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Stay connected wherever you go – start or join a meeting with flawless video, crystal clear audio, instant screen sharing, and cross-platform instant messaging – for free! Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best meeting experience on mobile. It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New Meeting," and invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones. Key Features: -Best iPhone and iPad video meeting quality -Best iPhone and iPad screen sharing quality -Easily invite phone, email, or company contacts -Contact availability status -Virtual Background on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and all later models -Screen share directly from your iPhone or iPad -Screen share screen and applications -Co-annotate during screen sharing on iPhone and iPad -Real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad -Works over WiFi, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks -Safe driving mode while on the road and works with Apple Carplay -Siri Shortcuts to customize your own voice commands to start, join and listen to a list of upcoming meetings One App for many Zoom Applications: -Use Zoom Chat to send secure group texts, images, and audio files from mobile and desktop -Use Zoom Phone to make or receive business phone calls and check voice mail (additional subscription required) -Use your iOS app to start your meeting or for direct share in Zoom Rooms -Join Zoom Webinars as a view only participant Follow us: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Have a question? Contact us at [email protected]

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Good but bad at the same time
Talor swift18 on 2020-06-06
Dear all readers and devs (developers), This app (zoom) is good but not that good there are some bugs again and also sometimes the Wi-Fi is not connected to zoom and the zoom meeting just stops for some seconds and when I text something to my friend today it needs to retry more than FIVE times so I HATE doing that (not trying to be mean to devs) but pls pls pls do a other update bc thezoom app is like bad for my Wi-Fi pls fix this. Thanks!!!!!!
It it okay
SUPERLLMAA on 2020-06-06
Zoom is good for having meetings, there is a bit of buffering. When I used it, it was not connecting and it had a problem, nobody could hear me... You have to pay money to have the very good quality type of meetings... It doesn’t work that well either. I wish that it would have more efficient tools.
furnelise on 2020-06-06
Hooray!! 甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼甚麼?
爱赌爱玩就是不爱喝 on 2020-06-06
I’m going to get ready for the math class I was supposed to have today,but this piece of junk software.Keep me waiting is waiting for the end can not let me in.l can not take an examination of tsinghua University directly to this software claims
Very Good App
minit00n on 2020-06-06
Hey Zoom I am a user and l love to use this app to do homeschooling and stay in contact (I won’t give out any private info) And I’d personally love this app to allow GIFTs because it’s soo funny and great. And Amazing app Download Now guys!
Super baddddddd!
媽爸❤ on 2020-06-06
I am mad of your app, I can’t go into my lesson and can’t hear what the teacher say! They are talking about some things which is important! However, I can’t come in there! And your app always suddenly disconnected !
Zoom:just small probs
a zoom student on 2020-06-06
Ever since the coronavirus broke out,zoom let me see my classmates again!Thank you! But when everyone is talking,it just gets a little glitchy,and can you teach me how to make he virtual background exactly?
米芝連隔離嗰間大排當 on 2020-06-06
To all students: DON’T THINK YIU ARE NOT INCLUDED!!! Due to the corona virus we learnt that we must be a TEAM. Cooperations. Pls give 1 star kick this app out of the AppStore say bye to the App Store.NOW!!!
我要打游戏! on 2020-06-06
最多就是給你2星★你们喜欢zoom吗? 反正我是非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌非常超级无敌不喜欢!!!!!!
My ipad almost dead after using this trash app.
NovaEAsport on 2020-06-06
This app is very trash,everyone don’t download this app,the app is so many bugs and no privacy at all,I suggest you use microsoft teams and google meet,they are much much more better.

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