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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Tinder ® – 拓展你的朋友圈 很高兴认识你!Tinder – 全世界单身年轻人生活方式的代名词。 Tinder是世界上最大社交平台,也是新时代的相遇方式。不管你想认识合拍的人一起分享美好生活、结交新朋友遇见甜甜的恋爱,Tinder皆能助你一臂之力、简单找到理想的那个TA,实时社交不孤单。 ► 最火交友神器,全球配对成功总数超过 300 亿,年轻人的恋爱、脱单首选APP ► 最潮流、最好用的约会应用,真实会员遍布 190 多国,带你认识全球各地的优质单身用户 ► 轻松滑动认识身边新朋友,快来探探附近的小夥伴、与志趣相投的朋友一起狂欢吧! 全世界最酷、超高颜值的人在这等你一起发现美好、多元的世界,找到你想要的生活方式 [新世代交友创始者] 左滑无感、右滑喜欢,互相喜欢即配对聊天 右滑(Swipe Right™ ) 喜欢 左滑(Swipe Left™ ) 无感 [杜绝骚扰] 在 Tinder,只有两个人都右滑、双向配对成功才能聊天,不会被不喜欢的人骚扰! [免费交友] 即便不购买任何服务也可以认识新朋友、找对象。简单、心动、惊喜,相遇本该如此美好,快来偶遇小哥哥小姐姐,一起狂欢吧! [交友不设限] 在這裡你能成就天下姻缘、跟随灵魂找到TA,還是玩弱关系社交,帮助你发现身边有趣、真实的人和事,就是Tinder最重要的小事。 [全球通行] 不论你在上海、北京、首尔或纽约,随时打开Tinder,跟韩国偶爸说声hello、和纽约新朋友趣味唠嗑,dating无国界、异地恋、网恋好友,随时随地一起嗨! 想要更丰富的VIP体验?试试我们的付费服务 购买Tinder Plus™ - 每天无限次右滑喜欢,享受更优质的滑动配对体验 - 每天5个Super Like(超级喜欢)喜欢更有分量,配对几率最高翻 3 倍 - 任意更改定位,位置漫游,不出门也能认识外国新朋友 - 滑错无限反悔,反悔瞬间找回错过缘分 - 每月免费 1 个 Boost, 让你成为所在地最佳推荐,时间长达 30 分钟 购买Tinder Gold™ - 包含 Tinder Plus 的所有功能 - 无限次大数据精准匹配的「最佳精选 」,为你找到最适合的匹配对象 - 免费查看查看谁喜欢我,喜欢?右滑!立刻配对聊天不用再等待 - 会员专属身份标识,尊享专属金色App图示 如果你喜欢Tinder,请给我们打分和评论 我们致力于提供优质的滑动配对体验,若使用上遇到任何问题,欢迎联系我们客服邮箱:[email protected] ----------------------------------- 如果选择购买 Tinder Plus 或 Tinder Gold,费用将从你的 iTunes 账户支付。在当前缴费期结束前 24 小时,系统会自动从你的账户扣费续期。购买之后,你可随时前往 iTunes 商店的设置界面,关闭自动续费功能。Tinder Plus 的当前订购价为 9.99 美元/月起,并且有 1 个月、6 个月和 12 个月套餐供选购。Tinder Gold 的当前订购价为 14.99 美元/月起,并且有 1 个月、6 个月和 12 个月套餐供选购。价格单位为美元。非美国地区单价可能会不同。单价如有变化,恕不另行通知。订购成功的当期不允许取消当前订单。如果选择不购买 Tinder Plus 或 Tinder Gold,你仍可继续免费使用 Tinder。 所有照片均为模型, 仅用于演示目的。

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Shadowbanned for no reason
DeprssedUser94 on 2020-11-26
Well I’m glad I’m not the only one with this issue. Notifications stopped coming in, my messages can’t reach my current matches and theirs can’t reach mine. Things seem to have improved a day after I launched a support ticket, but it only lasts for not level half a day before I’m shadowbanned again. Would be nice to know what’s actually happening to the app, it used to be good :/
Broken account
pleasefixyourstuff on 2020-11-26
My swipes keep reappearing after swiping despite having a good internet connection. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it still doesn’t work. I’m also not getting any likes nor matches which is really weird. The worst part is that I can’t even delete my account. Please help!!!!!!!!!!
Mrltoos on 2020-11-26
Why tease your users when there’s never be been any intention to show the faces of our ‘secret admirers’.And you have so many fake users trying scam people out of their money. You guys should try to make tinder a nicer app like last time instead of just thinking about making money.
Bad service!
Pepe happy on 2020-11-26
Bad service I ever had! My account was banned without any reason! I did nothing wrong with my account, actually I’m not always online although I paid for my Tinder Plus. I sent lots of emails to ask for a reason but No one even check it!
Banned my real account with no reason!
Pepe happy on 2020-11-26
Bad service I ever had! My account was banned with NO reason! HOW COME YOU CAN BANNED MY TINDER PLUS?! I sent lots of emails to ask for a reason but No one even check it! PLEASE CHECK IT ASAP! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
Secret admirer function is bugged and very annoying
Aggregfgsfhvd on 2020-11-26
It shows up frequently, shows the same person no matter which I choose, cannot be disabled, and fails to match even if I swipe right. This severely hinders my use experience.
Banned real user but not to ban scam
DEWWWW01 on 2020-11-26
Suddenly I just got banned with no reason and no way to appeal But seeing the app with fake people and fake profile every day and they are not banned I don’t get it
Stop the face-to-face notification
ayyeungty on 2020-11-26
Please stop the face-to-face notification whenever I click into every chat. It’s kinda annoying. Thank you if you can disable this for the tinder users.
Can’t load the msg
Peggy on 2020-11-26
I jz saw the notification someone send msg to me. While I click in the chat box, can’t update the new msg Needa reinstalled the app every [email protected]@
Problem appeared after updating
KellyFong on 2020-11-26
After updating I can’t read the new msg from others. I have to re-download the app again and again to fix it. Pls check the system.... :/

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