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Download Wish for free & browse through millions of affordable products. FEATURING: -Faster delivery in the EU with Wish Express -Secure payments using credit card, Paypal, or Apple Pay -English customer service -Easy refunds -Unique items -1,000s of sales ABOUT WISH Wish is the largest mobile-shopping app in the world. We have over 500 million users in the UK, Europe and across the globe. On Wish, you can add up discounts, discover unique products, and find any item for 60-90% less than in retail stores. SATISFIED BUYER GUARANTEE Worried about shipping & quality? Our customer service is easy to contact and will help you get a refund if your order is not delivered or if the product does not correspond with the description. FASTER SHIPPING IN THE UK We now offer Wish Express items, which arrive within 10-14 days at your door. 60-90% OFF MILLIONS OF PRODUCTS Find discounts on popular fashion, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids toys, baby items, shoes, electronics, telephone cases, kitchen tools, home goods, beauty, jewelry, watches, bags, accessories, and more. WISH and the W logo are trademarks of ContextLogic Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights reserved.

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DO NOT DOWNLOAD - scam company
Majamos1988 on 2020-08-11
I have used wish for some months now and I will be deleting and never using again. Not only do they send substandard products (especially electrical items), but half the time they don’t send the item at all, or it never arrives. The latest nail in the coffin though is an order I placed, where they stated deliver by May 23rd. They then changed this on May 23rd to eta of June 5th. Then on May 25th they changed the eta until July 28th or potentially September before I receive the item. I asked for a refund as this was not agreed upon purchasing the item and they told me no and that I would have to wait until the latest eta. I struggled arguing this with them, saying that this is both morally and legally wrong, as it is in breach of the terms of sale, and simply got terrible customer service stating the same standard template responses (like you need to wait until the latest eta, and your order has shipped and can’t be refunded - when it hasn’t shipped at all), or them ending the chat without answering. Essentially, after having to wait 4 months I finally got a refund for this item, even though the shipping did not change at all the entire time (and was not actually marked as dispatched). Basically Wish is a platform for a bunch of scam artists, and I think that the reason they do it is to benefit from the investment of peoples money over the extended months before the eta before then having to refund the money. Also they count on people not requesting refunds as this process can be tedious. They even mark packages as delivered when they have not been and then ask you to wait a couple of weeks for the delivery to arrive. I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE NOT TO USE THEM, unless you don’t mind being ripped off or having to fight for a refund.!best ASO Tool! the best sites to get Keyword Rank!
暴恭腾寇 on 2020-08-11
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Scam and clearly fraud.
Pd Collins on 2020-08-11
Why would you waste your money on this scam website? I mean it’s Chinese for god sake. Can’t be trusted. The 5 star reviews are clearly fake and placed by the developer themselves. My partner ordered something for £24 and they took that seems fine. But they also then took £91. Why? This was not an authorised transaction at all, and customer service?? None existent. Have to wait 2-3 days when bills have to be paid the next day. Causing stress and undue hardship. Stop buying cheap crap from China. Shop local and stop being lazy!! Shop at your local shop and support them. At least you know who you are dealing with not some bot on the other end of an app. I don’t know why people are so gullible. This app needs removing from the App store and the company investigated for international fraud and money laundering. Stop people stop!! Buying from it. ALL the good reviews are FAKE!!
Dont use this app its a joke
Wish bad on 2020-08-11
The price are not what you pay for items. I have seen items £1 and shipping cost £102. Then seen shoes for £5 but its for a US size 5 a woman small it 35. So no one will buy that small. Sizes are all over the place. Got 2 tops from the same place. One fit fine the 2nd one is to small. Currently Wish is hiding behind the hole Covert -19 is making the time for delivery difficult. I call BS on it. Some stuff has not left Chine for 2 months. Then you get stuff in 3 weeks also from Chine. So please explain that. My wife has started using a new site as they seem to be able to ship from Chine with no problems. Gotten everything in a 2 to 3 week period. DONT USE THIS APP ITS A RIPOFF
five star on 2020-08-11
I made the mistake of ordering two full length sun lounger cushions from wish ,after a wait of two months they arrived ,one navy which was ordered and full length size not great quality but passable .After two more weeks second one arrived different size far too short for sun lounger and a hideous blue ,not what I call matching pair ,from then nothing but problems sent photo as asked showing difference in sizes and order numbers and price the same but reply was they had fulfilled the order ,and I could at my expense return item
Tulip bottomed linen trousers
no detail at bottom on 2020-08-11
Received them they have NO tulip detail as featured which is why I wanted to purchase them. I have sent photos showing them back to Wish, they have now asked for the proof of postage?? They have my ordering details are they say I’m telling lies will not be ordering from them again false advertising this time - this is second pair ordered first had tulip detail at the bottom but were far to big? These ones have no labels anywhere in them size nothing confused
Mr Evans
topic200 on 2020-08-11
I’ve spent over £300 on items over a month ago but only received £20 worth of my order be careful because there hidden shipping costs witch doesn’t show until you press by it now I’m really hoping the rest of order is better quality than what I’ve already received that’s if ever gets here it’s now been three months with no contact of my order I don’t recommend anybody buying off this nothing short robbing selling copy goods faulse advitised crap
Give it a miss
keithcahill on 2020-08-11
I have used this for a while, ordering a few things, but something I have noticed is delivery takes forever and the quality is what you’d expect at them prices....garbage. Also i recently ordered a 60” TV....took them 4 months to notify me it was out of stock and they never refund your postage and packaging which after a few thing like the postage for the tv was £60 it all adds yourself the headache and give it a miss.
Wishy washy behaviours
on 2020-08-11
I am extremely disappointed in wish. I ordered a doll for my cosmetology and it came very well. But they offered to give me a free iPhone 11. Only to find out that it is the phone case. What am I supposed to do with the phone case without the phone??!!! Next time you should be specific in what I am using my hard earned money for. I hope you improve someday in the future.
yeayea0.1 on 2020-08-11
I ordered a item way back in 15th may which was meant to arrive in June, it didn’t arrive so wish moved the date until July which it still hasn’t arrived I have asked for a full refund and they are telling me to wait until August. Rubbish company and will never use them ever again no matter how cheap they seem. It’s a con company so be careful

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