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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Get the incredibly addicting word game that everyone is talking about! Starts off easy but gets challenging fast. Can you beat the game? This modern game combines the best of word searching and crosswords for tremendous brain challenging fun! Never experience a dull moment once you have this most addicting word puzzle game! ► Escape from boredom and stimulate your mind by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes! ► Over 5,000 puzzles! ► Starts easy and becomes challenging! Wordscapes is the latest top rated word game from the makers of Word Chums, Spell Blitz and MixTwo.

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Enoying ...
34586?'friobcbntrui on 2020-04-06
This game is a 5 star until you get Till the level 35 and after that i dont know what happens But is just start to piss off . You try to use a word and is incorrect or added to a found words list and after when you use up your coins to see what the heck is that word that you looking for it was the Same that you tryed to put like in the last 35 thousend time ... or just simply incorrect But at the end you end up with the Same word that i trying to whrite ... also come a piggy bank ... i dont get the point of that Anyway hard to get coin But is make more hard that u dont get any point But you can purchese the money that you get already But went in the piggy bank .... poor very poor ...
Addictive word game
Ari.90a on 2020-04-06
This game is very addictive.It is addictive because as you get to higher levels the harder they get.This is a very good game. I am just downloading the update now and I hope I am pleased with the update. I have read one of the reviews and it has said that there are animal pictures. But they only said there a 48 of them,that makes me sad because there are way more than 48 animals in the world. But this is probably the best word game everrrrr. Me and my mum play it almost every single day!☺️
Many valid words not accepted
vegyinvde on 2020-04-06
It’s a guessing game as to what is and is not accepted. Eg for bird species, egret is allowed, avocet is not. Many valid words are not accepted. Also big inconsistency in which abbreviations are allowed and which are not. Still quite good fun to play, but also frustrating.
Kate2012x on 2020-04-06
As many kids are being homeschooled I just get them on this AMAZING app called Wordscapes it is super fun for them as well as super educational. Sometimes they CHOSE to play this game in their free time, for me it’s like a KID wanting to do another English lesson! Buy it!
koala52 on 2020-04-06
Love this game, played it for ages and still do. However I have recently installed Norton and it tells me this app is unsafe. I’m assuming because, like others have said, it accesses my data. Please sort this issue.
pearl26250 on 2020-04-06
I love this game even though it’s really hard. I just learn new words with this and it’s bad with all the adverts. But apart from that it’s really good!!! It increases my knowledge of words and it is impressive
Brilliant app
cooldog497 on 2020-04-06
This is brilliant and is just so fun to play I had completed 21 levels in only 15 minutes . You should definitely download and is worthy of a five Stars 100%
Great game. Way too many ads.
blue jeans on 2020-04-06
Game itself is fab. I appreciate ads generate revenue but every two levels is too frequent, and sometimes they come after only one level since the last.
Word scapes
Lilhensh on 2020-04-06
Fun game we do this as a couple although some words are silly and repeat a lot. Would recommend through the Coronavirus keeps the brain active.
chezyk on 2020-04-06
I love these games very much as they are very challenging and I am learning about words I have never even heard of before, great game.

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