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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Order food and drinks with the Wetherspoon app, from your phone, and have them delivered to your table.   • Order a meal, a round of drinks or both – and we will bring them to your table. • Paying is simple: use your card, PayPal or Apple Pay. • Take advantage of the reorder function to purchase rounds, when in a group. • Book a stay at one of our hotels.

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Boycott Wetherspoons
Stuspawton on 2020-04-06
This app is getting a 1 star review, not because it’s a terrible app, it’s actually okay, but because Tim Martin, the owner of Wetherspoons has refused to pay his staff, leaving 40,000 people out of work. This is also the man that refused to close pubs, saying that coronavirus wouldn’t spread through pubs. He and his company need to be boycotted. They need to see that their actions have consequences, especially after reporting a £50million profit earlier this year. He has money to spare to keep staff in wages.
Greatest app ever
Ambtray on 2020-04-06
Using this app at first was a bit of a mind-boggler. But once I got my head round it, I can now safely say that using the Wetherspoons App ranks among the top 5 life experiences I’ve ever had. From the stylish blue-on-white layout of the interface, to the smiling table service-men and women. This app and restaurant chain truly have it all. You’ve captured my heart today Wetherspoons, and truly deserve the 5 star rating I have given you. Thank you So much
Never going in again so deleting
Preto ps on 2020-04-06
After how this company has acted in the current situation I will never ever step foot inside a Wetherspoon establishment again. Cheap beer, cheap food yeah but being a sh!tty cheap disgusting company with a tool for an owner is somewhere I will never give any more money too! If you’re not aware the owner is refusing to pay staff their wages, their already earned bonuses and told them to go get a job in Tesco. Disgusting.
Bawbag The First on 2020-04-06
Ordered table service for two pints,waited on about 7 people getting served at till first then the barmaid still didn’t didn’t notice for a couple of minutes that it had been on screen for so long.Quite honestly if I was the barmaid on duty I wouldn’t bother getting out of bed and coming to work.No please,thank,nothing,face like bloody thunder.All you want in customer service is not in Wetherspoons Galashiels
My review
Samwool221 on 2020-04-06
This is my review. I have been to many a “spoons” aka Wetherspoons for those who are not down with the cool kids lingo of today. Speaking of today, this evening I have order myself a lovely cocktail or too and I have to say they have done the job. Long live Wetherspoons!!!! I one day hope to have my wedding in here but I have yet to find the one, oh well plenty more fish in the sea for me.
Really bad service
Nattysk8 on 2020-04-06
We have been made to sit at a 2 seat table even though there are 3 of us, we said we were prepared to wait but your staff just didn’t care, a shrug of shoulders & a “we are busy” is all we got After ordering as my son wanted to eat here one kind young lady has swapped our table Listen to your customers, we were prepared to wait
Shame on you Tim Martin
Bananannananababaaa on 2020-04-06
After seeing the impact one greedy idiot has had on so many of my friends lives through the UK’s lockdown I’m deleting this app and my love for Spoons is going with it. I’ll miss my godfather pitchers and chicken bites but FUCK funding Tim Martin in any way, shape or form. #SupportYourStaff #BOYCOTTSPOONS #FuckTimeMartin
so i can write anything? on 2020-04-06
Once the pandemic is over, feel free to still not download this app. The company only agreed to pay 42,000 employees after political pressure and then turned and told their suppliers they won’t get a penny. Disgraceful behaviour, give your custom to local independent pubs. Weatherspoons should crumble for this.
V8ron on 2020-04-06
Ordered via the app. Service was fast and friendly. One order was wrong but was quickly rectified in seconds. The app service is so easy to use and better than waiting at the bar to be served. The service via this method is a lot quicker too. Highly recommend this. Staff were also very polite.
Huge pub
jimmy mac 007 on 2020-04-06
Been away from Glasgow for a few years and found this place by accident....Massive pub, but amazing staff... no waiting for drinks... food is what you expect... cheap but not cheerful, on the contrary it is very very good... beautiful building.... treat to visit!

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