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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



在 iPhone 和 iPad 上下載 YouTube 官方版應用程式,掌握全球影音脈動。舉凡發燒音樂影片、熱門遊戲、時尚、美妝、新聞、成長學習等各種內容,包羅萬象,應有盡有。您可以訂閱喜愛的頻道、自行製作內容、與好友分享同樂,而且在任何裝置上都能觀看。 觀看並訂閱 ● 在「首頁」分頁瀏覽個人化推薦內容 ● 在「訂閱內容」分頁查看您喜愛的頻道推出的最新影片 ● 在「媒體庫」分頁查看您看過的影片、喜歡的影片,以及您儲存的「稍後觀看」清單 探索不同主題、熱門話題和新興流行話題 (僅在特定國家/地區提供此功能) ● 隨時掌握音樂、遊戲、美妝、新聞、成長學習等方面的熱門資訊 ● 在「探索」分頁查看 YouTube 上和全球流行的發燒內容 ● 認識最酷的創作者、遊戲玩家與樂壇新秀 (僅在特定國家/地區提供此功能) 與 YouTube 社群交流互動 ● 透過貼文、短片故事、首播和直播活動,掌握您喜愛的創作者最新動態 ● 利用留言加入對話,並與創作者及其他社群成員互動 使用行動裝置製作內容 ● 在應用程式中直接製作或上傳您自己的影片 ● 在應用程式中透過直播活動即時與觀眾互動 尋找適合您與家人的體驗 (僅在特定國家/地區提供此功能) ● 每個家庭會以不同的方式觀看線上影片。除了 YouTube Kids 應用程式之外,您還可以前往 使用全新的 YouTube 家長監督功能 透過頻道會員功能支持喜愛的創作者 (僅在特定國家/地區提供此功能) ● 加入提供月費制會員資格的頻道並支持他們的作品 ● 取得頻道提供的專屬獎勵並成為頻道社群的一員 ● 在您的使用者名稱旁顯示會員徽章,讓您的訊息在留言區和聊天室中脫穎而出 升級至 YouTube Premium (僅在特定國家/地區提供此功能) ● 觀看無廣告干擾的影片。您可以一邊觀賞影片一邊使用其他應用程式,也可以在螢幕鎖定時繼續播放影片 ● 儲存影片並於之後觀看,例如搭機或通勤時 ● YouTube Premium 會員權益包含 YouTube Music Premium 注意事項:如果是透過 Apple 訂閱,系統會在您確認購買時從您的 App Store 帳戶扣款,並在訂閱期滿時自動續訂。如果不想續訂,最晚請在當期截止的 24 小時前停用自動續訂功能。系統會在當期截止前的 24 小時內,依選定的方案費率向您的帳戶收取續訂費用。交易完成後,您可以前往「帳戶設定」管理訂閱內容與自動續訂設定。 月費: $15.99 USD (US, TC) / $19.99 AUD / $20.99 NZD / $155MXN / £15.99GBP / €15.99 EUR(IE, DE, AT, FR, FI, IT, ES, BE, NL, LU) / $15.99 CAD / 149 kr SEK / 149 kr NOK / 249 ₽ RUB / 149 kr. DKK / R$27.90 BRL / CHF19.90 CHF / ¥1,550 JPY / USD$4.99 (UA, AR) / COP$22,900 / CLP$5,500 / S/.26.90 PEN / €10.99 EUR (PT, CY, GR, MT, EE, LT, LV) / ₹169.00 INR / R94.99 ZAR / USD$9.49 (CR, EC, DO, UY, GT, BO, HN, SV, PY, NI, PA, VE, BY, BM, KY) / 32.99 zł PLN / RON34.99 / 239.00 Kč CZK / Ft2,390.00 HUF / lev14.99 BGN / USD$10.99 (MK) / €9.49 EUR (SK, SI) / ₺21.99 TRY / USD$18.59 (IS) / kn99.99 HRK / ₪31.90 ILS / dh32.99 AED / Rial32.99 SAR / Rial32.99 QAR / USD$7.99 (BH, KW, OM, LB, PG) / Rp79,000 IDR / NT$230.00 TWD / ฿209.00 THB / ₱209.00 PHP / $88.00 HKD / RM23.90 MYR / $15.98 SGD / ₦1,500.00 NGN / £79.99 EGP YouTube《付費服務條款》: 隱私權政策:

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World's people on 2022-11-28
I think it's possible to add back that old-to-new button. Otherwise, every time you want to go back to the old one, you have to change it down. Sliding and sliding will suddenly pop up automatically. Hopefully it can be added back to that old-to-new order button. will be much more convenient
Good and bad
Hermione🦋 on 2022-11-28
I personally think that YouTube is really helpful and convenient but it’s really easy to get addicted, so I think YouTube should find a way to figure it out. Next, is the ads, I found that it started to have Long ads and it’s kinda annoying so I really hope they will fix that.
激死人!! on 2022-11-28
What’s the meaning of download film? I found more than half of my download ifiles suddenly cannot be opened and watched😡😡😡😡 What I spent time to download I supposed I can watch at any time. I really angry and frustrated what I found just 30 minutes before
The Web Version is better than this App
Ryota HK on 2022-11-28
Simply, it’s more inconvenient to use the app while buttons are too small and the whole design is far from the web version. Moreover, YT should learn Musk’s Twitter on content “moderation”. It’s quite obsolete. Highly not recommended!
Ad time count down doesn’t work
Mcking2001 on 2022-11-28
Ad time not counting down when playing ad. Force to watch full ad and turn out can’t watch the real content. And keep feeding same watched video in the list, like 5 out of 10 is the same watched video.
ipad Youtube compared to other platforms
not worht at all on 2022-11-28
I m not graduated yet, but as a programmer i wouldnt leave the bugs alive while keep on update NOTHING and announce that bugs fixed Probably can work in youtube without graduating if thats the quality
Great application
Janicelovescats1927 on 2022-11-28
My grandson ( His name Garett and his favourite animal is the t-Rex ) intruduced me and I’ve loved it ever since very useful cooking tutorials 👍.
jaypretty326 on 2022-11-28
It is really good and not much lagging but I raided four star but there is one star left because I want to see people that I subscribed
Bug everywhere
Ahhshsakab on 2022-11-28
Can’t even watch a single vid - always reported error. Tried reinstall, tried updating, tried everything I can, still no response
THE BEST but just one problem
Hayden kwok on 2022-11-28
So it’s so good I recommend people download it but I think there are too much adds but I still recommend you download it

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