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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Meta 旗下的 WhatsApp 是免費的訊息和視像通話應用程式。全球有超過 20 億人使用,遍布於 180 多個國家和地區。WhatsApp 簡便、可靠又私密,讓您可以輕鬆與親朋好友保持聯絡,並可於行動裝置和電腦上使用。即使網速緩慢也沒問題,且無需任何訂閱費*。 將訊息私密地傳送到世界各角落 您和親友間的個人訊息及通話均受到端對端加密保護。除了對話中的人,沒有人可以讀取訊息或聆聽通話,即使是 WhatsApp 都不行。 連線簡單又安全,且立即可用 完全無須建立使用者名稱或登入資訊,只需您的電話號碼即可運作。您還可以快速瀏覽聯絡人中誰也在使用 WhatsApp,並馬上開始傳送訊息。 高品質的語音和視像通話 免費*進行安全的視像和語音通話,最多可與 8 人同時對話。通話功能適用於各行動裝置,只要手機連上網路即可使用,就算網速緩慢也不成問題。 群組對話讓連結不中斷 您可以與親朋好友保持聯繫,並透過受端對端加密保護的群組對話分享訊息、照片、影片和文件,群組功能在行動裝置和電腦上都可使用。 實時分享與交流 您可以與對話中的個人或整個群組分享目前的位置,並隨時取消分享。您還能錄製語音訊息,快速與對方分享生活中大小事。 透過「動態」分享每日精彩時刻 您可以使用動態,即時與大家分享文字、照片、影片和 GIF 動態圖片等更新,動態內容會在 24 小時後自動消失。另可選擇與所有聯絡人分享動態,或是僅限特定幾位聯絡人。 *可能會產生額外數據費用,請聯絡您的電信供應商以了解詳情。 --------------------------------------------------------- 如果您有任何意見回饋或問題,請前往 WhatsApp 並依序點選「設定」>「幫助」>「聯絡我們」

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Search function not work and cannot upload to iCloud
MYD CHAN on 2023-01-28
After changing a new iPhone , searching progress attain 18% only for more than half month. I can only search msg on web but not in iPhone. Also not able to back up in iCloud and I had approach physical Apple Store for help, but no one can provide feasible solution.
Please fix stickers download bugs
Sasa on 2023-01-28
Whenever I want to click “view stickers app “ it routes to download another app for learning Chinese input. Many reviews in that app revealed this issue happened since changed to iPhone 11 or above.
14 pro max Fail to load msg and screen on
form hk user yea on 2023-01-28
After using the iphone 14 pro max 1. Searching function cannot use, loading for a long time and still 5% 2. When listening voice message, it cannot capable to off the screen automatically
I cannot backup WhatsApp since my phone updated to iOS 16.2
Fatmui_Moa on 2023-01-28
I have offloaded whatsapp and reinstalled it. Same unable to backup (I used a new iPhone and it only have 1.8m storage in WhatsApp, same unable to backup)
iPhone voice record button touchable area is too smaller
Garyhk88 on 2023-01-28
iPhone voice record button touchable area is too small, especially when no keyboard and that button is on the base of the screen, plz make it bigger🙏🏻
new IOS cant hear voice message with ear speaker
Nekmai on 2023-01-28
After upgraded to IOS16 , whatsapp cant hear voice message with ear speaker. Loud speaker and bluetopth earphone are work. Please fix it
back up & searching
Cherry Chau on 2023-01-28
recently cannot backup auto even i set daily backup, and when i type some words to search message, keep loading
Cannot adjust sound with side button for iphone 13 pro
Sing lau on 2023-01-28
I cannot adjust sound with side button for iphone 13 pro. Only works to listen through speaker. Please fix
tanlpmi on 2023-01-28
I cannot do the backup even my iCloud have enough double space and connect to WiFi. Pls help
Cannot backup over 2 weeks
wayshun1966 on 2023-01-28
After upgraded ios 16.2, whatsapp cannot backup to iCloud,happened over 2 weeks, pls help

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