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即時線上收看並發掘全球YouTube用戶都在觀看的熱門影片。YouTube提供了連接世界的平臺,令所有人都有機會發表意見。下載 iPhone 和 iPad 專用的 YouTube 官方版應用程式來探索有關音樂及新聞等等的最新話題。 使用YouTube官方版應用程式會令你體驗更多。訂閱您最喜愛的頻道或上載原創內容,與你的朋友和世界各地的人分享。 YouTube會令你從線上影片應用程式中得到更多以及更好的體驗。 YOUTUBE的功能: 發掘最新話題 - 從YouTube主頁上可瀏覽專因應你個人喜好而設的推介 - 在焦點索引標籤上可觀看不同內容的熱門影片 - 看到喜歡的東西? 點擊喜歡就可以把內容儲存到你的個人清單或與您的朋友分享! 在線音樂播放 - 找到最新和最熱門的影片! - 觀看最流行藝人的最新作品 即時線上收看以及更多 - 在你的裝置上直接即時線上收看最新的消息或觀看您最喜愛的流行資訊! 找最好的來學習 - 找網上最好的東西來練習和學習 - 觀看影片並學習你所需的任何技能 - 發掘數以千計有關化妝,手作,學習不同技巧等等的影片! 連接及分享 - 通過點擊喜歡,留言或分享來讓人們知道你的想法 - 直接與你的朋友分享你其他朋友最喜歡的影片 - 製作一個播放列表來儲存您最喜愛的影片 - 查看您所訂閱頻道中的最新消息 立即下載YouTube官方版應用程式來觀看您最喜愛的影片吧! YOUTUBE RED流播最優質的影片: - 免費試用YouTube Red一個月 - 不適用於已穫取30天免費試用的現有YouTube Red或Google Play Music用戶 - 免費試用期過後,YOUTUBE RED用戶需支付月費 如果您通過iTunes訂閱: 在確認購買後,將會向你的iTunes賬戶收取費用。除非自動訂閱在本期結束前至少24小時取消,否則將會自動更新訂閱。在本期結束前的24小時內,賬戶將按照所選擇的訂閱計劃而收費。訂閱和自動更新訂閱可在購買後進入賬戶設置內更改。 在購買訂閱時,免費試用期的任何未被使用部分將會喪失效用。 YouTube支付服務條款: 隱私政策:

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Your app won’t load anything but the video
sleepydrunkman on 2020-05-26
The main page is normal, where you first see when you open up the app. But once I tapped a video, it would only load the video itself, all other part are replaced by a „problem with loading“ warning , I can‘t comment, like or dislike the video, or view another video from the pick list. Fix it please.
黨鐵人渣 on 2020-05-26
上網看片,聽歌,看pornhub都可以,就是不能看YouTube ,重新安裝都不行。 Can connect the internet Watching video, listening music, watch pornhub video, is also ok. But when I want to watch video in YouTube apps, it can’t. I try to re-download, it also have same problems
KV041910 on 2020-05-26
Overall amazing app, I watch YouTube for a few hours every single day and even grew my own channel with admiration from other youtubers! But, the ads are SO annoying and I wish there was a “OLDEST comment” option on YT comments
Can’t open the app
ctccccccc on 2020-05-26
Can’t open the app.when I tried to click YouTube ,a message popped up telling me buy it from the App Store. The complete message is “This app is no longer shared with you.To use it ,you must buy it from the App Store.”
It’s a Super cool app
sub2 Tricky victory on 2020-05-26
I don’t know why people need to close the comment option in it was a kid in a video what is the video what is the problem ?! I’m not trying to make the kids sad in the comment section duh! It’s a cool app though
madavidccl on 2020-05-26
Still crash and can’t background play After update the newest version, I think I am wasting money to join premium account, I can’t play YouTube in background around 1 month already
Cannot close videos!
Bad app, uninstall on 2020-05-26
After the recent update, the close video button won’t work! I have to kill close or kill the app to stop a playing video. It’s full of bugs! Please fix ASAP!!!!!!!!
bewantsu on 2020-05-26
Its worse at first it use to download any videos from youtube and watch offline now when u press the download it says try it free and monthly pay of 15.99 usd
fan vo on 2020-05-26
Why does it need to be 1,000 subscribers I’m new and I want live streaming and 1,000 subscribers REALLY BAD REQUIREMENT!!!!! Please change ASAP
Annoying menu animation
blackr1234 on 2020-05-26
The app doesn't select the highest available video resolution automatically. Manually changing it bothers me because the animation is so slow.

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