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Watch, stream and discover what the world is watching with YouTube. YouTube gives everyone a voice and a platform to discover the world. Explore brand new content, music, news and more with the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Discover even more with the official YouTube app. Subscribe to channels with your favorite content, share them with friends or upload your very own videos for everyone to see. Get more out of your video streaming app and discover even more with YouTube. YOUTUBE FEATURES: DISCOVER BRAND NEW CONTENT - Browse YouTube’s personal recommendations on the home tab - Watch the hottest videos, from music to viral sensations on the trending tab - Like something? Tap like to save to your personal list or share with your friends! STREAM MUSIC - Find the videos of the latest hits! - Watch fresh releases from popular and trending artists LIVE STREAMS & MORE - Get the latest news or watch your favorite popular live streams right on your device! LEARN FROM THE BEST - Practice and learn alongside the best online - Watch videos and learn any skill you need - Explore thousands of videos for makeup, DIY, tips and more! CONNECT AND SHARE - Let people know how you feel with likes, comments, or shares - Directly share your friends favorite videos with your friends - Make a playlist that saves your favorite videos - See the latest from the creators you follow on the subscriptions tab Download the official YouTube app and start watching your favorite videos today! SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE CREATORS WITH CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS - Support the channel you love with monthly recurring payments - Stand out in comments and live chat with a loyalty badge next to your username - Get access to exclusive perks from the channel WITH YOUTUBE PREMIUM, ENJOY YOUTUBE AD-FREE, OFFLINE AND IN THE BACKGROUND. – Watch the videos that you love, uninterrupted – Play videos in the background, even when you open another app or when the screen is locked – Download videos for when you're low on data or can't get online If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Monthly price: £15.99 / €15.99 YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy:

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1 star not accepted on 2020-10-27
I have enjoyed YouTube for years and has been valuable for source of knowledge. When I wanted to repair or service the car it was easier to watch a video than read the Haynes manual. Other videos on washing machine or fridge repairs and diy were great reference points The reason I have given it a 1 star is because I am extremely disappointed with the ads. Having to put up with an ad at the beginning of the video was annoying but a small price for free content and I skipped it as soon as I could, but know YouTube are inserting more ads in the video depending on the length of the video and that is getting so annoying that it is impacting on my enjoyment of the video. Even more annoying is that this ads are inserted into children’s videos, that is just not acceptable in my opinion. YouTube are offering ad free service but at £12 a month that is just too expensive. If every provider started charging these amount of fees, only the rich would be able to afford to use the internet. I do enjoy YouTube but the ads are starting to put me off which is a shame.
JM8.Norway on 2020-10-27
Since YouTube suspended my account, for no apparent reason, the phone battery life when charged fully, remains till the next day or so. When I was connected to YouTube the battery life ran down to 20%, using it for just 1hour and 30 minutes. Also was told when I went to the iPhone shop that using YouTube app for longer than 10-15 minutes on a hand held device is not a good option and the hand held device will develop more problems later on.( battery and processes). Even was told a laptop there would be some deterioration in 6-12 months or so depending how much the person is using this app. I was told to use a computer or something with an external supply of electricity. Also I noticed these updates are very frequent, like every 2 and a half weeks. Every time there is an update it’s no better, still the same or worse. Very baffling. The contents in the app is great. That’s the only thing good about it.
Stop deleting views/ freezing views
ilovebubbletealol on 2020-10-27
YouTube is fine, I use it everyday to watch videos, but there is something a lot of people aren’t happy about, I am in a fandom, I’m not going to say the group, but it’s a popular one, recently the fandom has been streaming the MV, but YouTube keeps deleting views every time we almost hit out goal, YouTube also froze the views and the fans got angry, if this keeps carrying on, this will start controversy, we aren’t bots, we just want to make the people that make the music happy. Over all YouTube is okay.
Community Tab problems
Princesspeachbruh on 2020-10-27
YouTube is pretty neat. But there is a major problem, the community tab. If you are on Tablet and you have a YouTube channel you won’t be able to use the community tab. Also it keeps saying if I go onto another persons community tab it just says only available on laptop and newest version of the app. This annoys me so much. Another problem is the report button. It’s just disappeared. With the newest update the report button is just gone. Please fix there issues as soon as possible
Anything about vaccines or opposing views to the corona virus mainstream rhetoric
Tara-yogini on 2020-10-27
This channel not only censors and deplatforms those who tell the truth but it sets algorithms to make finding chosen authors and investigative journalists of high standing very difficult. I hope other platforms come online or the people making things difficult are fined deplatformed or gaoled for censorship. I used to love you tube. As I found tv tedious. Buttberes little difference these days.
This is a great app but...
sophia mcgough on 2020-10-27
This is a great app but I definitely recommend this for teens kids and parents! :D but there’s one tiny weeny wee bit of a bug. When I swipe down to look at other videos it pauses and I don’t want that to happen because sometimes I vibe when I’m looking for other videos.:/ IK I’m weird but can u please fix this? Thanks. This is a very good app I recommend this and ty for your work YouTube♡
putuporshutup on 2020-10-27
I use this app very regularly ,but they’re some basic flaws in the principles behind the platform, which I dont support, I will let you work that out for yourselves. They are all as bad as each other. Shame that YouTube is not different and above the rest. In some ways , you are above the rest, but in others, you follow fashion, and follow fashion dogs never live long.
Great but 1 thing is making me mad
aftertale sans2 on 2020-10-27
Great performance and that but this update is making me mad when I watch a video and go to tap it to pause it the video go to the bottom left corner of the screen and it annoying because it happens so many times! Can you fix this bug? Because it is annoying when I'm trying to pause the video and the video just go to the bottom left corner of my screen by it self.
I love YouTube.
Big Pappa Love on 2020-10-27
Ever since I started watching YouTube videos I fell in love with the app! Here are some YouTubers I recommend! Poke,Hyper,Mrbeast,Peetehbread and Pewdiepie! If you watch some of there videos I guarantee that you will make you own YouTube channel like me! It’s called “Might be swavy” Subscribe to me and anyone you want I totally recommend this app.
Purposefully removing useful features
Actual Advice on 2020-10-27
On iOS you can use Picture in Picture when watching videos. Despite having “premium” which is not really any good anyway, you still can’t make use of this feature. Even going through safari, YouTube has purposefully messed that up for iPhone users. Perhaps reconsider your ratings, and try a different outlet for videos.

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