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Dec, 2020



他们偷走了你的金币!和海盗一起,参加建造有史以来最大帝国的神奇之旅。 进行时光旅行,前往神奇的地点,和好友以及仇敌对战,夺取对海盗的统治权。 在通向海盗帝国的旅途中,一路旋转、攻击、劫掠并修建! • 成为海盗大师! • 和好友一起游戏 • 劫掠其他玩家的村庄,获得他们的财富! • 做好防御,保护好自己的财物 • 每征服一个村庄,赢奖就会越丰厚 • 和数百万玩家一起游戏,劫掠数千个敌人的基地,获得战利品 • 反击敌人,夺取胜利 • 和好友竞争“金币大师”的头衔 • 为自己选择独一无二的海盗虚拟形象 • 对好友的村庄发动打击,摧毁他们的创造 手机、平板和 Facebook 上最精彩刺激的免费老虎机游戏! 在 Facebook 上关注《金币大师》,获得专属优惠和奖励! Facebook: 需要帮助?请访问金币大师支持团队

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小星仔 on 2021-01-16
I understand that video games need to be spread through advertisements to attract more users to play here. Your game does have an advantage, but you have seriously disturbed us. Now, when YouTube users all over the world open and use YouTube every day, they will immediately see your ad line, and we can already remember the line in the ad! You have enough ads. Please do not send any more advertisements. Please stop advertising on YouTube! This caused more than 10 points of inconvenience to our YouTubers! I've had enough. I can not stand it any more. That's why I want to post this comment! Otherwise, other people's game ads will usually not be a problem! But can you spend your money on the content of the game instead of advertising? I am one of YouTubers and I have had enough. Please stop advertising on YouTube! !
The amount of spins per hour is too few
heyyaheyyahey on 2021-01-16
The game is interesting but the amount of spins per hour is too few. People who used up their spins need to wait for nearly a half day to recover their spins. It is unfair and discouraging for those people. Although there are various events giving away the spins, those events need spining to win them. It is impossible for those who don’t have spins to play!! But those who have many spins could win more and more spins. It is not only unfair but also encouraging the people who don’t have spins to give up playing the game. Is it possible to improve it from 5 per hour to 10 per hour??
MF516 on 2021-01-16
It is totally fail of that i was invited 4 of my friends to join the games. But i can not get all the reward. It makes me so angrt and I loss my coins. How wound you like to improve that? Some of my frineds also get the situation like me. So this is the bug of the gameHope you can improve it and refund the reward to me. I try to kill the apps and open the game again but still not work! Please feedback! Thanks!
Game having bug upon the invitation and rewards
lorkyu on 2021-01-16
I had invited 7 friends to play this game and it only counted 6 of them therefore I didn’t get the rewards of 7, it’s so unfair.the point is I’m not the only only having this problem
h1m21 on 2021-01-16
Feel bad which can’t share the golden card to other ,makes the game not friendly any more !!! I hope it can share the golden card to others.
哇!珍妮佛羅培茲! on 2021-01-16
珍妮佛羅培茲:雪莉? 雪莉:哇!珍妮佛羅培茲! 珍妮佛羅培茲:你剛攻擊我的村莊?我的Coin Master村莊? 雪莉:呃,應該是吧! 路人甲:酷欸! 雪莉:你大老遠跑來這裏,就因為我攻擊妳的村莊? 珍妮佛羅培茲:我...我也為此而來
hei193838 on 2021-01-16
The game had collected me $38 accidentally.I didn’t touch any button... I want a full or half refund.
Kiwiikam on 2021-01-16
騙我邀請朋友,卻沒有獎勵。 成功邀了都好幾次了,有兩三次還是我自己拿我家人,我男友的手機加。 成功加入了遊戲,而我卻沒有獎勵 希望能補發。 不然就不要一直叫我邀請朋友
Error in invitation bonus
ff21dfg on 2021-01-16
I can’t receive the invitation friend bonus after I invite my friend though fb :(
Connecting problem
hater?.'cb on 2021-01-16
I can’t reconnect to the game and I always disconnect from the game Plz fix it

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