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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



加入對話!Twitter 是您的首選社交網路應用程式,同時也是您掌握全球動態的最佳資訊來源。從全球新聞、天氣概況、體育和電競賽事、政治議題到籃球新聞和籃球即時比分,Twitter 總能夠讓您第一時間了解到世界各地正在發生的事件。尋找朋友或跟隨有影響力的人 - 任何人的話語都能影響世界! 發推、轉推、回覆推文、分享或按喜歡 - 使用 Twitter 就是這麼簡單 可輕鬆地進行一對一聊天,也可與所有跟隨您的人一同高談闊論。對您的好友及其他 Twitter 跟隨者的社交媒體推文留言。關注您最喜愛的明星新聞,以及成千上萬名充滿個人魅力的 Twitter 使用者,輕鬆遍覽他們發布的精彩內容。觀看和瀏覽熱門故事、直播新聞、笑話、動圖、相片及影片,盡享社交網路帶給您的無限樂趣。分享國內新聞或直播內容,看看自己有哪些推文令人喜愛或受到轉推。 現在就建立您的免費 Twitter 帳戶! Twitter 能讓您找到志同道合的朋友,也可將對您感興趣的網路粉絲集結在一起。維護社交網路從未如此輕鬆簡單!Twitter 能讓現今的電視、電影、政治及體育明星與自己的粉絲建立人際關係。這就是 Twitter 為何能成為全球最受歡迎的社交媒體平台之一的原因。 編寫出充滿個人魅力的個人資料 *自訂您的個人資料、新增相片、描述、所在地,以及背景相片 *經常發布推文並最佳化您的發推時間 *張貼視聽內容 *在推文中使用主題標籤 *吸引不經常使用 Twitter 的跟隨者 掌握現今潮流趨勢 發現熱門主題標籤及突發新聞頭條。無論您感興趣的是體育大小事、籃球即時比分、明星八卦和娛樂新聞,或是政策議題,Twitter 都是您取得線上新聞的最佳來源。 加入對話或觀看實況直播,透過您的行動裝置直接與廣大的受眾進行深入互動。您可以上線直播、建立自己的直播活動,以及分享社交媒體影片,也可以自由觀看來自全球各地的直播活動。 隱私政策: 條款與條件: 我們會與一些廣告合作夥伴分享裝置識別資料,其中可能包含註冊前的應用程式開啟次數。如需詳細資訊,請參閱這裡:

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moxin1102 on 2022-12-09
You have no choice and a few to know me I just want to know if we need a family and you want me to do something for the future of my heart I love that and how much we do with the life and you and how we do you know what I do for him I don’t care I want you to do something with him so he will do whatever I do and you don’t need anything for him I want him for that reason and you do that for you too but you need a
Say no to Musk!
OscarvdbHK on 2022-12-09
He’s not a free speech absolutist. He’s a free speech anarchist and the past few days have shown as much. He acts like a bully, uncaring of employee rights. parody accounts run amok and cause trouble to individuals and companies. And let’s not forget how he applies his free speech ideals to anyone but those who are critical of him. Dump Twitter. Make this the most costly mistake of the century.
Hate speech, harassment
Mossm4n on 2022-12-09
I think this application shouldn’t be on the Apple Store, it currently is a platform for Hatespeech and harassment, it also recently changed a large number of policies that allow for the mistreatment of trans and other members of the LGBTQ community, it’s very disappointing that Apple still features this app on its store officially.
Keep it up
Paulinlatin on 2022-12-09
I agree on freedom of speech and I also think reducing cost is one of the major key to success. I would just say you are the doing the right but the profile is a be high
Customer experience
Matthew Ko on 2022-12-09
It is my first time to use Twitter which provide me huge information.But it is necessary to reform its functions.
Freedom of speech
Erne3t on 2022-12-09
Will move to another platform if twitter is banned from App Store.
Solid support of Elon
Jorocksign on 2022-12-09
I am no1, solid supporter of Elon Musk 💪🍻
One star
jainsrbh on 2022-12-09
One star for laying off so many people.
Idskfung on 2022-12-09
Why can't I register my account?
selen wife on 2022-12-09
Why can't I register my account?

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