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Feb, 2023



Features: - Replace all your remote controls with your phone. - Create your own universal IR remote control with Arduino+Bluetooth shield or Module. - Send and receive infrared signals with any protocols. - Store your IR database on your phone. - Auto-connect to Arduino. - Sort and rename each IR button. - Change icon of each IR button. - Open source Arduino Code. What devices can you control using this app? - You can control any IR device in this world .....Yes, That's True! Requirements: - Arduino Board (UNO, MEGA, Leonardo, Nano, Pro). - Infrared LED. - Infrared Receiver. - Bluetooth BLE Module or Shield. - Arduino Sketch(URL provided inside the app). Instructions: - This is a DIY solution. - Upload Arduino code to your Arduino board. - Wire the Bluetooth module as per the diagram provided in the app. - Connect your IR LED to pin 3 for Uno, pin 13 Leonardo or pin 9 for Mega. - Connect your IR Receiver to pin 11 for Uno, Leonardo, Mega, etc. - Open the app, then connect to your Arduino using Bluetooth. - Enable IR Receiver from the app setting tab. - Bring any remote that you want to add. - Start sending command to Arduino and see the magic! Tested on iOS with: - Bluetooth Module or shield (HM-10, TI, CC2541, Bluefruit LE UART or SPI, Feather 32u4 Bluefruit). - Arduino (Uno, Leo, Mega, Pro, Nano, Micro,Feather Bluefruit) - IR Transmitter (Any Kind will work). - IR Receiver ( VS1838b or any compatible IR Reciever).

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