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Nov, 2020



自1978年底实施改革开放政策以来,中国的面貌焕然一新,奇迹一个接着一个。中国人民从温饱不足到小康富裕,国民经济持续快速发展。中国一跃成为全球第二大经济体。本书借助精美的图片和生动的动画图表,让读者直观地看到中国40年来的发展变化。本书的图表可以下载、打印。 图表240幅 图片120幅 During the reform and opening up that began in late December 1978, China has worked one wonder after another. Today, the Chinese people lead a well-off and prosperous life, compared to the life featuring inadequate food and clothing they used to lead 40 years ago, and China itself has grown to become the second largest economy in the world, next only to the United States. With the exquisite photos and vivid animated charts, the book enables readers to see the development and changes China has enjoyed during the 40-year reform and opening up intuitively. The charts of this book can be downloaded and printed. 240 charts 120 photos

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