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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Spotify 是在手機或平板電腦上聽音樂和 Podcast 的最佳選擇。 搜尋任何曲目、藝人或專輯,然後免費收聽。建立並分享播放清單。建立個人最多最豐富的音樂收藏。 從個人推薦項目和現成的播放清單獲得靈感。 Spotify 還提供數以千計的 Podcast,包括其專有的原創內容。 Apple Watch 版 Spotify 讓你隨手輕鬆存取和控制喜愛的音樂及 Podcast。 免費暢聽音樂,無廣告干擾,或升級 Spotify Premium。 在手機上免費聆聽 • 使用隨機播放模式播放任何藝人、專輯或播放清單的歌曲。 在平板電腦上免費聆聽 •隨時隨地播放任何歌曲。 Premium 功能 • 無論是手機、平板電腦或桌上型電腦,在任何裝置上都可隨心所欲播放任何歌曲。 • 盡情享受音樂,不受廣告干擾。 • 離線聆聽。 • 獲得更好的音質。 隱私權政策: 使用條款: 喜愛 Spotify 嗎? 請在我們的 Facebook 粉絲頁按讚: 在 Twitter 上關注我們:

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Cannot continue to play my music suddenly
Chillon2019 on 2020-09-26
Hi! After updating to be latest version of Spotify, I just found an issue as mentioned. As I remember, I didn’t face such issue before. I cannot continue to play the music that it is playing earlier from same album or CD. I only listened the music via two different Bluetooth headsets. Changing from headset A to headset B, then move back to headset A. I am not sure that it is a bug or not. Or, it is normal behaviour? Please advice if possible. Thanks! Spotify version: latest version iOS: 13.7
Quite good but not friendly to student
Kuristy C on 2020-09-26
Actually it’s a good app for music ,it’s quite updated and you can found a lot of song in Japanese. But it have too much restrictions with non premium accounts(I am a student and i can’t afford the price of premium account!), like you can skip more than 6 songs in an hour and choose to play a song in your playlist
I want a playlist of all my downloaded songs
laukalkm on 2020-09-26
I want a playlist of all my downloaded songs. You only have a playlist of the songs i liked, but it quite waste my time to like the songs, sometime i just want to play my downloaded songs randomly, hope u can add this option, thanks
sorry but this affects games
kēłłŷ2 on 2020-09-26
so i used this app while i was playing games and my games just lagged when i deleted spotify then the games just stopped lagging sorry but u need to do something about this because some people just need music while they play games
quality varies a lot
heben69420 on 2020-09-26
the quality of songs on this app, even with premium, varies from each other a lot, I wish there were a function to check qualities of different songs(perhaps I didnt know this function existed?)
Can’t detect Sonos
Rofl16363636 on 2020-09-26
Weird bug - but using Sonos app to control Spotify works, but can’t locate Sonos system on the device list when using Spotify app. Please fix.
Apple water version
Murrara on 2020-09-26
it would be much better if the apple watch app could stream song without my phone around me. Cuz that’s why i bought a watch with cellular....
Pls fix the lyrics!
cccl19 on 2020-09-26
Still no lyrics even I’m a premium account in HK.....whereas my fds who haven’t paid anything got the feature, shd i stop the subscription???
Remember to download this app
hurricanes itb on 2020-09-26
When I got a lot of pressure I’ll listen to Spotify,and there’s a lot of songs that another songs company didn’t,so is a really good app
Perfect for listening to music
Mochies on 2020-09-26
Super satisfied about everything, so convenient and easy to use, making playlists by myself is by far my favourite thing in Spotify:)))

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