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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



與朋友、家人以及擁有共同興趣的用戶建立聯繫。私下進行交流、瀏覽你 喜愛的內容、買賣商品或與社群好友共度歡樂時光。透過 Facebook 輕鬆掌握 你最重視對象的最新動態。探索內容、享受樂趣,一起攜手完成更多工作。 隨時掌握親友的最新消息: • 分享心情、透過貼文公佈重大生活要事,以及使用限時動態 記錄每天的精彩大小事。 • 全天候透過個人檔案和貼文表達自我,或與朋友一同觀看影片、傳達心情,彼此互動 交流並保持聯繫。 透過社團與擁有共同興趣的用戶建立聯繫: • 我們的社團數量成千上萬,你可從中找到所有感興趣的組織,並探索更多志同道合的社團。 • 使用「社團」頁籖集中查看社團內容,快速又方便。透過全新的探索工具和推薦功能,尋找你 感興趣的相關社團。 加強社群互動: • 探索在你附近舉辦的活動、尋找值得支持的企業商家,以及參加當地社團和休閒活動。 • 查看朋友提供的在地推薦,一同合作規劃下一次聚會。 • 為你重視的公益理念募款、指導並協助用戶達成目標,或 在地方災害發生時,與其他用戶建立聯繫,以尋求或提供物資、食物或收容所。 透過 Watch 同樂: • 無論是原創節目、創作者作品,或是以美妝、運動為主題的熱門影片,各式各樣的節目 內容應有盡有。 • 加入聊天室、和他人分享節目內容、與觀眾和創作者互動交流或一同欣賞影片,享受前所未有的觀影體驗。 透過 Marketplace 買賣商品: • 無論是日常用品或奇珍異寶,小至家居用品,大至車子房子, 全部都可以在 Marketplace 找到。 • 將你的待售商品上架,並透過 Messenger 輕鬆與買家和賣家溝通。 请在应用商店说明的法律部分中查看我们的数据使用政策、条款和其他重要信息。 后台持续运行 GPS 定位功能极消耗电量。Facebook 不会让 GPS 在后台运行,除非用户向 Facebook 授权开启需要 GPS 的选配功能。

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Don’t push spam and irrelevant pages!
RobertDowneyJr on 2023-01-29
Those pushed pages by FB covered updates from friends and those followed pages. FB become content farm with full of rubbish suggested pages. I would not be that frustrated if those suggested pages are relevant and informative, on the contrary 99% are spam content farm pages which pay money to FB for pushing. I’ll give 1* review every month until FB stop this kind of rubbish push arrangement. FB is no longer a place for social update or news feeding. Just become an irrelevant yellow page section in newspaper.
Disappointment and disappointment
TimC1089 on 2023-01-29
Never have I been so discontent with any app except this. I got banned with no reason starting from yesterday then they keep asking you for personal ID to prove your identity. The only thing I know was that I was hacked by unknown reason. Even though giving away my data I still couldn’t retrieve my account. If I no longer have access to it then don’t even bother to use it. I wouldn’t even recommend anyone to use it either.
Two factor Authentication is a MESS
Jondoe222 on 2023-01-29
My mobile FB app was logout and required Authentication code. My mobile didn’t set up the code gen app. The FB doesn’t send out SMS code either. I was stuck. Though my computer still logged in and I tried to turn off the 2FA, it requires the code gen from app
iPhone XS Max app cannot be opened
连上吗 on 2023-01-29
I can log in to the web version of the iPhone xs max mobile phone, but the app on the mobile version cannot be opened. I have tried important installations and 7-8 methods introduced online, but none of them work! Seek a solution!
Facebook and ig ac hacked
Jg fds on 2023-01-29
My ig account “kim_kamtsz” and Facebook “關金子” being hacked and changed my username, email and password. No one in meta helped me so far
App is not responsive
高柏飛 on 2023-01-29
Emoji not updated unless manual refresh
Eliot Fung on 2023-01-29
Zenaswalker on 2023-01-29
Sawong1119 on 2023-01-29
Kay Wo on 2023-01-29

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