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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Scape makes music that thinks for itself. From Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers, creators of Bloom, Scape is a new form of album which offers users deep access to its musical elements. These can be endlessly recombined to behave intelligently: reacting to each other, changing mood together, making new sonic spaces. Can machines create original music? Scape is our answer to that question: it employs some of the sounds, processes and compositional rules that we have been using for many years and applies them in fresh combinations, to create new music. Scape makes music that thinks for itself. - Brian Eno, Peter Chilvers Includes 15 original scapes Scapes can be saved into a gallery and added to a playlist Plays in background of other apps (excluding iPad 1) Generates random scapes Scapes can be shared by email Supports AirPlay and Retina display Headphones or external speakers recommended

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