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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



美味佳餚,輕鬆送達。 肚子餓了嗎?從您最愛的餐廳訂購想吃的美食,由 Uber 為您快速外送。 隨時隨地,盡情享用自己喜愛的美食。只要輕輕點選按鈕,就能享用您想吃的當地佳餚。 您可以瀏覽當地餐廳與最愛的速食餐廳,尋找想品嚐的美食。也可以先決定想吃什麼,直接搜尋特定餐廳、餐點或美食。披薩、墨西哥捲餅、漢堡、壽司,無論想吃什麼,試試透過 Uber Eats 訂購吧。 當您準備下訂單時,系統會顯示外送地址、預估外送時間和訂單總額 (包含稅金與預訂費)。輕鬆點選,就能透過您的 Uber 帳戶或新增信用卡順利付款。您還可以全程即時追蹤訂單進度。 Uber Eats 目前在以下城市及都會區提供服務:阿布達比、阿得雷德、阿姆斯特丹、亞特蘭大、奧克蘭、奧斯汀、巴爾的摩、波哥大、布利斯本、布魯塞爾、開普敦、芝加哥、達拉斯、丹佛、杜拜、香港、約翰尼斯堡、格拉斯哥、利物浦、倫敦、洛杉磯、馬德里、墨爾本、墨西哥城、邁阿密、米蘭、莫斯科、孟買、納許維爾、新德里、紐奧良、紐約、渥太華、巴黎、費城、里約熱內盧、聖地牙哥、舊金山、聖保羅、西雅圖、斯德哥爾摩、雪梨、台北、東京、多倫多、維也納、華沙以及華盛頓特區。 Uber Eats 讓您在世界各地都能享受美食外送服務。您可以在澳洲、比利時、巴西、加拿大、哥倫比亞、法國、日本、印度、墨西哥、紐西蘭、波蘭、俄羅斯、南非、西班牙、台灣、阿拉伯聯合大公國、英國、美國等國家/地區訂購美食,享受外送服務。 Uber Eats 仍未登陸您的城市?希望很快能為您服務!您可以在 查看目前提供服務的城市清單。

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keithscwong on 2020-09-25
There was a missing item in my order but there was no instant customer support to help out. I had to contact the restaurant myself but was informed that Uber eats refused to send someone to redeliver the missing item. Uber eats still charged me for the incomplete order even though I would have cancelled the whole thing if I knew they could only deliver half of the order to me. Customer service staff takes many hours for each response and are only asking for my understanding without offering any actual help or refund. Stay away from this app unless you don’t mind ridiculously rubbish customer service and being overcharged.
Worst App I Ever Used
HanAries on 2020-09-25
I can't even sign in to my account, then I think forget password so I reset my password and after reset password success and received email setting change with password. I tried to sign in also fail. Worst ever app and not user friendly at all, for Uber ride and also Uber eat now I cannot sign in. What's the??? Give up now, and want to give 0 star if I can. Using neighbour or other app to continue my food delivery order. Please fix the app to more user friendly, if keep like this soon or later all user will leave Uber. Thank you.
ahmiu on 2020-09-25
Bring you to pay by Apple Pay but not worked. Tried for half an hour and order finally placed only when credit card is added Cannot contact or even No information to contact customer service Estimate time of delivery shown half an hour later when order placed but it delay and delay. I can See the deliver partner moving around in the app but he said he not yet pick up the order ETD time various too much, rubbish!! Very bad app and service experience among the three food delivery service
Absolute SCAM APP(paid but got no food)
hehwhduduufuf on 2020-09-25
I ordered on Uber eats with my credit card and when I ordered it said that I was there’s a internet server problem and didn’t order and I tried four times AND there’re four message saying my credit card paid the app 128 dollars 4 times and then I wanna try get help AND IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE this is such a scam app not only that I already made an account and it said that I still didn’t make an account when I wanna go to the Uber eats internet
Failed to call but they still charge me
disappointed by the app on 2020-09-25
The order wasn’t placed successfully for unknown reasons and the company still charged me for the order. Me and my friends tried multiple times and the same issue exists and we were charged multiple times. There is no way to report this issue and not even a customer service hotline is set up. We preserve the rights to take any necessary legal actions against the company if they fail to refund.
Customer Service Is Trashhh
Conuttt on 2020-09-25
Suddenly cancelled my order after I have waited for an hour and no one gonna explain to me what happened??? Keep messaging customer service but no reply?? No one gonna rescue me in hunger!!! Food Panda definitely better in the speed of answering enquires and handling errors.
Failure to deliver order
tula123456 on 2020-09-25
Absolutely useless. After 90 minutes since I ordered, receive an email that my order could not be delivered. I waited all this long during my lunch hour so that you could tell me you could not deliver my lunch! Wanted to rate zero if there is this option!
Incredibly Bad
Jfygcxd on 2020-09-25
The food was still “being prepared” over an hour after I placed the order. So I called the restaurant and they told me the food was ready over 30 mins ago but no rider has picked it up yet. This is not the first time this has happened. Avoid this app
黭火! on 2020-09-25
Rubbish app
xxxxababa on 2020-09-25
Want to give 0 stars but it is impossible! Order keeps delaying and there is no way to contact the driver or customer service. The chatbox does not work at all! Never going to order with this app again!

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