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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Latest trends in clothing for women, men & kids at ZARA online. Find new arrivals, fashion catalogs, collections & lookbooks every week. For any possible query please visit our CONTACT section at

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Xdxdmmm on 2023-02-03
I’d love buying online as I have two little kids it’s really hard to shop from stores! Honestly, it’s annoying that anytime I went through your online section and chose my stuff, put it in the shopping bag for buying later, all the time all my chosen items gone and my shopping bag was empty! Therefore I needed to spend more time to find my stuff that I already chose it earlier, unfortunately it was difficult to me to find all of them again, that’s why I’m not satisfied with online shopping anymore. But I love shopping ZARA and thank you for the quality of your products. They are all amazing! Many thanks, Sara
Trying too hard
CharlieAndy on 2023-02-03
This website used to be ok, now it’s several pictures on the homepage trying to be somewhat cool and retro and scrolling through just to try and get where you want to go, and then it’s scrolling through rubbish again, after about 5 minutes you can see why all the models look miserable and depressed because they reflect the person looking on the website
Gone downhill
rhiannonpower on 2023-02-03
Love the brand itself but the app is glitchy and the scanner no longer works to scan paper receipts and as Zara are so strict with returns and exchanges it was a really handy feature when it worked. The favourites section is limited and not as easy to access as it used to be.
Full of bugs!
eyple on 2023-02-03
What happened to Zara website! Out of stock products showing up, you have to click to realise it is out of stock! Pages not opening, my friend has sent me links of several dresses to look at, clicking on it just to find nothing!
chrstphrtlbt on 2023-02-03
The latest app is tracking my location, even after the app was reflected for scanning location and deleted. If you go into the control centre on iPhone you can see it tracking with the blue icon.
Mdfghjitre on 2023-02-03
When I stop scrolling the pictures disappear and come back. It’s really fast so it looks like a blink. I don’t know after what update it started happening and I hope you can fix this
Stop using weird photos
wealthypodcastjunkie on 2023-02-03
So not good for the average shopper and makes the site/app difficult for navigation. Very off putting. I love Zara’s clothes but will never do online shopping because of this :(
Blue blues
Kewnow on 2023-02-03
Love the colour of this top. However I was unable to collect from the Kingston branch, cost nothing, so had it sent to my post office at a cost of 1.98
Kimstar122829 on 2023-02-03
I love shopping with Zara it s my favourite shops my sister and me . May God give Zara longue life of progress ❤️❤️😘😘👍🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🤞🏾😏
Very Bad!
Larra83929 on 2023-02-03
I had a very nice blue top on basket while I was putting my card details trough, was gone. Very bad!

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