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Tinder® — 認識世界各地的新朋友、豐富你的社交生活 全世界最多人在用的交友APP,適合想要認識新朋友或尋找交往對象的你。全球千萬人拓展交友圈的秘訣!下載突破30億次,Tinder是全球最大、最多人使用的社交平台。 ► 每天有2600 萬次配對成功,配對總數累積超過 300 億次,讓你生活不無聊 ► 不只是交友軟體:使用者遍及190多個國家,透過Tinder能讓你聊遍全世界 ► 即時分享最愛Spotify音樂、傳giphy、Instagram貼文,讓你聊天隨心所欲 立馬滑Tinder,看看你週邊有哪些新鮮有趣的人等你來發掘 — 歡迎加入 Tinder:全球最夯的交友平台 不論事想找人一起eat together、想認識可愛的新朋友?透過Tinder探索新朋友吧!立即與在附近的新朋友配對,說不定你們是 Dcard 卡友、喜歡同個 YouTube 網紅或看過同個 TikTok 爆紅影片,找個有趣的話題開始認識有趣的新朋友吧 交朋友超簡單:向右滑代表按讚,向左滑表示先不要! 向右滑動Swipe Right™ = 讚 向左滑動 Swipe Left™ = 跳過 透過直覺的左右滑動,Tinder讓你交朋友簡單有快速 交朋友沒負擔:雙方都按讚的情況下才是It’s a Match™ (配對成功)! 只有彼此都向左滑時,你們才會配對成功,你不來電的對象無法傳送訊息給你 所以別擔心,自由滑、快樂交朋友,安全又放心 交朋友不用錢:免費認識新朋友,盡情配對聊天! 不同於付費dating app,Tinder的免費會員也可以盡情輕鬆滑,聊天認識新朋友! 無論身處世界任何角落,想和紐約的朋友說聲goodnight,或在首爾的偶爸拍拖,還是想探探在你附近的新朋友,Tinder與你一起體驗相遇的美好。 想解鎖更多強大的交友功能?試試我們的加值服務 訂閱Tinder Plus™ - 無限向右滑按讚次數並享有更多隱私設定,讓你輕鬆交友更安心 - 每天獲得 5 次 Super Like,與可愛的新朋友配對成功率提高 3 倍 - 用跨國護照變更定位,輕鬆走遍全球各地,認識來自世界各地的新朋友 - 免費使用「倒回」功能 挽救你不小心跳過的對象 - 每個月享有 1 次免費的 Boost,30 分鐘內讓你的曝光度增加10倍,躍升人氣王 訂閱Tinder Gold™ - 享用 Tinder Plus 的所有功能 - 無限次「最佳精選」利用大數據推薦給你速配對象,契合度100% - 看看誰已經「對你按讚」交朋友 - 更快速,不再錯過可愛的新朋友 - 更改App圖示,讓你的Tinder火焰變成金色,享受付費會員專屬福利 使用App遇到問題?讓我們幫助你! Tinder致力於提供最好的交友體驗,如果使用上遇到任何問題或建議,請隨時與我們聯繫。請將你遇到的問題和相關訊息寄送Email到 [email protected],我們會盡快協助你解決問題。 ----------------------------------- 如果你決定購買 Tinder Plus 或 Tinder Gold,費用會透過你的 iTunes 帳戶扣除,你的帳號在目前階段結束前 24 小時內會自動扣款續約。完成購買之後,你可隨時自 iTunes Store 的設定中解除自動續約。目前的 Tinder Plus 訂閱價格自每月 $9.99 美元起,有 1 個月、6 個月和 12 個月可供選擇。目前的 Tinder Gold 訂閱價格自每月 $14.99 美元起,有 1 個月、6 個月和 12 個月可供選擇。費用以美金計價,美國以外的國家可能會有所不同,如有異動恕不另行通知。已啟用之訂閱期間內不得取消目前的訂閱。如果你選擇不購買 Tinder Plus 或 Tinder Gold,依然可以免費使用 Tinder。 所有照片均為模型, 僅用於演示目的。

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Lagged message lagged interface lagged everything
coolxbun66 on 2021-01-24
Hi tinder You used to be a user friendly app but all of a sudden the messages never seem to load and one has to log out and log back in in order to see and read the messages Is that how you treat your non-paying users? Or this happens to those who paid too? Please do something and release a patch/ update to it. I am at the verge of giving up on it Thank you
The app is so slow
ayyeungty on 2021-01-24
Every app on my phone works fine. Except tinder. I already tried uninstall and install. I could barely type as the app slows down my phone. I thought the app was under maintenance in the beginning(this situation started a month ago), the situation is still the same today. Please fix.
Have bug
Jecros on 2021-01-24
When I forgot to turn on location services, Tinder bounced a notification on my screen which cannot be revoked even if I quit the app, and my screen kept frozen with this display so I had to restart my phone. Please fix this bug ASAP.
Banned with no reason. CS cant offering help.
chinwai wong on 2021-01-24
I have paid for 1 year. Suddenly I got banned by the stupid spam filter. And then I try to get some help form CS. And it is useless. No solve problem, no refund. DO NOT PAY AND DELETE THE STUPID APP.
Can’t login
BAMBAMHK on 2021-01-24
Can’t login! It says no connection network. I’m typing this from outdoor and I’m using internet from my local provider so not sure why it says NO INTERNET CONNECTION. And too many FAKE ppl!!
Strongly recommend not to buy Gold version for this apps
frankiecheung。。 on 2021-01-24
Tinder will ban your account suddenly without reason once you pay or updated to Gold version. And the customer service won’t help you because they have charged you already !!!
Help me fixed my account
chan1225()() on 2021-01-24
Bro ,I was talking to a girl ,and she ask how old I am and I told her the truth ,but all the sudden tinder just age restricted me .Wtf Tinder plz help, me get my account back.
An app full of sales and prostitutes
GiveBackStatusBar on 2021-01-24
With unreasonably high probability, the girl you match with is actually just a salesperson looking for customers or working girl. I am tired of that.
Lags and fake accounts
giacomosg on 2021-01-24
I cabt use the app, it takes 5 min to load a profile. Full of prostitute accounts and robots
Gfs tins on 2021-01-24
This app is not free. They rag a lot way to soend money.. no idea Y it is popular

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