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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Spotify 是在手機或平板電腦上聽音樂和 Podcast 的最佳選擇。 搜尋任何曲目、藝人或專輯,然後免費收聽。建立並分享播放清單。建立個人最多最豐富的音樂收藏。 從個人推薦項目和現成的播放清單獲得靈感。 Spotify 還提供數以千計的 Podcast,包括其專有的原創內容。 Apple Watch 版 Spotify 讓你隨手輕鬆存取和控制喜愛的音樂及 Podcast。 免費暢聽音樂,無廣告干擾,或升級 Spotify Premium。 在手機上免費聆聽 • 使用隨機播放模式播放任何藝人、專輯或播放清單的歌曲。 在平板電腦上免費聆聽 •隨時隨地播放任何歌曲。 Premium 功能 • 無論是手機、平板電腦或桌上型電腦,在任何裝置上都可隨心所欲播放任何歌曲。 • 盡情享受音樂,不受廣告干擾。 • 離線聆聽。 • 獲得更好的音質。 隱私權政策: 使用條款: 喜愛 Spotify 嗎? 請在我們的 Facebook 粉絲頁按讚: 在 Twitter 上關注我們:

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App not working after new update
Pali katto on 2020-08-09
I have cleared some extra data from my Spotify app as it was taking 5.5GB of my phone total storage, after deleting all the data in iPhone storage since now I’m not able to use my app. Every time I open it’s closed automatically with in second, I been using Spotify since 5 years and been a premium customer if this issue not going to fix I’ll be out from your list. Please let us know if there is any other way to fix it I have deleted the app but still after I reset my phone it’s comes back without my installation. I do have iPhone X. Thank you
“We added”
lachy380 on 2020-08-09
Could you please make this optional as some find this very annoying when you would just like certain songs but Spotify adds song’s to your playlist please take this into notice I’m not saying delete this feature as it can be useful to find songs that you may like but just make it optional
App crashes
aandasonUK on 2020-08-09
App crashes unexpectedly, attempted to open it, crashed & took me back to home screen for couple of times. Deleted & downloaded the app again, hoping it’ll get back to normal, but kept taking me back to the home screen. Could you please fix this bug as soon as possible, please?
I can’t open the app
PoorGuyWhoCantOpenApp on 2020-08-09
Hi. I was able to open the app in the afternoon but now I can’t open the app not just in my phone but also on my iPad. I tried to redownload the app but it wasn’t helping. I also tried to update my app but I still can’t open my app. Please help fix the problem. :)
Weird issue in Spotify
LimeFelne on 2020-08-09
This app is a lifesaver. You save a lot of money from this app. Unfortunately, my little cousin’s Spotify keeps randomly playing songs, when she clicks on the song she wants. Mine doesn’t do that. I wonder if there is a problem in the app.
Can’t play the next song automatically
CarmenLi1013 on 2020-08-09
I’m a premium user, and I can’t play downloaded songs without the internet. Also, every time the song ends, the app won’t play the next song automatically, I need to click the button to play the next song every time, this is annoying.
Good mix
Otticachonchnops on 2020-08-09
I like the daily mix. But they aren’t refreshed frequently enough. Also I am a fan of Hua Chen Yu, a very popular singer in China but Spotify has only his newest album but not his other ones.
App still keeps bouncing even after restarting the phone and reinstalling the app
Lawrencektchan on 2020-08-09
The app got bounced to the main screen this afternoon. After restarting and reinstalling the app, the app keeps bouncing...... Please advice if it is the app issue.....
Ksaryn on 2020-08-09
唔肯定自己有冇登記 㩒register 入完email address 話我有登記過 但係我唔記得有冇密碼 㩒毋須密碼 收到email 㩒落去 跳返落apps 話連結已失效 入網頁版㩒忘記密碼 話個email address 未有登記 再去登記又話email address 已登記 想入去聽歌又一定要login 成晚就喺度無限輪迴
Paid but not revising what I paid for
mileup11 on 2020-08-09
Paid for one year at 711 and Spotify refuses to allow multiple devises Says I don’t have premium I do and paid for it. Very unhappy When Pandora was available

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