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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Garmin Connect™ 是您健康和健身数据的一站式来源。 无论您正在为一次比赛进行训练还是记录步数,它可以为您提供所需的信息和灵感,助您战胜昨天的自我。 与兼容的 (1) Garmin 设备配对后,活动跟踪仅仅是 Garmin Connect™ 为您提供服务的第一步。 您可以创建新训练、构建路线,甚至参加挑战与朋友一较高下,一切尽在这款应用程序之中。 Garmin Connect™ 配备多项有用功能,包括: - 在您个性化“我的一天”页面上查看今天的详细健康数据。 - 分析您的活动和相关统计数据。(2) - 创建个性化的训练和路线。 - 与其他应用程序(例如 Apple Health, MyFitnessPal 和 Strava)同步。 - 查看个人记录,了解步数、距离和步速。 - 完成任务后赢取徽章。 - 通过“Insights”查看相比其他 Connect 用户您自己的表现情况。 - 获取 Garmin 设备及其功能相关支持。 您准备好加入数以百万计的用户,并通过步行、跑步、骑行和远足,努力战胜昨天的自我了吗? 访问,了解更多关于 Garmin 设备以及如何配合 Garmin Connect™ 应用程序使用这些设备的信息。 (1) 访问 查看兼容设备 (2) 活动跟踪准确性 注意:持续使用在后台运行的 GPS 会大幅降低电池寿命。

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Intensity Minute displays and recording not shown after one week of use
baddogios on 2020-11-26
The app is huge but used to be a good one. However, after one week of use, the recording of intensity minute seems not working. It did not record a single minute of moderate activity even I walked continuously for over 2 KM. I managed to contact the Garmin support, but the first mail reply from them was a long list of Q & A. They treated me like a dumb. Anyway, the issue is still being followed up with Garmin Support. Apart from the above issues, the app was good and has loads of info.
No working Apple Health integration
Gigaboomer25 on 2020-11-26
Whilst Garmin hardware is excellent their software is extremely poor. If you live in a sandbox and don’t need your Garmin data outside of the Garmin ecosystem then I suppose it’s ok. Only problem is I don’t live in a sandbox
Can’t install watch faces
CKL littletree on 2020-11-26
Love the watch and the functions. Just feel very disappointed that I couldn’t install any watch faces ever since the 2nd last update. Can you please solve it? Thanks!
Data could not be sync with iPhone health data
Xm21345 on 2020-11-26
The data could not be synchronized with iPhone health since this app was updated last week.... why Garmin keep having issues?
Sssccc2 on 2020-11-26
GPS is not accurate, especially near seaside

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