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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



搞怪無厘頭的腦筋急轉彎題目,萬萬沒想到的謎底 這款最囧挑戰遊戲充滿了惡搞,趣味橫生,顛覆你的想像 智商挑戰與逆向思維的完美結合情商,智商與囧商的三重考驗 必須打破常規要通關?必須打破常規!沒有不可能的過關方式,只有你想不到的答案 各種奇奇怪怪的關卡絕對能帶給你無限的歡樂! 精彩亮點 不按常理出牌的遊戲玩法 輕鬆簡單充滿歡樂的的解謎過程 好玩的音樂和清爽簡潔的遊戲界面 絕對出乎意料的遊戲答案 精彩好玩的遊戲關卡,笑料不斷,囧事不停 用最囧的答題思路,逆向思維去思考問題給你一個不一樣的遊戲體驗,看你能否玩通關! 這款史上最強大腦最有趣的腦經急轉彎遊戲等你挑戰! 快和你朋友一起絞盡腦汁,刷新三觀,放聲大笑! 盡情享受吧

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Ad problem
ehzbhsjfbdjsndn on 2020-08-12
This is a really fun app! But there is a big problem in it, that there is an ad at every level and it’s getting annoying, as when I want to play I have to watch an ad every time, and it’s too annoying, so I hope that this problem can be changed.
There are too many ads!!!!!
issac17270 on 2020-08-12
This is a dumb app with dumb puzzles that don’t really make sense. And the big problem a that there are too many ads!!!!!!! I would definitely score this app zero if possible
kin yin lee on 2020-08-12
This is like so impossible to beat bug in level 15 Anne if you go to easy I’ll use 5star
Great app for everyone
Tifali on 2020-08-12
Brain out is a very good and fun game it helps your child to stretch their minds!!!
經常彈 app
Kwan_x2 on 2020-08-12
經常彈 app 睇完廣告想獲得 tips 但未睇完就彈 app, 無一次成功取得 tips, 同玩玩下又彈 app ..
noblamingonme on 2020-08-12
Very funny game
nokkie yu on 2020-08-12
I like it a lot!
Good but Too many ads
pikyu05 on 2020-08-12
袁庭匡 on 2020-08-12

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