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May, 2020



- Top 5 in Germany / Top 1 in Sport Apps in Australia, UK and France - Imagine seeing large, colorful fish swimming 6 meters below the surface while snorkeling at sea. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to dive deeply with one big breath and take incredible pictures for your friends at home? The Apnea Trainer makes it possible! By using it to train three times a week, you can quickly double your underwater time. This is the same training principle used by apnea divers. It’s based on a yoga technique which strengthens the diaphragm muscles allowing you to fill your lungs with more oxygen and releasing more carbon dioxide while exhaling. The system is relatively simple and depends on finding the right time intervals which are provided by the program, thus letting you relax and concentrate on your breathing. This will guarantee maximum training success. The program will also come in handy just before the actual dive since a pranayama mode is already included. The Apnea Trainer will help you keep your whole body calm and give you the perfect preparation for those amazing, long-lasting dives. Features: + Training to improve free diving time + Pranayama mode to calm your body before diving or snorkeling + Custom time settings for pro divers + Optical and Audio instructions + Easy to use interface Updated user interface with the help of Bjoern Maser by

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