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Don’t just fly, soar with these Dumbo Stickers celebrating the brand new film! Join the one, the only, the legendary elephant and a new cast of circus characters on a high-flying adventure with these 30 NEW stickers for iMessage. Use these stickers in chats with your friends, and see Dumbo in theaters March 29. • Access iMessage apps—Tap the App Store icon beside the chat field to see your most recently used iMessage app. • Find new stickers—First tap the App Store icon, then tap the 4-ovals icon in the lower left to bring up the app drawer. Then, tap the + icon to access the Store. • Use stickers in chat—Tap to send, or touch and hold to put stickers on top of a bubble, other stickers, photos, and videos. • iPhone & iPad users (iOS 10)—Transform your chat with animated stickers! Earlier iOS versions and other platforms will see static stickers in chat. Stickers include: Dumbo - Fly Dumbo - Hide Dumbo - Laugh Dumbo - Love Dumbo - Cry Dumbo - Yes Dumbo - Sneeze Dumbo - Hello Dumbo - Hungry Dumbo - No Dumbo - Sleep Dumbo - OK! Dumbo - Confused Dumbo - Thank You Dumbo - Baby Mine Dumbo - Ready Dumbo - Water Spray Dumbo - Surprised Dumbo - Feather Dumbo + Mom - Snuggle Medici - Showtime Vandemere - Glasses Colette - Swing Holt - See You Soon Dumbo + Kids - Hug Family - Hug Medici - Over It Vandemere - Mystique Contortionist - All Tied Up Strong Man - I Got This Privacy Policy - Terms of Use -

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