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Mencari acara TV dan film yang paling ramai dibicarakan dari seluruh penjuru dunia? Semuanya ada di Netflix. Kami memiliki serial, film, dokumenter, dan stand-up spesial pemenang penghargaan. Dengan aplikasi seluler, kamu juga dapat menonton Netflix saat bepergian, dalam perjalanan pulang-pergi, atau saat beristirahat. Yang akan kamu sukai dari Netflix: • Kami selalu menambahkan acara TV dan film. Telusuri judul baru atau cari tontonan favorit, lalu streaming video langsung di perangkat. • Semakin banyak kamu menonton, rekomendasi acara TV dan film favoritmu dari Netflix akan semakin baik. • Buat hingga lima profil terpisah untuk satu akun. Dengan profil, setiap anggota keluarga dapat menikmati Netflix secara personal. • Nikmati pengalaman menonton yang aman khusus untuk anak dengan hiburan yang sesuai untuk keluarga. • Lihat preview video singkat dari serial dan film kami, serta dapatkan pemberitahuian untuk episode dan rilis baru. • Hemat data. Download judul ke perangkat seluler, lalu tonton secara offline, di mana pun. Kebijakan privasi: Ketentuan penggunaan:

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Do not block vpn please
indh9016 on 2020-03-30
We, in indonesia who can not open your app with wifi, need vpn so we can still enjoy your app eventho our government block it. Its a waste of money when i already subscribe and can not enjoy it. Meanwhile, when i use my mobile data, it drains my battery life really fast. Thanks
Can’t watch
bounetta on 2020-03-30
I’ve been experienced that the app keep loading everytime i open it, it says that i dont have internet connection, eventhough i already use wifi. Please fix it. Don’t wasting my money , i spend much money on this subs, and can’t watch it. FIX IT IMMEDIATELY
Payment problem in Indonesia
yumi・ on 2020-03-30
I’d really like to watch serieses and movies legally, appreciate all the work behind it and not to watch in pirated sites (and high quality ofc). But why it’s so HARD to complete a payment in Indonesia!! I’ve been patient for long!!!
My Netflix account not recognized
Andrialfa on 2020-03-30
My account suddenly is not recognized. It says my account can’t be found with the email while I had been subscribing for a about month now. I don’t know if my Netflix account has been hacked. I DMed Netflix but no answer.
Download Bug
Arib Amrussahal on 2020-03-30
I had download some film and series, and it was stuck, i try to retry download it but it crash. How to back it again force close netflix app and open again, sometime its okay but usually its suck and wasting my time.
jnaaas on 2020-03-30
I just watched the vampire diaries 2 days ago, im on season 4. And yesterday theres no season 2,3,4 and the originals series is not there, please fix it. I try to refresh uninstall restart, i even try it on laptop.
fn930 on 2020-03-30
Kenapa tidak kerjasama sama SIMPATI supaya bisa login???!!! Masa iya harus pakai M3 atau 3 jelas-jelas signal Jak-Sel SIMPATINYA FULL terus harus download VPN gitu supaya bisa login!!!!!
Cannot login
wahidhn on 2020-03-30
I just instal and pay the sucribe, and then cannot login on my app. The connection is okay, and i can open it on browser, but the app tell error and try again.
Nertwork error always
Salman Firdaus on 2020-03-30
“Network connection error” even tho I’m using WiFi and can’t login with my own account, please fix this! I can sign in on my iPhone but why i can’t on my ipad?
netflix u should put more movie & shows on netflix Indonesia
karina1365wklol on 2020-03-30
we paid to watch, but you serves us 2000+ shows&movie here in Indonesia, meanwhile in other country you serve them 5000+ movie&shows. That’s aint fair.

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