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Nov, 2020



Ease is a unit converter made calculator. It's the only converter capable of mixing units and calculate them accordingly. It helps you convert, add, subtract, multiply and divide at the same time. Say goodbye to mental conversions! Want to know how much distance you've traveled? Multiply your current speed by the travel time... "55mph*(2h+23min)" press equal and Voilá! "131.08 miles." As simple as converting inches to meters or as complex as handling multiple conversions including length, area, volume, mass flow, acceleration and others. It's so smart and user friendly that anyone can use it. Examples: 3mm * 1.45ft = 2.0551 in² 5*(7+3mph) = 35+6.71 m/s 1m³/(20ft³-6in³) = 1.766 Features: - Automatic unit detection - Change result's units with just one click - Turn On/Off units - Store your favorite category - Change the number of decimals with just one click too! Current categories: - Length - Area - Volume - Mass - Time - Angle - Speed - Acceleration - Volumetric Flow Rate - Mass Flow Rate - Force - Work - Power - Pressure - Density - Kinematic Viscosity - Angular Speed - Illuminance

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