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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Get the incredibly addicting word game that everyone is talking about! Starts off easy but gets challenging fast. Can you beat the game? This modern game combines the best of word searching and crosswords for tremendous brain challenging fun! Never experience a dull moment once you have this most addicting word puzzle game! ► Escape from boredom and stimulate your mind by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes! ► Over 5,000 puzzles! ► Starts easy and becomes challenging! Wordscapes is the latest top rated word game from the makers of Word Chums, Spell Blitz and MixTwo.

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MissPretty56 on 2020-02-27
It is ok but I have to be fair because some of the puzzles are SUPER hard!!! I was stuck on level 3 ! Mostly my dad helps me but even he thinks it is hard!!! But, on the bright side this app is amazing! I love how you have to guess what the words are . I hope they can fix my problem, I rate this app 4 stars because although it is great it has its problems. It would be better if you could play against other people who have this app. Just to add to the bright side this app is really cool because if you have a word that is not in the puzzle then it will put it in a box that has the other words that aren't in the puzzle which I think is cool . Honestly, I wouldn’t get this app because it isn’t that exciting but it is not my opinion because you might love it. I hope my problem will be resolved x Bye
Game has become repetitive
phil1932 on 2020-02-27
I’ve really enjoyed this game for a long time but have noticed recently that the levels are repeating very quickly. I just completed a level that I definitely did only about 10 levels previously & this is happening more & more. There are hundreds of thousands of 6 & 7 letter words but this game only uses a few & just repeats itself. Is this game no longer being updated?
Words ape
JJO67 on 2020-02-27
Good fast simple game,like it, that was my first experiences of this game. However I now seem to get locked up with the adverts between games, very frustrating. Got to around level 3600 and could not open the game at all, had to delete game and start again.
pianolover2 on 2020-02-27
I have learned so many new words and this game has really challenged me and has made my spelling even better. I recommend this app and if you get it it will really help to sharpen your mind.
Brain testing
Surfing sue on 2020-02-27
Love playing this game when I’ve got a few spare minutes and love it when I get them quickly ! Great for vocabulary testing ! I introduced it to my grand - daughter and she loves it !
Ace word play!
davidmiller_uk on 2020-02-27
Enjoying this app a lot. It has just enough challenge to keep the player motivated. And I’ve managed to reach level 298 without making any purchases
I love this
injjvt7 on 2020-02-27
My mother and I both enjoy playing this app and it’s educational. I would recommend this app to anyone who is 6+. It starts easy and gets harder.
Meow 100 on 2020-02-27
Wordscapes is the only game requiring thinking that I find enjoyable it’s very addictive and overall a great app I recommend it to anyone ✨
Nothing to do with the game
neurotrashed on 2020-02-27
... but deleted after the 100th advert for Ola. I get that ads are part of the App, but please... not the same ad, constantly, for months.
A great for people who don’t game
officedesignuk on 2020-02-27
My wife and I have spent days playing this game and afterwards we feel smarter, rather than gaming losers. A great use (waste?) of time!

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