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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



CapCut, 一個全能好用的視頻編輯工具,幫你輕鬆剪出美好生活。 簡單好用 切割變速倒放,功能簡單易學,留下每個精彩瞬間。 · 「切割」快速自由分割視頻,一鍵剪切視頻。 · 「變速」0.2倍至4倍,節奏快慢自由掌控。 · 「倒放」時間倒流,感受不一樣的視頻。 · 「畫布」多種比例和顏色隨心切換。 · 「轉場」支持疊化、閃黑、運鏡、特效等多種效果 貼紙文本 精緻好看的貼紙和字體,給你的視頻加點樂趣。 ·「貼紙」獨家設計手繪貼紙,總有一款適合你的小心情。 ·「字體」多種風格字體,字幕,標題任你選。 ·「語音轉字幕」自動識別語音,一鍵給你的視頻加字幕。 豐富好聽 海量音樂曲庫,獨家版權歌曲 · 「曲庫」海量音樂曲庫,獨家抖音歌曲。 · 「變聲」一秒變“聲”蘿莉、大叔、怪物... 高級好看 專業風格濾鏡,一鍵輕鬆美顏,讓生活一秒變大片。 · 「畫面調節」多種畫面調節選項,拯救你的視頻色彩。 · 「濾鏡」多種高級專業的風格濾鏡,讓視頻不再單調。 · 「美顏」智能識別臉型,定制獨家專屬美顏方案。 服務條款 — 隱私權政策 — — — — 有任何問題都可以和我們交流 剪映QQ交流3群:860645439 反饋郵箱:[email protected] 讓我們一起讓剪映變得更加全能好用~

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Sooo soo baddd😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄
so bad that i want to vomit!!! on 2023-02-05
1.) I don’t really like it’s because THERE are not that many songs and cap cut you are so stupid and dumb because TikTok is a very bad app it’s from china and sometimes it steals your money it ask credit card like you guys don’t understand it’s so bad my mum don’t even let me download TikTok because it’s bad and all of you guys are so dumb. And why can’t you guys add more song or you guys are too lazy to do it. And I can’t use it with apple because I can’t use it to this stupid rotten app🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡. 2.) You guys are so dumb and pls pls pls fix this stupid cap cup thing it’s so annoying Ik there a lot of things but cap cut you have to add more songs I hate all those pop songs there all to soft to me like example Happy days like WTH that is not hip pop songs that is such a kid song and another one Cooking time like that is also a kid song like are you guys robots or smt!!!??????? Cap cut if you don’t fix this stupid rotten dumb game then I have to report this game and there will be no MORE CAP CUT!!!! I hope this freaking helps you to fix this rotten GAME!!!!!! If you guys fix this game then I’ll be happy and give you a 4.5 or 5 star By Chez…😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄
Great app!!!
hayleyy110 on 2023-02-05
I always thought editing videos was next to impossible, and when my friends showed me their roblox edits, I would be super impressed. But now that I’ve tried CapCut, it’s like a piece of cake to edit videos…GET THE APP IF YOU HAVN’T ALREADY!! It’s super easy to use!!
Litmusoda on 2023-02-05
I updated my capcut and there were no more templates i was very confused and tried to search up a tutorial on how to get it back but theres none am very confused and dissapoined that this happend to me
whydothistome? on 2023-02-05
Great app! I'll give 5 stars if you added the option to use TRADITIONAL Chinese auto subtitles.
This is great
LukeCrafterMC on 2023-02-05
This app is insane I used this app a lot in my videos
Up space
kidusmu on 2023-02-05
This is good app but this app needs so much space
It’s a good app ~
草莓咪醬可愛 on 2023-02-05
I love to use to use it ~

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