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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



YOLO is the most fun and spontaneous way to get honest and genuine messages from your friends. 1. Custom your Sticker. Be creative! 2. Share it to your Snapchat friends. 3. Reply to their messages in your Story. 4. Create and invite friends to chat in a group! YOLO is for positive feedback only. Be kind, respectful, show compassion with other users otherwise you will be banned. Please, be mindful of what you send. Happy Yoloing!

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Brutually honest breakdown
@.alice_draws on 2020-08-11
I love the idea of this app, it has amazing features and great uses! My problem is NOTHING to do with this actual app, company and its creators...but with the people who respond..don’t get me wrong, I love this app but sometimes I wish I didn’t have it. Most of the time, it’s very cool and people leave very sweet comments or juicy gossip (haha) but unfortunately the fact that it’s anonymous adds to cyber bullying, this is because nobody knows who wrote the comment and they don’t have to be confronted or face consequences for their actions. I do recommend this app but please please please be careful and block certain people who you aren’t very friendly with from your story so you don’t have to experience the negative side of Yolo! Thanks for all who made it this far and enjoy the app if you decide to download it
frrotrt on 2020-08-11
I have heard how good this app is and why people like it so much, so I tried to give it a try and as I was logging in to my Snapchat it said something went wrong so I tried and tried again and it still wouldn’t work. Then I deleted the app YOLO and then re-downloaded it and then it eventually started to work. When I was typing in my phone number and pressed confirm, it started to clash and it wouldn’t work. Please can you sort this issue out!
Not loading and issue
uwu.u.w.u on 2020-08-11
I normally do yolos every week but today I posted a yolo and sent to all my recent chats on snapchat and now when I go onto the app it will load for ages and I haven’t been able to actually go onto the app since it’s taking ages to load I tried restarting my phone but no luck also there’s another issue where I don’t receive group yolos and everyone else does sometimes I can see them but then I won’t be able to reply to them
Not sending verification
odhfjsjs on 2020-08-11
When it takes me to the phone verification part I put my phone number in with the correct country and the first few times no verification was sent to me and then after that it just kicked me off the app when I clicked confirm on the phone number part, the app seems to be broken and I don’t know why
Lazjiz on 2020-08-11
This app is soooo bad!! You should not use it! PEOPLE WILL BE MEAN TO YOU!! It will put you down because you can’t see who it is and they will be mean! It’s not good it’s not worth it! Be you and do not care about the people opinions! seriously!!!
I’m annoyed
kyla1409 on 2020-08-11
I love the app but from last night it has been giving me a notification when someone sends a yolo but when I go on to view what they said it’s not there and says I have no new messages, I have even logged out and deleted it and it hasn’t worked!
It works but people aren’t using it right
jack wilkie on 2020-08-11
I done this and I got a mix of messages some good but some of them aren’t using it right as it’s an excuse to put nasty stuff on there I won’t stop people from using it tho and you said any mean messages will be blocked didn’t work
Good, but doesn’t work anymore for some reason
Slytherin1510 on 2020-08-11
This is an amazing app where you can get honest anonymous messages. However, recently i tried to get into the app and it had not let me. It stays on a loading screen and doesn’t let me get into my messages.
It won’t load!
amber1212121212 on 2020-08-11
I’ve had this app for ages and woke up today to look at my messages and it is stuck on the loading screen. The link to help is a blank page called 502 bad gateway. I don’t know what’s happened
Can you add this feature
luca la corte on 2020-08-11
Could you add a feature where someone is getting harassed and they could report them and if it is deemed harassment they can see who sent it dunno just a thought

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