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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



美味佳餚,輕鬆送達。 肚子餓了嗎?從您最愛的餐廳訂購想吃的美食,由 Uber 為您快速外送。 隨時隨地,盡情享用自己喜愛的美食。只要輕輕點選按鈕,就能享用您想吃的當地佳餚。 您可以瀏覽當地餐廳與最愛的速食餐廳,尋找想品嚐的美食。也可以先決定想吃什麼,直接搜尋特定餐廳、餐點或美食。披薩、墨西哥捲餅、漢堡、壽司,無論想吃什麼,試試透過 Uber Eats 訂購吧。 當您準備下訂單時,系統會顯示外送地址、預估外送時間和訂單總額 (包含稅金與預訂費)。輕鬆點選,就能透過您的 Uber 帳戶或新增信用卡順利付款。您還可以全程即時追蹤訂單進度。 Uber Eats 目前在以下城市及都會區提供服務:阿布達比、阿得雷德、阿姆斯特丹、亞特蘭大、奧克蘭、奧斯汀、巴爾的摩、波哥大、布利斯本、布魯塞爾、開普敦、芝加哥、達拉斯、丹佛、杜拜、香港、約翰尼斯堡、格拉斯哥、利物浦、倫敦、洛杉磯、馬德里、墨爾本、墨西哥城、邁阿密、米蘭、莫斯科、孟買、納許維爾、新德里、紐奧良、紐約、渥太華、巴黎、費城、里約熱內盧、聖地牙哥、舊金山、聖保羅、西雅圖、斯德哥爾摩、雪梨、台北、東京、多倫多、維也納、華沙以及華盛頓特區。 Uber Eats 讓您在世界各地都能享受美食外送服務。您可以在澳洲、比利時、巴西、加拿大、哥倫比亞、法國、日本、印度、墨西哥、紐西蘭、波蘭、俄羅斯、南非、西班牙、台灣、阿拉伯聯合大公國、英國、美國等國家/地區訂購美食,享受外送服務。 Uber Eats 仍未登陸您的城市?希望很快能為您服務!您可以在 查看目前提供服務的城市清單。

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Worst customer service I’ve ever seen
clem0001 on 2020-07-06
Probably the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Great deliveries ngl but it’s the worst app when it comes to customer support. They took so long to reply, one time i filed a problem with my order in afternoon and they replied me with a decent help at midnight. I was so worried and didn’t know what to do. However, they decided to take so long to solve such problems. Moreover, yesterday, I ordered my meal and they didn’t charged my Uber credit but smh they remember to charge me when I canceled the order. I filed my problems again to get some help and clear my confusion but I still haven’t heard of their responses. It feels like they don’t take us seriously, I mean it’s always stressful for the customers to have problems with their payments and food but they don’t seem to care! It was such a big disappointment for me as I used to think it was a nice and convenient app, but now I feel so frustrated because I lost my money, my food and I still don’t know what exactly happened. Until now, I still feel like it’s my stupidity that caused so many problems and none of the helpers in customers service had replied to my concerns and decided to keep ignoring customers’ problems.
Ubereats seldom deliver on time, and it lies
Ethern [L16, HKG] on 2020-07-06
In most of my order, Ubereats was not able to deliver on time, and many of them were delivered over half an hour after the latest time it should deliver. Moreover, the app LIES about the status. In two of my orders, the app kept telling me the restaurant was preparing my meal even half an hour after the original ETA. But I called the restaurant, they told me the meal was already there for a long time, Ubereats just was not able to dispatch a delivery partner to collect the meal. So in both cases, Ubereats lied. Think thrice before you use this app. They behave really poorly, and I and very sure you will get angry often if you rely on this service.
Fake Loyalty Program
3dmHK on 2020-07-06
It doesn’t matter whether you become a Gold or Diamond member because there are no actual rewards you can redeem from the reward points you accumulated!!! Asked the support team too and they keep saying please browse the Reward section in the App - but as long as you click “Reward every 750 points” it only leads you to their legal T&C page on the website and nothing is there to redeem. The loyalty programme is just a pretty marketing tool to make you feel like earning points and order more, but there’s no actual promo codes or redemption rewards you can get out from it, unlike what they advertised.
Rubbish app! DO NOT use this service!
asdewsxd on 2020-07-06
I made an order at around 18:50. The app showed the estimated delivery time as 19:30, with latest time at 20:05. But the ETA just kept on delaying every 10 minutes, a message saying something like “cannot match a delivery person”. I waited until around 20:20 and suddenly received a notification saying that my order was canceled! This app is just the perfect example of LOW QUALITY SERVICE! And their CS is rubbish as well! The help page couldn’t help me at all! Deliveroo and food panda provide much better services than this rubbish app!! DO NOT USE THIS APP!!
App malfunctioning but need customer to pay for it
Albertiso on 2020-07-06
Just tried to order lunch but saw an error msg n gotta cancel the order. Went to check at the ‘order’ menu n saw nothing. But you know uber, they have alrdy charged me. So i placed another one n suddenly they told me that now i have 2 orders. N it s no way you could do about that! The customer services it s like a chatbot n reply only canned replies. Horrible! The big a company n asked the customers to pay for their error!
Very disappointed
Pspho1 on 2020-07-06
We ordered food from this app at about 6:20pm and it claims that the food will be delivered at about 7:55pm. However, at 7:45, it suddenly told us that our food could not be deliver and cancelled our order. We will never use this app again. We also want to advise anyone who is considering about using this app to use other delivery apps.
No UberEats
No UberEats on 2020-07-06
VERY POOR customer support when you have problem with your order! I did not receive my entire meal order! When I called ubereats for help l, they just told you to report via the apps but then never reply nor contact you at all! Do not use Thus apps for ordering food otherwise you are taking HIGH RISK TO LOSE MONEY and TIME!!
熱愛美食のFat妹 on 2020-07-06
以前半個鐘都唔洗就等到餐,等唔到既時候仲有得同online customer service既跟進,真系有問題既時候都會有賠償同埋會say sorry…宜家等成個鐘都未等到自己個餐,到既時候已經凍曬!見到個步兵行成半個鐘先過到來,距中途仲有其他訂單?Hi?你地點安排嫁?宜家個customer service都無埋,online chat都無,你叫個客等一個鐘,個送餐既可以停系一個地方十幾二十分鐘,唔知咩事?仲要投訴都無得?其他外賣App都有得做優惠,都有online customer service,你宜家憑咩同人競爭?Byebye,唔想再用Ubereat!
Rubbish Service
snicifhehwkwwomsnd on 2020-07-06
No costumer service hotline whatsoever!! Took more than one hour to “find a person” to deliver my order! If I want to cancel, I will be fully charged for the food. Who’s fault is it you accept my order but can’t find a courier? Rubbish app! Won’t recommend it
Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww on 2020-07-06
Delivery time is bad The app It said the guy is near (10 mins away ) but at the end I wait 40 mins and more They hired walker for far away location , causing not only huge delay but also cold food in bad condition Never use Urban eat in HK ever again

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