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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



■ Features: - Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited bandwidth - No credit cards required - No registration or login required - No Log is saved from any users - Simple, one tap connect to VPN - Protect your security and privacy - Support for multiple devices for the same account - Support 9.0 for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) ■ What can I do with a VPN? - Enhance your online privacy and enable you to safely and anonymously browse the Internet - Protect you against hackers when using a public WiFi hotspot - Allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet

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Tidak dapat tersambung
Vinsentius on 2020-07-07
Setelah beberapa hari penggunaan lancar lancar saja, tetapi setelah sekian lama penggunaan tidak dapat tersambung, di coba berkali kali juga tidak dapat tersambung terus.
can’t connect
whi stop on 2020-07-07
this used to be a great app now it keeps saying vpn server did not respond please fix it cause i really like this app
tidak tersambung
rizqi amalia on 2020-07-07
padahal inj aplikasi VPN paling stabil dan simpel tp kenapa akhir-akhir inj malah gak bisa tersambung
Cant use
Ciamkimkiat on 2020-07-07
Now the app can’t use i dont know why but, i always connect it but can’t always loading
isnaaaaaaa on 2020-07-07
kenapa ya selalau tidak bisa conect meskipun sudah di perbarui ataupun download ulang.
Cant connect
Jobune on 2020-07-07
Recently i cant connect to vpn. Have tried different servers but still not connected
The best VPN.
mario051094 on 2020-07-07
All free, unlimited bandwidth, no cc or payment required. What a wonderful world.
Cant connect anymore
jdjjdkss on 2020-07-07
Cant easily connect like it used to be. Hope that next update will be fixed soon
Hard to get connected
Nadia014 on 2020-07-07
It’s really hard to get connected to the vpn. It wasn’t this way before though
Keep connecting and not responding
julik so kyut on 2020-07-07
Its always like this. Keep connecting and not responding. Whats happened?

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