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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Ever wanted to shop everything in one place, at one time? We’ve created just the app for you! With thousands of brands and millions of items at an incredible value, AliExpress is the go-to app for those in the know. Shop what’s new & now from home to health, tech to toys and sports to shoes (plus the hottest fashion around) every day. And, let’s not forget all our deals! From flash & super deals to coupons and more, you can get the best items at the best prices in a swipe. There are countless reasons to love shopping on the AliExpress app but here are some of our favorites: • Millions of trendy and unique items • Easy Search – So you can find what you want quickly • Image Search - Find what you're looking for easily and quickly using images. Take a picture of the item you want or upload a photo to find an exact match or items similar to what you're looking for. • Coupons, discounts, flash & super deals so you’ll always get the best price • Free shipping on over 75% of our items • Order management & automatic shipment notifications • Buyer Protection on all your purchases • Secure online payments • Personalized feeds, with items picked especially for you Language Support We’re global, so our app is too! We support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese and Ukrainian. Currency Support Our app currently supports 8 different currencies for payment (Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Sterling, Russian Rubles and Swedish Krona), plus another 6 currencies for browsing (Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Indonesia Rupiah, Mexican Peso and Turkish Lira). Tell Us What You Think Like us? Love us? Can't get enough of the AliExpress app? Let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts. Plus, if you see any areas for improvement while using our app, tell us that, too! We take all feedback seriously and use it for constant improvement. Drop us a line in the app by tapping "More" then "App Suggestion".

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Unreliable sellers, extreme delays for refunds
Panagiotis B. on 2020-08-12
The worst experience I had related to internet shopping. The first item I ordered was delayed and then seller said it was not shipped. Requested refund and the platform is delaying refund! And 2 out of 3 sellers have unilaterally delayed their deliveries by almost one month! On top of the already long delivery time (I.e. at least one month). Not only this, but you have to go through a maze to find a way to notify the platform for a problem you are facing. I definitely suggest whoever is interested in internet shopping to AVOID this platform! P.S.: I put one star in order to proceed. No stars would be the correct rating!
Πολύ καλή εξυπηρέτηση !
Αλεξανδρος Καν on 2020-08-12
Όλα ήταν εξαιρετικά ! Απο την συσκευασία έως και την παραλαβή που ήρθε πολύ νωρίτερα από την αναμενόμενη ημερομηνία ! Ευχαριστώ πολύ ! Αλεξανδρος.
Perfect handling of all purchases
kostas007!! on 2020-08-12
Having peace of mind in purchasing and good communication is key. App is fluent and easy to use! Keep up the god work. Cheers
A great app and easy to use
abciolgeo on 2020-08-12
It is a very nice app. The search engine of the store is problematic but the app works just fine
Can’t buy
nis2001 on 2020-08-12
When I go to the cart It’s not letting me to buy the things that I have put there.
Great site!
ThanosVolas on 2020-08-12
Just great!!! Really helpful and with many advantages for saving some money!!!
Great app but
Galinaki on 2020-08-12
You need to make more bigger the app, and also rotation to be applied...
the latest version does not work! on iphone 7! please do something!
GLbio on 2020-08-12
the latest version does not work! on iphone 7! please do something!
grigoris edessa on 2020-08-12
After 2 + months my order is not in my hands
Mishaf78 on 2020-08-12
It was very good product I like it a lot.

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