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快下載最佳人氣旅遊 APP,加入上萬名用戶行列,一起搜尋飯店、民宿或公寓的超值優惠吧!無論是度假、出差還是週末小旅行, 陪你走遍全世界! 搜尋飯店、民宿或公寓 • 共有 2700 萬間飯店、民宿、公寓、度假住所與特色住宿 • 可透過城市、景點、地標或飯店名稱,輕鬆搜尋住宿 • 可套用房價預算、住客評分、WiFi 品質等各種篩選條件,迅速找到理想住宿 • 不論提早或臨時預訂,都可找到適合的住宿 尋找超棒旅行優惠 • 每日優惠,適合各種預算 • 多數客房可免費取消 • 135 萬則真實住客評語提供您最佳資訊 隨時管理訂單 • 電子訂房確認 • 不論在哪,隨時都可修改訂單 • 24 小時全天候客服,提供超過 40 種語言服務 • 可線上聯繫住宿、查看入住時間或撰寫評語 • 免訂房手續費或信用卡手續費

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Booking disabled my account without reason
 on 2023-02-08
It’s all suddenly happened that disabled my account that I’ve used many years with many hotel bookings. I tried to reach out their phone number in china and all numbers are no longer registered. Also there are no live chat options for account problems. Such a bad service with no security. Please everyone move on to other travel agency rather than!
Always my go to
roatislavv on 2023-02-08
I've been relying on for many years. Very simple and straightforward app where you can easily and quickly find hotels you need. It's just convenient. In terms of prices, it still comes out cheaper in most cases when I compare it to other apps.
閒人勿近 on 2023-02-08
我都算抵死,手快快填寫先姓後名。畀晒錢出左票先發覺調轉左,打左三次電話搵客服,嘥左長途電話費同時間,最後只被建議取消機票,而非付款改正。 取消機票前後都扣七成費用,太恐怖了😱。早前用返 ,佢填寫時堅係依先姓後名。 以後都唔用,無售後,無中文查詢,無中間人同航空公司協調。我打晒畀國泰同booking.com兩邊,兩邊都叫我搵對方改,玩到謝一謝。
kitkitby on 2023-02-08
Good 👍

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