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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Concise ISL is an Irish Sign Language (ISL) video dictionary which contains approximately 1000 signs. This mobile app was developed by two young Irish engineers, one of whom is a life-long practitioner of Irish Sign Language, in response to the need for digital resources to support sign language learning in Ireland. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive ISL dictionary system in an easy-to-use form. --------------- Features --------------- Each sign contained within Concise ISL is presented in video form and accompanied by high quality images of the component signs for each hand. All signs can be sorted by category, an organisational approach chosen to support learning. Specific words and categories can be easily found within Concise ISL, using a simple and efficient search interface, swipe gestures, sliding menus and other intuitive interaction mechanisms. This app is designed to be child-appropriate, with the inclusion of a large number of signs in categories such as Animals, Colours, Food, Sports and many others. Through the inclusion of signs such as "texting", "tablet", "facebook" and many more, this ISL dictionary reflects the modern context of the language. Concise ISL currently includes approximately 1000 signs, a figure which we have continuously strived to increase. Concise ISL supports offline use. A data connection is required to download signs for the first time. These videos are then stored on-device for subsequent viewing offline. This approach allows the inclusion of such a large number of signs without imposing the consumption of a significant amount of on-device memory on all users. The video size has been carefully calculated to reduce bandwidth consumption. Concise ISL also includes a number of additional sections containing information concerning the history of ISL, the grammatical structure of the language and more. We hope you enjoy using Concise ISL! Kevin & Micheál

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