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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



The new NMJ Explorer app allows you to browse your media on your Popcorn Hour PCH-A500 pro, PCH-500, PCH-VTEN, PCH-A410, PCH-A400, PCH-A300 or PCH-C300 or C-200*. It allows you to connect to a NMJ database, browse or search for specific media, review media info and start a specific media on your Popcorn Hour device. A monitoring function will show you what media is currently playing. A bookmark function lets you resume watched movies. You can update or re-scan the current NMJ database easily with a one click selection. A fully equipped remote control will allow you to control your media player conveniently from your sofa. The retractable upper section is used as a touch pad to control your device via gestures. You can also edit and delete movies, change their poster or fan art, set your custom rating, mark the movie as watched/unwatched and even download subtitles in your preferred language. This application is only useful if you own a Popcorn Hour NMJ 2 enabled device such as the PCH-A500 pro, PCH-A500, PCH-VTEN, PCH-A410, PCH-A400, PCH-A300, PCH-C300 or PCH-C200*. * C-200 NMJ V2 is not officially supported for remote devices by Cloud Media (NMJ Navigator). Although that the C-200 functionality was extensively tested by us without any problems, could it occur that your C-200 becomes unresponsive due to limited resources. Posters and fan-art will only be shown if a HDD is installed in your C-200. This application and its developer are not affiliated with Cloud Media (formerly known as Syabas Technology inc.) "Popcorn Hour", PCH-A500 pro, PCH-A500, PCH-VTEN, PCH-A410, PCH-A400, PCH-A300, PCH-C300, PCH-C200 and other markings or logos are registered trademarks of Cloud Media (formerly known as Syabas Technology inc.).

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