF routes), price alerts, Mobile Tickets/etickets and seat selection (where available). Why Trainline? • Book all your train and coach journeys in one place. • Compare travel options from 220 rail and coach companies. • Quickly find the cheapest UK Advance tickets. • Ask Siri how your journey’s doing. • Pay in your preferred currency. Available in GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, and SEK. • Get great discounts like GroupSave 34%. (GroupSave is a discount of up to 34% for adults travelling on a single or return journey at Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak times in groups of three to nine people.) • Skip station queues using tickets on your phone (selected routes). • Find carriages with available seats. • Book in advance or on the day of travel. • Buy your tickets with Apple Pay, PayPal, and all major credit cards and debit cards. Save money with cheap UK Advance tickets and save 61% on average*. Once you’ve booked your tickets, save them to your phone and use live train times, platform numbers or delay info to keep your trip on track. *Average savings on all fares booked at least one week before day of travel vs Anytime fares purchased on day of travel. Subject to availability. Excludes coach. Book coach tickets with Trainline Air conditioning, free WiFi and VUER – National Express’ onboard entertainment system. Start a search and if there’s a coach available, we’ll show you the options. No need to print tickets either because with etickets, your phone is all you need. We work with everyone, to help you get where you need to be. In the UK we partner with Avanti West Coast, London North Eastern Railway, London North Western Railway, Great Western Railway (GWR), South Western Railway, London Overground, TfL Rail, Gatwick Express, Heathrow Connect, Heathrow Express, Stansted Express, ScotRail, Greater Anglia, East Midlands Trains, West Midlands Railway, Thameslink, Southeastern, Southern Rail, c2c, Caledonian Sleeper, Chiltern Railways, CrossCountry, Hull Trains, Island Line, Grand Central Railway, Mersey Rail and TransPennine Express Eurostar (France and Belgium) SNCF (France) TGV Lyria (France) Thalys (France) Renfe (Spain) Trenitalia (Italy) Italo (Italy) Deutsche Bahn (Germany) ÖBB (Austria) SBB (Switzerland) SNCB (Belgium) NS (the Netherlands) Alsa (Spain) and Flixbus So, download your FREE Trainline app and get access to live train times, and cheap train and coach tickets across Europe. To find out more, see our FAQs: Follow Trainline on social: • Our blog: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: @trainline

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Trainline is a life saver!!
Showlder2cryon on 2020-02-23
The individual train companies in the UK are so mean about refunds. Ive been delayed over half an hour multiple times and refused any kind of repayment by Northern Rail. They even cancelled my train WHILST I WAS SAT ON IT and kicked me off at a random station and STILL refused to refund me! Recently I spent over £50 on a train ticket and then my train was completely cancelled. The next 3 trains were also cancelled. So I cancelled my event and went home. By the time I got home, they had un-cancelled the trains! And they refused to refund me because they told me I should have just got the next train!! Thankfully trainline came to my rescue!! I filled in a very very short application on the trainline website that explained my situation and they said they would talk to the train company and “do all the leg work for me” and they did! I got a full refund very quickly! Thank you so much trainline! The application online for Avanti refunds didn’t even have the option of “abandoned journey because of cancelled trains”. So there was no way for me to appeal. The train companies are so stingy, even after they ruin your whole journey or kick you off in the middle of the country somewhere! I recommend trainline to everyone travelling so that you don’t get scammed out of your money by avanti or northern rail etc. Thank you trainline!!!
E-ticket option removed
Raymondo77 on 2020-02-23
For some unknown reason they have removed the e-ticket option so I can no longer add tickets to my Wallet. This was the only reason to use this app for me. Now, instead of being able to access my tickets from the lock screen I have to download the tickets (with an extra tap to confirm), then it’s another two taps to go into and activate each ticket just to be able to view them. Then I have to launch the app, and wait for the blasted thing to street responding to taps before I can get to the tickets again. Rubbish. Before, it was three taps in total; View Tickets > Add to Waller > Add All, and then the relevant tickets would appear on the lock screen at the appropriate time of day. Brilliant Who on earth thought that this was a good idea?!
I hope you’ll never have problems
Il Taras on 2020-02-23
Everything is good until it’s not. The app usually works a charm, but when it doesn’t (specifically for me, the app won’t ever remember my Railcard information overcharging me whenever I buy a ticket) you can forget to receive assistance. I personally contacted them via chat, phone call, and email. The first two were unable to understand my issue without a visual reference and suggested me to try emailing the costumer service with screenshots of the error message, but I was met by absolute radio silence that is lasting for weeks. Still with a patchy app and no idea if or when my issue will be addressed.
App opens and closes in the blink of an eye!
MTO50 on 2020-02-23
The app is not working for me [iOS 13.3 iPhone XR with plenty of memory available]. The app opens and then disappears in a flash. When viewing apps that are open in the background (by sliding the phone’s bottom bar upwards), the Trainline app can be seen as an open app (but just a white screen with a blue top section) but on selecting it, it fills the screen (still just white and blue) but then disappears - but remains visible in the background as described above. Something isn’t right …
Edward Shorthouse on 2020-02-23
It’s the first time ever I’m writing an app review but feel a duty to do so. I was very excited to learn of a way of planning my train journeys over to the continent. BUT after spending 8h planning my next trip, having had payments rejected, refunded and talking to customer service, it turns out the app can’t deal with bookings other than Eurostar. Why not be honest about it rather than messing people around and wasting so many hours of my time. Very disappointed. Truly unethical, too.
Fell at first hurdle.
fredscotland on 2020-02-23
Yes booking train tickets is hell and this app continues the tradition. I need to be in Milan next week this involves the usual hanging around airports etc so why not book the train. I enter the local station and the one in Milan, the app accepts the input then I press the go button only to be told you have to book twice, once to St Pancras or some such, then to Milan, input so far a wasted effort. On to my EasyJet app job done in about 3 minutes. Trains are for wasters.
Creation of collection codes
Fire and ice and me on 2020-02-23
Hello I’ve never had a problem before, but when i click ‘Collect from station’ an error pop up saying ‘Opps something went wrong, contact customer care’ which worries me as i normally get paper tickets as my phone normally dies throughout the day. I managed to use the the electronic ticket, but in the 5 minutes i was trying to download the collection code without success the battery went from 98% to 35% Please advise
It’s really not a very good app
M_Jev on 2020-02-23
If your train is running late then the journey tracker does not work. There is no live tracker (eg. Trains leaving/arriving). It automatically “splits” journeys to make the tickets cheaper - although I’m all for cheaper tickets, it means you end with 2 tickets where you essentially do not need two tickets. I used to use the Virgin Trains App, but since Avanti took over the line that app no longer works.
Split Fare Con!
RootyG on 2020-02-23
When looking for tickets for a journey that involves 3 changes I know that split fare can be applied. If I spend 5 minutes inputting each leg of the journey, I come up with approx £60 for the overall journey. If I allow Trainline to “SplitSave” for me, it works out at £99. Go figure! I don’t trust this app as a money saving assistant. It has great potential if it wasn’t conning me out of money.
Used to be great app but changed e-tickets
tom_watson on 2020-02-23
This app was great until in a recent update, they changed the e-tickets. Now you can’t add them to your wallet, which made things really quick. You can only view them in the app which is annoying and looks bad. The code is in a tiny box. And you can only activate and view the tickets on the day of travel. I don’t know why they changed this but it has just taken away a key advantage of the app.

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