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· App Store 2013年度精選——年度最佳App · “遙遙領先的最佳免費語言學習APP” —— 華爾街日報 · 權威IT媒体PC Magazine選薦的語言學習App——“在iPhone語言學習與練習類的App中,沒有人可以打敗Duolingo 1. 科學有效:使用Duolingo學習34小時所達到的語言水平相當于一個學期的大學課程。 2. 輕鬆好玩:顛覆傳統學習方法,創造遊戲般的體驗,過關升級,與好友競賽。 3. 完全免費無廣告。 4. 不僅可以使用中文學習英文,還可以使用英文學習法語、德語、義大利語、西班牙語、葡萄牙語等。 -------------------------------------------- 如果您選擇購買 Duolingo Plus,將從您的 iTunes 帳戶收取付款,並且將在本期結束前 24 小時內向您的帳戶收取續訂費用。在購買後,您可以通過轉到 iTunes 商店中的設置隨時關閉自動續訂。目前 Duolingo Plus 的起訂價格為 12.99 美元/月。價格以美元計,美國以外的其他國家/地區的價格可能有所不同,如有更改,恕不另行通知。如果您不選擇購買 Duolingo Plus,您可以繼續免費使用多鄰國。 隱私政策: 服務條款:

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Bad pedagogy and bad state management
joelzmi on 2023-01-28
Writing as someone who's fluent in 4 languages: Tried the free trial for Pro but don't think it's worth it. Way too easy for serious language learners, endless repetition at the expense of rapid improvement. Made for the median learner to make them feel like they're doing something useful and maximize time spent in app (watching ads), not someone who wants to actually become fluent. App constantly reloads in the background when I write notes for new vocabulary, causing me to lose the progress of the lesson. Make server-side state management like Spotify?
Would like to use the old version again
smallpotatojj on 2023-01-28
Having used Duolingo before, as much as I appreciate the new UI and pathway design, I still find the old version much better in terms of practicality and access to learning materials. I missed the times when I can freely pick materials to learn from instead of sticking to the fixed path. Could the team work on possibility in allowing users to switch to the old version? I miss the podcast and stories and everything, which is the most valuable experience in language learning.
Great app!
Random 抖影 user on 2023-01-28
I use Duolingo almost daily and honestly, it’s a super good app! I’m a Super user and I never lag even with an iPhone 6s. I recommend it to everyone as the seasonal challenges always keep you on streak as you try to win the challenge and it is also very fun to learn on this app and they let you slowly progress from the basics to the elite level. Not to mention, Super is also at a reasonable price as it comes with many features.
Keep on asking me to enter a mainland china mobile number before I use
Helen1317 on 2023-01-28
The app keeps on asking me to enter a mainland china mobile number before I use. However, I do not have a ,mainland china phone number since I am a HK people who lives in HK. I cannot use the iPad app for a long time. Tried to send bug report to Duolingo but they never respond.
It’s fun
Eric1239 on 2023-01-28
Hi Duo I am having fun Learning with Duolingo but there’s a mistake in the app when I did a correct answer on Duolingo it says that I am not correct and when I did it wrong it says that I’m correct and it’s my birthday so I’m going to get super Duolingo Bye😄
Great app
CELGSGWG on 2023-01-28
Duolingo is a really fun learning app, I can now talk to my friends in secret! I also have a family plan and I convinced all of my friends to play Duolingo and join the family plan
I’m learning super quickly
Invensial on 2023-01-28
Hi started Duolingo a few days ago, but I already know a lot about Spanish. I just don’t like the system with the hearts.
No free Super
Yogi Louise on 2023-01-28
I did introduce my friend to try this wonderful game, however I have not received the 1 week free Super
Don’t buy super Duolingo
九月陰天 on 2023-01-28
It was great before you purchased super Duolingo, app lagging problem is real serious after purchase
Lagging problem
九月陰天 on 2023-01-28
I love Duolingo and even purshased the Duolingo super, sadly the lagging problem is exhausting..

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